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The Undeserved George Bush Reputation Nothing But Obamaspeak

Obama Equals Government
Obama Equals Government
LET'S TAKE ANOTHER GLANCE at the sad facts, shall we? Now that President Obama is visibly slipping on everything from stages from which he will speak to his own tongue with which he will speak, the public deserves to know how to whack past the weeds to get at those pesky facts that should shine light on the truth of financial matters once again.

Do we not recall that on January 3, 2007, jubilant and sassy Democrats rolled into The House of Representatives and the Senate at the very start of the 110th Congress quite proud of themselves, for now they controlled the nation's pursestrings. It was then, that for the first time since the end of the 103rd Congress in 1995, the Democrat Party finally controlled a majority of both chambers, and they were literally itchin' and publicly scratching for a fight.

On January 3rd, 2007 the Dow Jones closed at 12,621.77, about where it stand today, over five years later. The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5%. The unemployment rate was 4.6%. Under the Bush administration economic policies set a record of 52 straight months of job growth! Look it up, child. January 3rd, 2007 was also the day that Barney Frank (D-MA) took over the House Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd (D-CN) took over the Senate Banking Committee. For the next

The 2012 Financial Services Committee unveiled the Dodd-Frank Burden Tracker, an online resource to help the public keep track of all the new government rules and red tape required by the Dodd-Frank Act.

Dodd-Frank, passed by Congress in 2010, mandates that government regulators write over 400 new rules and requirements that will be imposed on the private sector. Since the law was signed by President Obama in July 2010, the Dodd-Frank Burden Tracker reveals:

  • regulators have written 185 of the 400 rules;
  • these 185 rules consume 5,320 pages;
  • it will take private sector job-creators 24,035,801 hours every year to comply with these first 185 Dodd-Frank rules
  • The catastrophic economic meltdown that happened 15 months later was to be found in what sector of the economy? The Banking and Financial Services! Dumping five to six TRILLION Dollars of toxic loans on the economy from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac created a banking crisis that lead to across the board major business failures and waves of massive unemployment. Many citizens lost everything they worked for during their lifetime...

    Enter the Democrat Party's chorus of whining and finger pointing. But here's the real stinker. From 2001, the Bush administration asked Congress 17 times to stop Fannie & Freddie because it was financially risky for the US economy. Given our national partisan ways it comes as a surprise to no one that from his perch on the lily pad of false promises, freshman Senator Obama and the greater Democrat Congress fought vigorously against the reform of Fannie & Freddie every chance Bush offered them reformation. It also goes without saying, but why leave doubt in the minds of those who are too busy to follow the national grift culture in its day to day hijinx that many picayune Democrats took high payoffs from Freddie & Fannie while all this was transpiring, money that this government agency had no business doling out to politicians in the first place. Senator Barack Hussein Obama (D-IL) had his pockets filled under this program of theft by legislation.

    We have made it clear here at the Project in the past that we had soured somewhat on the Bush administration by this time, for his own peccadilloes which have nothing to do with his monetary policy (unsound but hardly indicative of what the Democrats impose), but the next someone tries to blame Bush for the state of America's economy during the Obama reign of serfdom for all, simply report these facts.

    World Peace At A Glance

    Baltimore's Got Dick At Fells Point

    HAPPY 2010 WISHES to all our silent readers, and yes, we have them as our Live Feed attests, but thankfully few are the ones who actually waste theirs or our precious time begging to differ, or in announcing themselves in any number of other less tedious ways. But in a slow kickoff of the new year of Two-Fisted Quorum (despite the plethora of pungent events of late of which the national media has covered in various degrees of detail), here are a few skewered bits that may have missed your perusal in our quest for World Peace At A Glance:

    • Congressional Democrats scheme to push universal voting rights...
    • China announces new restrictions on its own band of merry Muslims...
    • Top dozen "media scares" of the past ten years. And you say the conspiracy isn't real?
    • Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch, inspired by a hard-hitting piece by Charles Krauthammer threw a crush punch at the Obama administration's mishandling of the recent terror attacks on US soil at Fort Hood and Detroit air space. One question Koch, a Democrat who supported Bush in '04 and Obama in '08, raised is why aren't we honoring those who brave men and women who stopped these two catastropes in their tracks?
    • So, let's piece together the few narrative threads we are offered by the mainstream media. Any Muslim who snaps and shows his true colors is merely an isolated case of an otherwise gentle soul getting his "buttons pushed" while those unfortunate enough to be caught red-handed with "terrorist ties" are part of some Tiny Minority of Extremists™ and surely not representative of mainstream Islam. So no matter how much regurgitated Qu'ran-speak is spewed out by Muslims, it is never representative of the whole. Must be a riot to have the mainstream media and western governments in one's hip pocket.
    • Ever wondered why you sometimes confuse "inalienable rights" with "unalienable rights" when pondering our Declaration of Independence? Read this for personal resolve. Note Jefferson's choice.

    Cheney Cautions Nation On Obama

    Former VP Dick Cheney

    STOKING THE FIRES of American political intrigue, we have a new interview of former Vice President Dick Cheney speaking of the Obama camp to gnaw. Oddly, the words of Mr. Cheney sound very much like the words of the man now occupying his former suite at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Yes. Who can forget Joltin' Joe Biden's dire warning on the campaign trail just as things were heating up?

    The incoming administration's controversial new policies on Guantanamo Bay prison and the treatment of detainees makes it more likely a terrorist attack against the United States will succeed, according to Cheney. In an interview with Politico, the former vice president issued a stringent defense of the Bush administration's record on the war on terror, and said he worries the President Obama has already made the country more vulnerable.

    “When we get people who are more concerned about reading the rights to an Al Qaeda terrorist than they are with protecting the United States against people who are absolutely committed to do anything they can to kill Americans, then I worry,” Cheney said in the interview published Wednesday.

    Cheney also predicted the Obama administration is likely to backtrack on its pledge to end coercive interrogation techniques, since the protection of the United States from terrorists is a "tough, mean, dirty, nasty business.”

    "These are evil people. And we’re not going to win this fight by turning the other cheek," he said.

    The blunt comments come two weeks after President Obama issued executive orders that will close Guantanamo Bay within a year, and shut down secret CIA prisons abroad. Obama also signed an executive order calling on U.S. personnel to follow the Army Field Manual's guidelines when it comes to interrogation. In the interview, Cheney suggested Obama was irresponsibly adhering to “campaign rhetoric,” and called Guantanamo Bay a “first-class program.”

    Hold on tight. This is to be a rough ride.

    Next point. Much has been made of the US ties to Saudi Arabia, even in this column, but I am willing to concede ever so cautiously the tightrope the US must walk in combatting this vicious enemy. While my contempt for Saudi Arabia is robust, and I am particularly outraged by the intensity at which they finance their Wahabbi madrassas within this country and elsewhere without so much as a speed bump thrown out by the State Department, let's be very clear about the prosecution of today's global war. I would now argue that for VP Cheney to have condemned the Saudis in the first years after the attacks on September 11, would have been similar to the difficulty of FDR reading the riot act to the Soviet Union during WWII.

    Just as Joe Stalin was villainous and stoking the fires of Marxist discontent in the West even while we were allies with the bastard, so it is with the House of Saud in this present war against yet another totalitarianism. Cheney is fully three-dimensional. It's a shame geopolitics has to be this complicated but it is.

    But we've got to readdress this issue. For years, proponents of Western, especially US, backing for Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo have been assuring us that we would be acting as midwife for the ever-elusive peaceful, tolerant, democratic, et cetera Islam. As now-Vice President Joe Biden once put it, US support for an independent Kosovo was to have been a “much-needed example of a successful US-Muslim partnership.”

    The predicate of such “partnership” was of course the absence of the radical, violent jihad ideology found—well, pretty much everywhere else in the Islamic world. Now comes one of the premier apologists for Balkan Islam, Stephen Schwartz, confirming in The Weekly Standard that—big surprise!—Kosovo and Bosnia, not to mention nearby areas of southern Serbia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, are threatened by “Saudi-financed, ultrafundamentalist Wahhabi” agitation.

    That, plus all the Saudi wings for Islamic Studies now financed and housed within nearly every major campus of higher learning on American soil, leads me to say, "Washington, we have a problem!"

    And to quote the indefatigable Hugh Fitzgerald once again...

    "There is no end to this. And it will not come to an end if India hands over Kashmir to Muslim rule, if all Serbs are booted out of Kosovo, if Israel is squeezed back into the 1949 Armistice Lines (the "llines of Auschwitz"), if Afghanistan becomes the private preserve of the Taliban, if China gives up Xinjiang, if Thailand gives up southern Thailand, if the Philippines gives up the Moro islands, if Father Zakaria is permanently silenced and the Copts permanently terrorized, if the Maronites all flee Lebanon for Montreal, if Christians living as quietly as they can inIraq are killed or expelled, if every single Christian or other non-Muslim living in Dar al-Islam is expelled—no, there is no end to this."

    Unless the rest of the world finally resolves to fight for its culture, its history, its very life. Unfortunately, there remains a strong stupifaction to ignore the obvious in place across America, Europe, and elsewhere. Abandoned to our own lusts and shame, may God deliver us all...

    Remembering The Battlefield Agenda

    Battlefield Agenda
    Battlefield Agenda of Politicians
    "Some of us are wearing combat boots in a flip flop world..."

    IT SEEMS TO ME that since the United States, with at least one hand tied behind its back in politically correct restraints, is fighting an agitating people that lives and thinks in 7th century terms, US leadership needs to come to a reckoning that its forces need and should fight like it is still the 7th century. Or perhaps they might ask themselves how the Roman Empire would have handled this strategic flummoxing that Afghanistan and Iraq have been? Perhaps someone in high command should ponder the question of how might the Babylonians have handled these invasions, retaliatory or otherwise? These ancient powers would have broken the countries up into little manageable pieces. They would have wiped out any town that had insurgency problems.

    Until the West is willing to take the extreme measures that are required to reach the objective—defeating unconditionally the terrorist mindset—it must either leave or embrace what the military situation requires. Of course, the West will not wipe out villages. The PR would cause pandemonium within our own cultures, peacelovers that we are. And the West would certainly lose access to oil imports from unsympathetic nations and their allies.

    So since the West can't win under these terms, it should get the hell out. Forget this nation-building agenda. Other Muslim countries don't give a damn about Muslims killing Muslims, only about the infidels killing Muslims. Set up a bloody puppet regime in Afghanistan and Iraq to restore temporary order, and leave, saving our own people much valuable human resources and treasure, leaving these impossibly backward tribes to hash out their own fates the only way they seem prepared to accept—under the brutality of increasingly radicalizing Islamic despots.

    When a military entity enters into war it enters to win, not play political games or try to assuage the enemy's hurt feelings or those of the spineless here at home. WWII was the last war the United States has entered where we were in it to win it. Since then every skirmish American troops have been put on the line has been a political endeavor. Primarily, this strategy has been the result of the liberal agenda which maintains the fantasy that all ideologies and cultural policies are equal, except when America itself can be blamed.

    There hasn't been much discussion, almost nothing in fact, concerning the details of the what and the why of this whole war crisis America finds itself funding way beyond its means. The candidates speak of some nebulous threat without putting the pigment and the masterful stroke into the line drawing. In fact, this same understatement of facts and passions seems to be the same sorry course of much of the political and battlefield agenda being batted back and forth by the two major candidates, much to the chagrin of the American people. Don't We The People deserve better?