Britain Fights Back!

Intelligence agencies are monitoring every Muslim who travels from Britain to Mecca on pilgrimage in a wider effort to piece together intelligence on suspected Al-Qaeda terrorist activity. A senior official has disclosed that the operation targeting trips to the holy city in Saudi Arabia by more than 100,000 British Muslims is part of a trawl by MI5 and MI6 for information about movements of suspected terrorists. It follows evidence that British Islamic terrorists have visited the city before carrying out attacks in Britain and abroad.

Great Britain

Great Britain

The importance of the intelligence operation was one of the reasons given by spy chiefs for maintaining ties with Saudi Arabia when the Saudi government was threatening to break off intelligence ties over a bribery investigation by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) into BAE, Britain’s prime defence contractor....

This weekend Muslim leaders voiced their unhappiness about the operation. Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, leader of the Muslim parliament, said: “It is absolutely wrong that people who are going to Mecca for entirely religious purposes should be monitored by the security services. It is a sad commentary on Britain’s relations with Saudi Arabia.”

Same old self-pitying chaff that ripples through the same crowds every time a Muslim is suspected of anything other than being the savior of the world. If these public passive-aggressive Muslim whiners can't figure it out for themselves, I'll tell you what is TRULY wrong:

It's wrong that people visiting or living in Saudi Arabia cannot carry bibles or hold bible studies in their homes or erect buildings to assemble together and worship the God of Jesus, who is a far better example to us as a life to be lived, despite what Nietzsche and other notables have said, than to mimic the Machiavellian tenets and personal example of Mohammed and Mohammedism.

Whether you, dear reader, are a believer or an unbeliever, you must admit that it's wrong that people can be murdered if they convert to Christianity in these Muslim lands, perfectly within the laws of those lands. It's wrong that people can be forced to convert to Islam at gunpoint, as has happened throughout Muslim history, even now. Note the recent incident of the Fox News journalists.

What does one do with a religion that commands its believers to slay the disbelievers, and promises a better afterlife for doing so? What does one do with a religion that says that the entire planet belongs to its followers and no other religion must exist? What does one do with a religion that says that its followers have a claim over everything that a disbeliever owns, including, but not limited to, his womenfolk and wealth?

What does one do with a religion whose sole prophet was a murderer, looter, rapist and a paedophile and who is described by his followers as "The Perfect Man to emulate"—yes, what does one do with this religion? And its followers?

Tale Of Two Dhimmis



HAVE YOU EVER SEEN that cable reality show "Airlines" where passengers are routinely bumped and told nothing, but "Sorry that's how the airlines does business." Well here is another way they do business. Have you ever have this happen to you? But of course, it pays to "Arrive Late While Muslim."

Northwest Airlines will offer an apology and compensation to a group of 40 Muslims who said they were turned away from a U.S.-bound plane in Germany. The payment will cover "extra flight and hotel costs" incurred after the airline refused to let the group board a January 7 Frankfurt-to-Detroit flight, the Michigan office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations said Wednesday in a prepared statement.

"We welcome Northwest Airlines' apology and offer of limited compensation as a positive step toward addressing the concerns of the Muslim passengers," the group's executive director, Dawud Walid, said in the statement. The group had arrived early enough for the flight but was denied boarding on the grounds that they were too late, according to the rights group.

Northwest spokesman Dean Breest said the flight already had been closed to passengers when the group reached the gate. However, the carrier will cover any flight rebooking fees incurred as the travelers returned to the United States. Talks about reimbursement for hotel costs are ongoing, he said.

The incident occurred after the group arrived in Frankfurt on a charter flight from Saudi Arabia. Northwest didn't have a passenger and baggage handling agreement with the charter company, which meant that the airline didn't know the passengers were coming, said the spokeman. What I want to know is why any of that is relevant? It certainly doesn't help your ordinary passenger, who is given a blanket "We're sorry" while told to make their own arrangements.

Apparently, the [Islamic] men had to clear German security, delaying their arrival at Northwest's gate, and their bags hadn't been checked through to Detroit, but that the men were flown on the next available flights to Detroit, which is usually the case, but reimbursement for their additional costs is not.

But on another front we have a different, sane and surprisingly responsible approach to addressing Muslim demands: treating them like they do everybody else.

For the airport, it's about customer service. For taxi drivers, it's about freedom of religion. The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is considering tough penalties against taxi drivers who say Islam forbids them from accepting passengers who carry alcohol. There was no mention in this article concerning sight-impaired riders with seeing eye dogs who have also raised concerns among Minneapolis Muslim cabbies.

But the good news is that the Metropolitan Airports Commission voted Tuesday to conduct a public hearing on the matter February 27. Cabdrivers, many of them Muslims from Somalia, say they are being put in a tough spot. "Our people are ready to work with a customer always," said Yusuf Abdullah, 32, of Minneapolis. "I would like to keep my faith, and I would like to keep my job."

Airport Director Steve Wareham said his staff will recommend that cabdrivers who refuse a customer be given a 30-day suspension for the first offense and a two-year revocation of their airport license for a second refusal. The current punishment is sending the cabdriver to the back of the taxi line, which can mean a wait of three or more hours, drivers said. "You go behind 200 cabs—that's enough of a penalty," said one driver.

Kudos to those Minneapolis authorities for their refusal to succumb to this form of ridiculous bigotry.

Miracle From California

SACRAMENTO, Jan. 4 - SENATOR BARBARA BOXER RESCINDED a certificate honoring a local leader of a Muslim American civil rights group after the organization was accused on conservative Web sites of supporting terrorism. Basin Elkarra, executive director of the Sacramento chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, had received a certificate from Boxer's office in November "in recognition of (his) outstanding service."

"We made a bad mistake not researching the organization," the California Democrat said. "My organization created this problem. I caused people grief, and I feel terrible. Yet I need to set the record straight, and I'm setting the record straight."

Boxer said the award was made by her staff without her knowledge. After the certificate was presented, she said she saw an online account accusing CAIR of pro-terrorist activities and asked her staff to research the group.

Islamic Street Funnies

Islamic Street Funnies

Boxer's communication's director, Natalie Ravitz, said CAIR had refused to label Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist organizations and noted two former members of the council had been sentenced to prison.

One of its Texas chapter members, Ghassan Elashi, was sentenced in October to 80 months in prison for engaging in financial transactions with Hamas leader Musa abu Marzook. Another member, Ismail Royer, a former CAIR communications specialist, was indicted in 2003 on charges of being part of a conspiracy to support terrorist activities overseas and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

A letter withdrawing the certificate was sent to Elkarra on Dec. 21, Ravitz said.

A leader of the group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said the organization did not support terrorism and was being misrepresented because of the actions of a couple of former officials.

"Anyone who doubts where America stands on the issue of freedom and liberty for those who practice it does not understand the US Constitution, the American community, or the true sons of Abraham."
"Anyone who doubts where we stand on the issue of terrorism does not understand Islam, the Muslim community or CAIR," said Nihad Awad, the group's national executive director.

Awad said CAIR strongly condemned bin Laden by name after the Sept. 11 attacks. He said Elashi and Royer were not involved with CAIR when they committed their crimes.

"This is true guilt-by-association," he told The Sacramento Bee. "We have tens of thousands of members nationwide, and it will be very unfair to hold the organization responsible for the actions of an individual."

Asked about criticism that the council had failed to condemn Hamas or Hezbollah, he said, "We have condemned attacking civilians regardless of whether they are Israelis or Palestinians."

[Miracle From California - Barbara Boxer's Epiphany]__________________

Uh? Where does this man think he's slinging his garbage? Bucketfuls of images and media reports depicting the Muslim community across the globe gesticulating on the issue of terrorism have not escaped our attention. Reckon not a single one of these screaming raving maniacs we see and hear so often intermixed with other captures of calm, veiled women hoisting placards of death is a Muslim. Not a true one, you say. Yes, yes, I've heard the speech. Enough already.

From Nihad Awad, CAIR executive director, as quoted above, "Anyone who doubts where we stand on the issue of terrorism does not understand Islam, the Muslim community or CAIR."

He's got to be kidding, or missing a few too many fruit loops from his breakfast of champions. Geez, what an automaton. It's always, "Oh, you don't understand Islam." Taqiyya 101. It's the same old shake and bake from these Muslim wheelers. But on the brighter side, let's issue a vote of thanks to Senator Boxer, what a shock, for her recent ephipany, and might I add for the benefit of Mr. Awad and CAIR's cult of fascist ideology:

"Anyone who doubts where America stands on the issue of freedom and liberty for those who practice it does not understand the US Constitution, the American community, or the true sons of Abraham."


Two Views On Six Imams


US Airways went too far, says one righteous dude. They really treated these guys like manure, he says. Once they investigated them and their luggage, discovering that they didn't have any bombs or other dangerous contraband, they should have apologetically placed them on the next flight to their location and seated them in first class. Sadly, US Airways has no class. Or so says this same righteous dude. He admits that he doesn't have any problem with these six Imams being interrogated and investigated, but the airline should conduct its business of security with the utmost civility and respect. In other words—don't punish them for simply being Muslim, or inconsiderate to their fellow passengers or the airlines.

Righteous dude surmizes that the airlines will probably be sued for racial and religious discrimination, and will sadly have to pay up because the "Holy Men" were not allowed to take any flight, even after a full investigation.

Sorry Charlie. There's another viewpoint. One Muslim apologist is quoted as saying "If up to now, they (meaning the general public and the airlines) don't know about prayers, this is a real problem."

Another righteous fellow named Mark explains his own insight when he suggests that the previous quote clarifies the entire incident. He writes, "When I fly, to Israel, and the religious folks pray, ten at a time, everyone's polite with apologies if they're doing it in the context of others. In other words, the normal bounds of manners apply. The doers owe those not doing the manners to explain or apologize if their words or bodies in any way impede those not doing. Thus, they are 'accepted' even by those who don't believe in any of that.

But this is not the case. Instead we hear a sarcastic—If they don't know about prayers—remark, in what has become the normal response of Muslims. We are here, this is our culture, deal with it. We are superior beings (except when we are victims), we are holier than thou. Frankly, in my opinion, that's the root of it all.

More than likely all the Muslim imams had to do, was smile, saying to those in their seats next to where they were praying "excuse us, please, we do our prayers, and we don't mean any intrusion" or the like. Simple manners, politely telling people, who have been threatened with airline hijackings, beheadings, and mutilation on a worldwide basis, that they—the Muslims—merely wish to pray, mean no harm, and in short, announce themselves as polite, normal decent folks.

They of course were arrogant, and refused to explain to the stewardesses and fellow passengers what they were doing. Thus they were giving off the usual muslim vibe of 'Screw you infidel.'

Which explains why they got tossed. This is also why the airlines refused to book them elsewhere. In a nervous interview with the media circus surrounding this event, the Muslim apologist announced there were over 200 iMams in the airport at the time since they had all gone to and were returning from the same religious conference. "Surely," he noted "the airlines should have known what was going on." He meant simple prayers were going on. But this admission can have another interpretation. If over 200 iMams made their flights back why did only six get treated to the boot. Perhaps the attitude of the individual "holy men" in question might explain the airline's behavior.

Concerning public prayers, and this goes for all those self-enamored Christian evangelicals among us as well, let's see what Jesus of Nazareth had to say:

  • Matthew 6:5 And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites [are]: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.
  • Matthew 6:6 But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.
  • Matthew 6:7 But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen [do]: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.
  • Matthew 6:8 Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.

Ah, the air is much better now. Too bad few people believe these very decent words to the wise. Bottom line, Muslim passengers have been flying for years. Why now, this outrage in a long string of Muslim outrages? I'll tell you why. To rankle and buckle the system. To encroach further into the public eye always on the scan for a politically correct victim. To anybody with common sense this latest Muslim outrage is oblique non-sense, a calculated propaganda stunt.

This whole incident underscores the fact that many Muslims seem to feel no sense of accountability for all of the violence committed in the name of their religion. Here's another take I found from Hoosier Gal:

"A few days ago, I was reading a thread on the Big Pharoah blog, in which he questioned why non-Muslims object to the phrase "Allahu Akbar", since all believers of every faith believe that God is great. Several people set him straight: 'Allahu Akbar' are the last words that an infidel hears before a Muslim kills him. If you hear it on a plane, it's the equivalent of yelling 'fire' in a crowded theater—it will create panic. It is a war cry. Abruptly standing up and reciting Muslim prayers on a plane has an identical effect on people. These Imams need to get a clue. If you want to stay out of trouble, don't "go all Islamic" when you're on a plane!"

Very interesting concept. While America is busy policing religion out of every public arena great and small, and has gone on record stating the yelling fire in a crowded theatre is NOT constitutionally protected speech, it seems highly logical that screaming a recognizable war cry on a Western airplane would also be outlawed.

America is beginning to wake up to these dangers. The dhimmi Left will continue to support as strong allies almost anything the Muslims try to pull until the real hurt begins to be felt, such as a nuclear blast on American soil, and perhaps even then will find a way to embrace their own worst enemy, but I am occasionally surprized at how interested and informed middle America is becoming while the leftist street boondoggle remains comfortably numb with its denial of the dangers that await America, Israel, and Europe, in the form of jihadist and their so-called "moderate" Islam rearguard.