The Task Before Earnest Americans

by Hugh Fitzgerald of Jihad Watch. ISLAM IS AN ALL-ENCOMPASSING belief-system. It is quite different from those other monotheisms which, for obvious reasons while they are still a small group in the West, Muslims like to have "so very much" in common—that "three abrahamic faiths" pitch that once went over well, but nowadays appears to attract only the most muddle-headed or those who, while supposedly being Christian or Jewish clergymen, have brought their art of self-preening or cravenness to such a level that they become Defenders of the Faith, that Faith being Islam. But Infidels can no longer be stopped....

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Listening To Americans Staying Alert

Listening to ordinary Americans told to stay alert is often overlooked by the powers of the air. The following first-hand report from reporter Annie Jacobsen is not unique, but it is important to note. She has since written a book describing her "probing" experience. There have since been many similar probes, which we never hear about in the mainstream media. So be diligent and do your homework. As Ms. Jacobsen puts it: "there's no one looking out for us." n June 29, 2004, at 12:28 p.m., I flew on Northwest Airlines flight #327 from Detroit to Los Angeles with my...

An Arab Speaks Out

he Religious Policeman. Now here is an amazing website. Allegedly penned by a Saudi ex-pat in Great Britain, this blogger is notably humorous in tackling those extremely dangerous topics ailing our Muslim friends still suffering from an overdose of false piety and misplaced moral outrage after a lifetime of brainwashing at the local neighborhood madrasah and the holy book of their choice.

A Highly Questionable Guide To Islam

ote the reek of dhimmitude in this report. And to think that the writer is a ranking member of Homeland Security. Reads more like he is working front and center for the Saudi Arabian dictatorship spewing all this one-sided milk and cookies mush. Why am I posting this article, despite its utter silence on the active ingredients of this religion of death? Often when confronted with the confounding obstinency and absurdity of current global events, we forget just what blueprint our own team in this war is using. To question WHY we are using this blueprint, we need simply to...