An Anonymous Brit Laments His Television Choices

Islam On Notice

Islam On Notice is hardly comedy...

THE CHANNEL 4 MUSTER is about the Far Left's unholy alliance with Islam.

Monday night, in the UK, channel 4, social crisis on terminal display. If you're in America you get hundreds of channels of non-intrusive crap instead. Could be interesting TV, if there is nothing else to claim your interest.

They've run programs on the man-made climate change myth as well. Something else the BBC should be doing. I hang my head in shame at what the BBC has become. Even when their pro-Islamic journalists are kidnapped by Islamists, they can't stop their misinformation campaign. They've become a national disgrace.

We Must Awaken!

Slaves of Allah, Prince of Darkness

Slaves of Allah—Prince of Darkness

There are children of light and there are children of darkness, and this has nothing to do with skin color, or even the content of one's character, as Martin Luther King once put it, for even character is measured against a specific set of values. And it is values we are discussing here. The gist of Western values versus the gist of Islamic values.

The coordinator of the Centre for the Protection of Freedom of Conscience and Religion (DEVAMM) in Azerbaijan it seems is not so keen on Salmon Rushdie or the Queen's freedom of conscience in knighting him this past week.

“Such measures can be the cause of the strengthening aggression of the West against Islam. They provoke Muslims. Muslims should be very careful, watchful and cold-blooded," says Ilqar Ibrahimoglu, the coordinator.

This comment is par for the course. In every corner of the planet wherever Muhammadans are provoked they go on a killing spree. Sometimes as individuals. Sometimes as a mob. Which begs the question: do Muslims ever wonder about how their own self-righteous aggression is provoking the West?

In January 1861, James Russell Lowell said of the slave holders in the Old South: "What they demand of us is nothing less than that we should abolish the spirit of the age. Our very thoughts are a menace."

For years the Slaveocracy attempted to silence all criticism of slavery (the "gag rules") in Congress and in society in general. They wanted all critical thinking re their belief-system banned. They demanded their culture be respected and not subjected to critical thinking. It was no exaggeration when Lowell said of them "Our very thoughts are a menace". That was the real basis of the Civil War.

What Lowell said applies to Islam today. They cannot tolerate critical thinking. However, the bumper-sticker "Islamophobia" response to critical thinking of Islam is wearing thin among unbelievers (and even with many Muslims). Freedom is about the mind. "Our very thoughts are a menace" to the Azeri Muslim leader and Muslims like him. That's the issue.

Taking Islam Seriously


Brigitte Gabriel and Andrew Bostom

BLUE IN THE FACE already, we have stated this before, but it bears repeating until we all get it. Muslim groups from around the globe keep telling the West that we need to respect them and that the West today is arrogant and over-confident, and just not taking their Islamic threat as seriously as we should. And in the most tragic sense I can muster, I cannot emphasize more that I actually agree with them on this point.

When the Russian Revolution broke out in 1917, as much as the West hated Communism, in a sense, we actually respected them. We respected the power of their ideas. We recognised that Communism was a potent and powerful alternative value system, and recognised that we would have to destroy or contain it; hence the 1921 intervention by the Allied Powers and their (ultimately fruitless) attempt to crush the Red Army and assist the White Russians.

However, when observed at face value it seems that we do not respect the Islamic challenge. To me, this failure speaks volumes about the patronizing ethnocentricism of many people in the West today on both the Left and the Right. Subconsciously, these people of good intentions are assuming that the West will always triumph over all of its enemies, and thus consider the Islamic challenge hardly worth the bother. This is especially sinister when it is the military that thinks this way.

Make no mistake: this enemy is playing for keeps, worthy to be taken seriously. Their value system is seriously cruel, seriously tyrannous, and seriously despicable, but also very powerful and serious. We must oppose Islam, to be sure, but we must also respect its power. Islam is a worthy opponent, just as were those American patriots who hid behind trees and bushes, in gulleys and in dark of night to defeat the British at the height of their colonial powers, and it is condescending and arrogant for us not to fight this Islamic menace with all means at our disposal. Brigitte Gabriel and Andrew Bostom (pictured above) have both staked their careers on bring this information to the American people, and I thank them in helping bring the situation to clarity for me this past year or so since I began my own invesigations.

It is not those who oppose Islam who are the arrogant Westerners—no ma'am, for we have seen the ideological power of Islam, and know that it is a beast not to taken lightly. We are off the plantation, Little Red Riding Hood, it's time to wake up and address what's at the door...

Moderation In All Things But Moderation


Jamal Miftah

HERE'S YET ANOTHER CLIPPING cribbed from Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch. So it must be true. There DOES exist a handful of moderate or should we dare hope, reformist Muslims out here in Infidelphia. Reports on the continuing persecution of Jamal Miftah, a Muslim in Tulsa, who has been called "un-Islamic" by the imam of a US mosque for daring to condemn Osama bin Laden. "It was not an express threat," says Miftah of what mosque leaders were saying about him, "but it is an implied message to the others: that he isn't Islamic, you kill him, you go to heaven."

The Al-Salaam Mosque in Tulsa, which booted out Miftah, said they would receive him back if he apologizes for the op-ed he wrote against bin Laden—although now they say they only kicked him out because he was too loud during Islamic services. Sure. You'd think they'd put up with the inconvenience of his loud voice considering the fact that he was articulating the moderation that we're constantly told that they all believe in, wouldn't they? After all, Muslim leaders complain that moderate Muslims get no attention from the media—surely they would all want to stand behind Jamal Miftah, wouldn't they? Wouldn't they?

As someone else has pointed out, why should this man retract an article he wrote if the reason he got kicked out of the nicey nice group in the first place was not the writing of the article, but of being too loud in services. Muslim logic is indeed a marvelous thing to behold. Not!

While others have noted that he did not repudiate the Qu'ran, Mohammed, and the idea that Islam is a religion of peace, and therefore is hardly a moderate, I however, could not find the original article penned by Mr. Miftah. Thus, I salute Mr. Miftah for at least having the courage of spirit to reject the hardliners who applaud the acts of war against America, even upon threat of death.