Marrying A Muslim Man

Editor’s Note: This is a worthy reading for every female thinking of marrying a Muslim. You need to know what might await around the corner. A lesson in one form of demographic jihad...

Recipe to Hell

  • 1 Good looking, non-conventional European Atheistic female with poor self-esteem, preferably over 30, with a tendency towards self-sacrifice, brain a plus.
  • 1 Good/clean looking, manipulative, forceful and proud Muslim male, of decent social class, with a taste for screaming and squashing others.
  • At least 1 child
  • 2 copies of the Qu’ran, 1 soft version in English and 1 in Arabic
  • 10 years
  • Step 1 Starters, Goal 1: Forming a Family:
    Make sure the Muslim male courts the European female aggressively until she consents in a moment of absent-mindedness and deep loneliness while living in a foreign country called America.

    Be pushy but offer your prey a gift and remember all the old Egyptian films/movies in which the man will die unless the female marries him. Be dramatic! Insist on your life leading to nowhere but death without her and don’t forget to add a touch a romance to spice up your dish, in the shape of: “Wallahi! I swear I saw you in a dream about 5 years ago. It was YOU, just as you are, really you, why would I lie, I beg you to believe me” (and so forth).

    Islam On The Rise

    Islam is a recipe for unhappiness. Because happiness is haram.

    For a highly recommendable Muslim dish, gradually tighten your grip around the European female. Do not forget to act like a lamb for starters until your position of power is asserted and allows you to show yourself as the hungry wolf that you are, ready to eat up his main course. Make sure your Western female becomes pregnant, without her consent if required. Let your wife-to-be soak in her pregnancy alone. Let her sleep in the basement where she can ‘carry her load’ without disturbing your sleep. She’s of no use to you at all right now. Ignore her tears and ailments. Before the birth, casually raise the question of marriage for your future child’s benefit without forgetting to smile often as Westerners do. You’ll soon learn how to, however stupid a thing to do it is.

    Get married as soon as she agrees, see how her eyes light up, tricked into believing that this was just a passing phase. No need for a ceremony or witnesses, a judge at home will do. Wrap it up in 10 minutes: Be time and cost efficient, ‘à la America’ 😉

    Step 2 Main Course, Goal 2: Establishing Yourself as the Muslim Boss (and therefore ‘Man’) in Control
    Once married, do not let your wife get back into your bed. Instead kick her out of your bed for 6 years, tell her she must sleep in your child’s bedroom as soon as he or she is born.

    The key words to a perfect Muslim dish are ‘annoyance’ and ‘control’: Look annoyed, sound annoyed, act annoyed, scream and lie as required. Your ‘property’ must now learn to behave according to your strict, rigid and let’s face it, insane and intolerant principles.

    Give your white wife a copy of the Qu’ran for her to read, Should she notice and understand the violent and generally degrading and abusive parts, especially those relating to females and infidels. mention that Allah is all knowledgeable and that none should question his perfect and absolute knowledge and power over mere mortals such as ourselves.

    Quote a few passages in Arabic in a loud distinct voice as if you were addressing a child whenever necessary, this will sound impressive to your wife and remember to insist that Islam is a religion of peace which respects the 2 previous Abrahamic faiths.

    Slightly before your child is born, ask your wife to make a list of first names. Do not tell her that only a Muslim name will be adequate. Wait and see what she comes up with. You are bound to find a name which can easily be turned into a Muslim name. Generally speaking, only tell your wife the strict minimum about everything.

    Once the baby is born, insist that babies never cry in Muslim countries and make your wife carry the baby all day and night long even if she suffers from extreme backache and has a full-time job. After all, her main job consists in raising your child, who, if you are lucky, will be a boy and not a shameful “turnip” requiring no celebrations as is the case in some Muslim countries.

    Make your wife understand who is boss. You are the head of the family, it’s up to YOU, Muslim father, to direct all aspects of daily life, including the tiniest. This is easily achieved with the help of the Qu’ran and sets of rituals you will design for your wife and later on, for your child, to follow to the letter.

    The secret to a good Muslim recipe is to start slowly and enforce your demands insidiously, like a growing cancer; like a spider web, like death even.

    Start gently by raising the flat/apartment temperature to 30°C and tell your wife that a baby must be warm and never catch a cold. When the baby does fall ill, be sure to blame your wife. As a general rule, this recipe works best when you manage to convince your wife that anything wrong is her own doing while the truth is held by her Muslim husband who by definition holds all knowledge.

    After all, doesn’t the truth belong to the last and (therefore) best religious book? Make sure your wife and baby do not come out of the flat for at least another 9 months. From now on, outings will be governed by your own laws. Stop your wife from going to the bathroom or washing if this means the baby will cry. If the baby is too hot, don’t worry, your wife will deal with him and also handle working 80 hours a week from home. Women are very resourceful when they want to be. All they require is a Good Director. Remember that you are in control and everybody else was born to obey you.

    If you feel ever so slightly drained and need to get away from this insane baby world, don’t forget to call your wife every 30 min and also ask her to call you at regular intervals in order to check out on her and your child and make sure that orders have been followed to the letter. Should she be walking in the garden with your child when you clearly told her NEVER to go out, scream at her and refuse to talk to her for a few days until she breaks down out of fear and exhaustion.

    Should the baby be crying, be sure to give her at least verbal abuse. Use her own guilty feelings to pin her down and control her. Remember that women are protective of their children and so will generally obey you for their sake.

    Select your child’s clothes and do not allow your wife to take part in your child’s education. Call on a Muslim friend and his 20 year old wife to teach your Western woman how to bring up a Muslim child. Make sure your wife is reminded that the Qu’ran is the only way to be saved from hellfire.

    Step 3, ‘Coup de grace’:
    Suggest going back to your Arabic country as life is so much cheaper over there. On your way, visit your wife’s family and cause a big fuss so that your wife and her parents start strongly disliking each other. Lie about having found work in your own country and leave abruptly with your wife and child.

    Once home, explain to your wife that she no longer has a need for short sleeve tee-shirts or knee-length skirts as they would offend Muslims. Now that your wife believes that she is a Muslim, gradually use your Muslim family to entice her into wearing a veil on her hair and tell her how beautiful and special she looks this way.

    Besides, social pressure will add to your plan and she’s likely to feel that she is treated better when she wears a veil.

    Remember to exhaust your wife daily. If work pressure and baby world don’t damage her enough, show patience, it will eventually happen. This is the best way to secure your possessions.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT work. Your wife is earning the money so concentrate on monitoring every aspect of family life. Do not let anyone breathe. By now, your wife should have mastered the art of obeying your orders. Never let her have an opinion regarding any family matters. You will select your child’s lifestyle, his outings, his school attendance even. Your child must live in a bubble of your own devices.

    Do not ever let her go out alone on the grounds that it may be dangerous for her. Escort her with your child. The rest of the time she should be at home.

    Rituals pay off:
    Your rituals must be implemented at all times. Whenever your child needs to wash, all doors and windows must be closed while room temperature must be 22°C and constant throughout the entire apartment. Explain how you wish for your child to be washed and dressed. After washing and as a general rule, should she forget which tee-shirt must be put on first and how your child should be dressed, scream at her when she expects it least and refuse to talk to her.

    In any case, insist on supervising everything your wife does while you direct and regulate from your seat or your bed.

    When your wife gets paid, escort her to the bank and put the money in your pocket. Do not ever give in to her wish to have a debit card. Keep the card for yourself and make it credit. Give her some money from time to time.

    Show love and affection by occasionally buying her some clothes with her money and spend lavishly on your child. After all, isn’t this what love is about, or is it? And besides isn’t money around to be spent? We are not Jews now, are we?

    As your wife falls down on the floor from time to time complaining about heart and nervous problems, get angry with her for being constantly ill though a doctor will be required since she must get back to work asap.

    Your child is allowed to pinch, kick and insult his nanny, his mother and anyone other than yourself. Your child needs to become antisocial, aggressive towards females and terrified of men. This is how one turns a boy into a real man!

    When your wife starts complaining about not having any friends, insist that friends are to be made only within YOUR Arabic family circle and that male friends are forbidden even in writing only.

    Monitor her use of the computer by constantly sitting next to her as she works. Keep her just about locked up in your flat/apartment for 4 years and make it crystal clear to her that should she wish to ‘disobey’ and leave, the children will stay with you, since you are the Muslim man, and abide by Islamic law (when it suits you).

    The Western wife boldly took off her veil and became a Christian. She then managed after 4 years to go back to her country on holidays with the kids not knowing quite what to do as she had just about forgotten who she was.

    Once there, the kids begged her to stay and do not wish to communicate with their father. All’s well that ends well, you say? Not quite. This is really just the beginning. However, the recipe to hell cannot go on being told right now for secrecy reasons.

    What this writer would like you to remember are the following points:

    • Muslims are brainwashed from birth and are victims of Islam.
    • This writer doesn’t think ill of Muslims but has more than a distinctive aversion for Islam and how it can turn any human being into a monster.
    • This writer’s wish is for Muslims to wake up and especially Muslim females, who, although they are clear victims of Islam, on the whole keep reproducing the same patterns they were taught.

    We are convinced that women have a major role to play in the reforming if not eradication of Islam and we will spend the rest of our lives trying to help them as well as all the victims of Islam.


    Deconstructing The Nice Muslim

    please specify correct url
    Claude Salhami was 'aghast' at a recent PI newsletterIs a Nice Muslim a Good Muslim? He replied to the newsletter with his Scourge of 'Islam Experts', but he missed my point. The point of the "Nice Muslim" newsletter is that the doctrine of Islam is inhuman, not that Muslims always practice the Islamic doctrine at all times. A Muslim can be a fine person in dealing with a kafir when they are not practicing Islam. A summary of the Nice Muslim argument is:

  • The Koran defines the kafir, a non-Muslim. A kafir is hated and plotted against by Allah. Kafirs can be killed, tortured, crucified, raped, insulted, enslaved and deceived. Kafir is the worst word in the human language. A kafir does not have any positive attributes.
  • There is no Golden Rule in Islamic ethics. The Koran repeats 12 times that a Muslim is not the friend of a kafir.
  • Mohammed repeatedly said that it is good to deceive the kafirs, if it advances Islam.
  • Mohammed destroyed each and every kafir neighbor. It is Islam's purpose to make all kafirs submit to Islam.
  • A Muslim can only be a true friend to a kafir by the use of the Golden Rule, a non-Islamic principle.
  • The conclusion is that there is no good in Islam for the kafir. Sure there are those 2.6% of the Koranic words that seem to be good, but in every case the so-called good verses are abrogated later.

    When you understand that the entire doctrine of Islam is found in Koran, Sira and Hadith, you realize that Islam is simpler than the ‘experts’ told us. All three texts have been made readable today and any disciplined person can become well informed. The ‘experts’ have failed us, and we must teach ourselves.
    Anyone who implements the doctrine of Islam is not the friend of a kafir. If they are actually a friend, it is because of the power of the Golden Rule, not Islam. There is no good in Islam for the kafir. Note that this result was reached without the use of a single verse of the Koran (no cherry picking), but uses the systemic nature of its kafir doctrine.

    Mr. Salhami makes these points in his reply:

  • On many occasions Christians have acted badly and Muslims have acted well.

    So? Christians and Muslims are people. You can prove anything you want by choosing the right member. He also has some remarks about Christianity. To which I reply: I only discuss Islam, not comparative religion.

  • There are good Muslims and bad Muslims and we should not confuse the two.

    What is meant by 'good' Muslims? Do we judge by the Islam of Medina or by the Golden Rule? If we judge by Islam of Medina, then Osama bin Laden is a good Muslim. Of course, by the Golden Rule he is not so nice. Stay with the doctrine of Islam in judging Muslims. A good Muslim is one who follows Islamic doctrine, not one who is likable.

  • Mr. Salhami uses his personal experience with Muslims to learn about Islam.

    This confuses cause and effect. Islam is the cause and Muslims are the effect. A nice Muslim does not prove a nice Islam. Learning from Muslims is Muslim-ology, a sociological personal endeavor. Learning about Islam from the Koran, Sira, Hadith and Sharia law is learning about Islam.

  • He criticizes my use of the coined term, kafir-Muslim.

    I will grant him this criticism and thank him for it. A much better term is Golden-Rule Muslim. Muslims, like all humans, have an innate sense of the truth of the Golden Rule and use it at times. However, this is an un-Islamic act since Islam does not have a Golden Rule.

    The ‘experts’ will talk about nice Muslims, criticize Christianity and the West, while not holding Muslims responsible for their ideology. Every Muslim must be held accountable for Islamic political doctrine and its bloody history.
    All of the nice Muslims Mr. Salhami meets in the Middle East will not teach him anything about the suffering of their kafir ancestors during the jihad invasion and the centuries of being dhimmis living under the horror of Sharia law. He won't learn how the native civilization has been annihilated and replaced with the civilization of Islam. They will not tell him about the murder of millions of innocent Christians, Zoroastrians, Buddhists, animists and Hindus to create the Islamic civilization.

    His nice Muslim friends will not instruct him in the vision, strategy and tactics of jihad to annihilate all kafir civilizations. Nor will his nice Muslim friends ever explain Islam's dualistic ethical system, with one set of ethics for kafirs and a different set of ethics for their Muslim brothers.

    Mr. Salhami is aghast at the self-taught scholars in Islam. There is a good reason for their appearance. The university trained 'experts' are apologists for Islam. They are trained in denial and justification and produce the type of scholarship that allows the army to investigate Major Hasan's jihad at Fort Hood and never refer to Islam.

    Good Muslim

    Good Muslim or Nice Muslim?

    The 'experts' give us the history of Islamic conquest and imperialism and praise it as the glorious rise of Islam. The 'experts' teach courses in women's studies and ignore Sharia law and Mohammed's treatment of women. They lecture on slavery and never mention the Muslim wholesaler who sold the slaves to the white man on the wooden ship or the Islamic slave trade in North Africa, East Africa, Europe and India. The denial goes on and on as the 'experts' drive our university policy. Is there a course in any American university system that is critical of Islamic political ideology? Indeed, the 'experts' argue that such a course would be bigotry. It is the media 'experts' that give us jihad at Mumbai, India and never mention Islam. It is the 'experts' that give us the Official Islam that Bush and Obama talk about. Nice stuff-Official Islam. Too bad it does not exist.

    So, it is no wonder that when we have such dhimmified professors, university trained 'experts' and media that professionals from other fields start reading the Koran, Sira and Hadith to see for themselves what the ideology actually is that drives the contradictions between current events and what we are told. When you understand that the entire doctrine of Islam is found in Koran, Sira and Hadith, you realize that Islam is simpler than the 'experts' told us. All three texts have been made readable today and any disciplined person can become well informed. The 'experts' have failed us, and we must teach ourselves.

    It is easy to be an expert. Know Mohammed and the Koran (the book he brought about). If what you say agrees with the Koran or Mohammed, then you are right. If it does not agree with Mohammed, then it is wrong, no matter who you are.

    Mr. Salhami, buckle your seatbelt and prepare to be aghast again. It is a war between the university-trained dhimmi 'experts' and the self-taught kafir scholars who stand on the doctrine found in the Koran, Sira and Hadith. We will use critical thought on the doctrine and history of political Islam.

    The 'experts' will talk about nice Muslims, criticize Christianity and the West, while not holding Muslims responsible for their ideology. Every Muslim must be held accountable for Islamic political doctrine and its bloody history.

    Bill Warner
    Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam

  • The Enemy Of Peace

    Unrepentent Defendents

    Unrepentent Defendents

    "I come not to bring peace but a sword," states Mashiach as he prepares his disciples for his imminent crucifixion and departure from them. We add, "Do not hide evil, but expose it. That is ample directive from the Son of God to all of us. Do not allow enduring evil to extinguish love. Sometimes a noble fight is required."

    IMAGINE MY SURPRISE WHEN I opened an email ad from and found that Edip Yuksel, a Muslim who is a leading Islamic reformer, had written a book, Peacemaker's Guide to Warmongers: Exposing Robert Spencer, David Horowitz, and other Enemies of Peace. He made my day. Bill Warner was included in the product description as an enemy of peace. I am flattered.

    Why does Mr. Yuksel call me an enemy of peace and a warmonger? It's simple. Partnered with Robert Spencer, I debated him in Frontpage Magazine Symposiums and beat him like a drum using the doctrine and history of political Islam. As a result, I have gone from being an opponent in a debate to an enemy of peace.

    Am I an enemy of peace? Am I a warmonger? Yes, on an everyday basis and I want you to be an enemy of peace and a warmonger as well.

    The question must be asked: what peace are we talking about? Islamic peace. How does Islamic peace come about? Islamic peace comes after jihad and the victory of Islam. Peace is one of those words that everyone considers to be universally good, but peace is what losers (kafirs) get, while winners (Muslims) get victory. Islamic peace is all about the victory over the kafirs. Islamic peace changes a free man into a slave of Allah.

    We should examine the meaning of all words Muslims use, since Islam does not share a common ground of civilization with us. Islam twists all of the kafir words. To find out what "peacemaker" means we have to go to Mohammed. Mohammed was an Islamic peacemaker. In the last 9 years of his life, he was involved in an event of violence on the average of every 6 weeks.

    Every single neighbor of Mohammed experienced his peacemaking. Take the Jews of Khaybar, for instance. They were going about their lives when the army of Mohammed showed up. It took the murder, rape, theft, torture and becoming semi-slaves before the Jews experienced the peace of Mohammed. Once they submitted to Islam as dhimmis and agreed to live under Sharia law and give him half of what they earned, the jizyah (the dhimmi tax), they were left to live in peace. This is the peace of Islam.

    As long as Mohammed merely preached the religion of Islam in Mecca, he was a failure. Very few people were interested in the religion of Islam. It was only in Medina where he became a warlord that Islam succeeded, and he became a peacemaker.

    The natural state of Islam in relation to kafirs is jihad, not peace. If we want to discover peace in Sharia law, we must look under the general heading of jihad to find the subject of "truce". We learn that Muslims are not to call for a truce as long as they are winning. When Islam offers peace, it means that they are losing and need to gain time to prepare for the next jihad.

    I am a warmonger because I use the doctrine of Islam to refute the deceptions of Muslims like Edip Yuksel. Last night in Nashville, TN, a Muslim stood in front of a college crowd and said that jihad was inner struggle. Working hard to get an A is jihad. Jihad is not holy war. He is right. When you examine the hadiths about jihad in Bukhari, about 2% of them can be construed as jihad is an inner struggle. However, the other 98% of the jihad hadiths are about killing kafirs until the rest submit to Islam.

    Warmongering consists of asking questions to confront Islamic propaganda in this ideological war. Being a warmonger means showing up to support the Coptic Christians at a street demonstration about the jihad killing of Copts in Egypt. Warmongering means going to an interfaith bridge building and confronting the ministers and rabbis with their ignorance about Islam. Warmongering means speaking truth to the lies of Official Islam.

    It works like this. Unless we have enough enemies of the Islamic peacemakers, one day our civilization will experience the peace of Islam, and we will be like the historical majority Greek Christian culture of Asia Minor. Today Greek Christians are 0.3% of Turkey. They've experienced the peace of Islam-annihilation.

    Bill Warner,
    Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam

    [The Enemy Of Peace]

    Islam's Frantic Search For Peace


    In America we call this police brutality, but Muslims demand sharia law...

    IT'S INTERESTING THAT those characters who summarily dismiss current affairs around the globe as nothing worth noting while simultaneously lining up to defend Islam against those who dare document the evidence or issue the clarion call of present or inevitable danger, tend to mumble on about the so-called Palestinian land grab. Many also express the need to know just who initiated this conflict between Islam and the West, just like the Islamists themselves. The emblematic Islamists and their Leftist friends in the West often cite the conflict in Israel as the main cause of current antagonisms, but animated with furious certainty Islamist spokesmen themselves often drag in other old wounds to lick publically as a show of their eternal victimhood, the emotionally-stunted calling card of Leftists everywhere. Shall we recall a few of them?

    Let's play spin the bottle, the old kiss and make out game. When did this "war against violence" begin? Was it snapped into place on 9/11, was it during the Taliban uprising, or maybe the claws finally sharpened during Desert Storm, or was it USS Cole? Was it Qadaffi's grievance as Reagan began bombing Libya, killing a son, or was it bombing the US embassy in Lebanon? Was it the Iranian students and the Shah of Iran, or that string of various hijackings and bombings of commercial airliners?

    Was it various wars against Israel, was it British and French colonialism, was it Lawrence of Arabia, was it Armenians and Turks, was it Tribal warfare, was it oil, was it the Crusades, was it the destruction and elimination of Buddism from their birthplace in India? How dis Pakistan become Muslim anyhow? Oops, let['s not forget the Barabary pirates, the Somalian pirates, Muslims all. Was it Fort Hood or Fort Dix?

    Was it the establishment of the Mafia in Sicily in a 200 year fight to cast out the Moslems, Was it sacking the Vatican, Was it the Moorish conquest of much of Europe and Asia/ Was it Jesus and his disciples speading Christianity long before Mohammed and Islam was conceived? Was it the Romans, the Greeks, the Assyrians, the Pharoahs? Or did some caveman steal another caveman's food.

    But let's not forget. Islam is the religion of peace, (submission, and domination).

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell us please, who among us is truly the most peaceful of all...

    The point is that men have always been at war and likely will continue to wage war against each other until the end of time. But right now, right here (everywhere), Islam is on the march seeking domination). That is a fact, no money-grubbing dhimmi-breath weak-spined Western politician or creative class hack can change, and it is a fact no red-blooded Koran-carrying virgin-hungry Islamist would deny.

    And yes, it was Islam who started it, when the warlord Muhammed launched his global initiative inspired by the sword. History is very clear about what happened next, religious garb notwithstanding.

    Left to those terms, it's a simple analysis. The life of Christ versus the life of Mohammed. Which de-apotheosized role model would a rational, hopeful person choose if secure from the peer pressures of one's herd? But that's not really the question, now is it? Not unless one side or the other makes it the only decision standing between one's mortal life and imminent death. Even then the shady procurements of afterlife intrude upon rationality. But that's all we have. The god of George Patton versus the god of Old Mo and Andy Choudry. Being a westerner myself, I'll stick with Charles Martel, thank you very much. There, unfortunately, is no third way with regards to the current Islamic assault on the world, an Islamic assault made bold by weak western policies and flush crude oil revenues.

    Here is an example of what the mantra that silly surface-dusting appeasers insist on parroting despite the evidence:

    You are such a hypocrite, complaining and complaining about Muslims.

    Let's get this one fact straight, there are over 10 million Muslims in America; Islam is the fastest growing religion in America; Muslims will be the majority in France by 2020. There are over 1.2 billion Muslims in the world, which equates to them being 99.99% peaceful.


    You forget that Christians have throughout history murdered 100ks of us Jews and yet you keep crying wolf with the FALSE THREAT. Muslims believe in the Old Testament, the prophets, like Abraham, Moses, David, etc.They are allowed to marry Jews and Christians.

    We Jews need to understand that these dumb propoganda sites like this don't really get anywhere. They just cause more hatred for no reason. And let me remind you for every jihadwatch site out there there ARE 10000's of JEWWATCH( sites out there spewing the same JEWISH HATRED as you spew MUSLIM HATRED.

    Wake up!

    Uh, no they don't, and several of your numbers are suspect. You can find the true nature of Islam elsewhere in this blog, and many other places that are WIDE AWAKE, not merely praticing multiculturalism's political corruptedness, which we actually identify as taqiyya, an Arabic word meaning "it is okay to lie through one's teeth to further the cause of global Islam." But then again, the frequently boastful, the truth and an Islamic warrior often merge, as in this citation:

    “One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”

    —Houari Mohamed Boumedienne
    President of Algeria, 1965–1978
    in a 1974 speech at the UN

    Islamic grievance is matched only by Islamic pride. Together they create a pernicious stew. History is an interesting thing. These naysayers might prefer a patchwork quilt to the full cloth of reality, but their choices don't mean winter doesn't exist.

    Deconstructing Those Arab Refugees One Liar At A Time

    Yasser Arafat

    Yasser Arafat , PLO Leader

    UNTIL THE 1967 WAR, many in Western Europe saw Israel—correctly—as a tiny and besieged state, surrounded by enemies who wished to destroy it. In this respect, they were helped along by the fact that the leader of those who would after the Six-Day War be carefully renamed as the "Palestinians," were not yet called "Palestinians" but simply "the Arabs" or "the Arab refugees." And their putative leader, Ahmed Shukairy (who was himself half-Turkish), had the habit of expressing himself as a truthful Muslim, and told the world that his goal was the destruction of Israel.

    The Arab leaders said the same thing. And those Arab leaders, at the time, did not have the enormous oil wealth that the member-states of OPEC really began to acquire only in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Then they enjoyed a really fantastic jump in oil revenues, and thus an equally fantastic increase in perceived power and real ability to buy all kinds of influence along with other, more tangible goods and services, only when OPEC quadrupled the price of oil in the fall of 1973.

    And beginning with their defeat in the Six-Day War, the Arabs realized that they would not be able to defeat Israel militarily, at least not yet, not under the new conditions, and with Israel now in possession of "the West Bank" and Gaza and all of the Sinai (some 95% of the territory Israel won by force of arms in that war). They would have to formulate a new strategy to force Israel to disgorge what it had won, to make Israel appear not to be what in fact it still was, a tiny state subject to this unending Arab and Muslim hostility, that no concessions by Israel would ever truly assuage (at least not for the Muslims who took Islam seriously, and that meant, at least, all of the Arab Muslims). So they did several things. They decided on a campaign of diplomatic and economic warfare, accompanied by terrorist acts within Israel and against Israelis overseas, and on a campaign to weaken Israel and to force its former friends to sever ties, or at least to cease being friendly toward Israel, and ready to misunderstand its plight, and the real nature of the war—the Jihad—being waged against it.

    All of these countries, or almost all, within a year or two after the Six-Day War, had been persuaded by Arab money and the promise—never fulfilled—of more money to come if they did what the Arabs wanted, cut off diplomatic relations with the Jewish state.

    Read it all as noted JW contributor Hugh Fitzgerald outs the liars and puts the truth back where it belongs.