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War Records: July 17, 2003

State Speech
State Speech
No war is good, when taken from the prospective that a single lost life is a life never again capable of enjoying the fruits of endless debate on the simplest of matters.

But the vital point, or damn well ought to be, is this: The case in favor of overthrowing Saddam's regime was overwhelming, even without a frosting of yellowcake. Despite the UN's weakness. That's why members of Congress from both parties voted to authorize the President to use military force against Saddam more than THREE months BEFORE the State of the Union.

Which of these smartie britch politicians would change their vote now?

In retrospect, the implicit case for overthrowing the Saddam (imagining himself the reincarnation of old Nebuccanezzar) remains persuasive. As days pass, more US soldiers and Iraqis are killed and maimed, and that is a sad fact of life outside the Gates of Eden.

Here in the US, soldiers remain safe, but the general population does not, where madmen and mother nature armed with weapons of mild destruction roam and spit and spar, and shit as they say, simply happens, and happens often. Tis true that these hyped and horrendous weapons of mass destruction have not yet been found in a nation the size of California, most of it dry indistinguishable sand swept by the winds, even more difficult to parse than haystacks, despite technology. Nor have we found Saddam Hussein. Or Osama bin Laden. But Saddam and Osama exist. They were a threat to every one of us. They still are, though less so now that they hide and seek more of the same in safe-houses and caves.

The matrix of rogue dictators, terrorists and WMD is the gravest menace faced by Americans and other free (or unfree) peoples alive in the 21st Century. That is why we so-called Independent thinkers, Republicans, Democrats, Americans, America's old allies and new (e.g. free Iraqis) have our work cut out for us in the years ahead. And while I am an enemy of this pre-emptive strike doctrine, and fear the worse in historical terms, what's done is done.

Let's move on, fight the battle at hand to clear the decks for the future.

WikiLeak Revelations You Might Not Have Heard

THERE'S NOTHING LIKE A FREE PRESS to finally realize that you get what you pay for. That is to say, a propped up state-run press, an "abominable thing" feeding our mainstream media no longer the people's voice but who seem entirely content to merely corrupt the people. Gone are the days of discover, parse, print, and serve. Now they spin, spaz, and punt, and then complain about an unlevel playing field of their own creation. We don't even need to read or hear the news anymore, because the bias is so ingrained, so ubiquitous, we can already furnish the story ourselves. Yes, the story has already been told. There is nothing new here to consume in the name of all the news that's fit to print. Here's a clue for those who have been paying attention. Just connect the GODDAMNED DOTS! For those who haven't been paying attention, and yes, these minions are restless, it appears your time is about up. You will be strategized, and you won't even recognize the sound of your own voice.

WikiLeaks' latest publication of Iraq war documents contains a lot of information that most reasonable people would prefer remained unknown, such as the names of Iraqi informants who will now be hunted for helping the U.S.

And although the anti-war left welcomed the release of the documents, they would probably cringe at one of the most significant finds of this latest crop of reports: Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

"By late 2003, even the Bush White House's staunchest defenders were starting to give up on the idea that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq," Wired magazine's Danger Room reports. "But WikiLeaks' newly-released Iraq war documents reveal that for years afterward, U.S. troops continued to find chemical weapons labs, encounter insurgent specialists in toxins and uncover weapons of mass destruction."

That is, there definitively were weapons of mass destruction and elements of a WMD program in Saddam Hussein's Iraq when U.S.-led coalition troops entered the country to depose Hussein.

Predictably, the liberal media did their best to either ignore the story—like the New York Times and Washington Post did—or spin it. It's not an easy choice to make, since ignoring the story makes you look out of the loop and hurts your reputation as an informative publication, yet spinning the story means actively attempting to confuse and mislead your readers. CBS News chose the latter.

Read it all.

Baghdad Walls Coming Down

American Soldiers

BAGHDAD—Market by market, square by square, the walls are beginning to come down. The miles of hulking blast walls, ugly but effective, were installed as a central feature of the surge of American troops to stop neighbors from killing one another. “They protected against car bombs and drive-by attacks,” said Adnan, 39, a vegetable seller in the once violent neighborhood of Dora, who argues that the walls now block the markets and the commerce that Baghdad needs to thrive. “Now it is safe.” The slow dismantling of the concrete walls is the most visible sign of a fundamental change here in the Iraqi capital. The American surge strategy, which increased the number of United States troops and contributed to stability here, is drawing to a close. And a transition is under way to the almost inevitable American drawdown in 2009.

There are now more than 148,000 United States troops in Iraq, down from the peak of around 170,000 a year ago, and President Bush has already accepted the military’s recommendation to remove 8,000 more by February.

How long will this peace last? And when will Barack Obama and his crew of Islamic appeasers (which includes most of the current Western leadership) accept a few facts? Not long and only when the jihadists pull back the mask, but that's not news either.

Read the entire New York Times piece HERE, if you like your global politics served up like fairy dust on ritz crackers. Can anyone notice Iran is still watching, waiting, and priming their pumps? But that's okay. This war will get much larger before it gets smaller. That much we know, we who do not suck wind in the Great Halls of Political Correctness...

Saddam's Weapons Moved To Syria

Map of Syria
Map of Syria

HAVEN'T WE ALWAYS believed this to be true? An upcoming joint US-Israel report on the September 6 IAF strike on a Syrian facility will claim that former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein transferred weapons of mass destruction to the country, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Now in addition to the interest this report will have for those who are still arguing over whether or not we should have gone into Iraq at all, if it is true this report means that these WMD's are most likely still in Syria, since the recent strike obviously didn't clear away

As others have pointed out, Saddam was a major "Islamophobe" himself, equating Islam with violence and war, in regards to the Mother of All Battles Mosque, with its Scud-missile minarets, Kalashnikov ornamentation, and the Koran written in blood.

On the other hand, George W. Bush clearly was determined to take Saddam down from the first day of his presidential campaign and on. I have grown weary of the debate as to whether that was a good thing or not. The worst thing about this acrimonious and highly public dispute is how people who wish Saddam & Sons were still in charge of Iraq have provided the rest of the world with all manner of grist for the America-hating mill.

Here is how it probably happened, according to one source:

"It happened during the 3-week hiatus in no-fly-zone overflights that Saddam worked out with Kofi Annan. More than 1,800 eighteen-wheelers were witnessed shooting across the border into Syria by the Mossad, which then squelched its own report. Interesting that Kofi suddenly termed the overflights "illegal" and then when the world confronted him about it Saddam recanted. This was on a Thursday. Saddam then gives the okay that on the following Tuesday overflights may be resumed. On Monday the last of the 18-wheelers crossed the border into Syria. And I'm standing in front of the TV for three weeks yelling, "They're moving the WMDs, you dopes!"

Defectors to the US from Syria have told the government exactly where the three large underground vaults are that house these weapons.

The case "against" would be that if they had 'em why hasn't Hizbollah used those weapons against Israel, or is it because Damascus knows it would be a smoking, radiating ruin in two hours if they did it.

And another thing on Isreal's side is that jet stream moves west to east, and curves generally south to north a little in this area, and if there's a nuclear detonation in Israel, Damascus and Tehran will be contaminated with proximity one radiation in no more than 36 hours. But, did Saddam move that stuff? Yes. To Syria. And that includes the 47,000 gallons of VX nerve gas they claimed to have destroyed and then "couldn't find the paper work" on.

Unfortunately, this report, even if proven to be 100% indisputably and incontrovertibly complete and true, will carry not one iota of weight with those who view America as the ultimate villain in this scene. If anything, it will further convince them of their inherently self-contradictory view of Bush as both evil genius and moron.

The ever knowledgeable Morgaan Sinclair writes:

Yeah, but if this gets out, the Saudis will drop oil prices to the USA by about $50/barrel, because what they REALLY fear is that the Shi'as will take Mecca and Medina. And one reason that the Syrians don't want the cat out of the bag is that it's just fine with them for the Saudis to be softening up the USA by bleeding it for every cent it can get at the tank, while they all set up shari'a banking to make sure the petrodollar usury profits stay in Islamic hands (if you think there's no "interest" in shari'a banking I've a bridge to sell you).

One thing we need to remember before Johnny goes trotting off to war with Syria. These chemical weapons lose potency over time. It's been five years since Saddam transferred these diabolical vials. This is old news.
Meanwhile, this is bad news for the Left and anybody that wants to get out of Iraq, because if the evidence is absolutely incontrovertible, no amount of screaming from the cheap seats is going to hack it here.

The good news is that it becomes an INTERNATIONAL problem and splits the OIC down Sunni-Shi'a lines, and the dominant Sunnis then shift their weight (at least temporarily) to the West for protection.

And—what a surprise—this only makes us more dependent on foreign oil, now cheap again, the tactic that Woolsey says the Saudis have used against us five times in the last 20 years—or, every time Americans get real interested in alternative energy or get scared about the global climate change bullet many think has already left the chamber.

Could happen. I heard some pundit predict that gas would drop back to $2 per gallon by the end of the year. He didn't say why, but this report might very well be the clue. Funny also, how an Imam was just quoted the other day accusing Isarael of being the snarling watchdog for the United States. Interesting language becomes ever more precise now that more pieces of the puzzle are revealed. Damascus, anyone?

One thing we need to remember before Johnny goes trotting off to war with Syria. These chemical weapons lose potency over time. It's been five years since Saddam transferred these diabolical vials. This is old news.

Never A Publicity Stunt, But Always From The Script

Christians Under Duress in Iraq

What did you expect? Islam is never a publicity stunt, but is always from the script. This is not the site for Bush apologetics or Liberal apologetics but for truth as it can possibly be discovered by keeping one's ears and eyes peeled to the information pushers. We may not be able to discover truth, but we may be more likely to weed out false narratives by this method. Perhaps the truth is Iraq has failed because nobody in the Bush camp of the Republican party wants to accept that Islam is the source of the problem in Iraq and not the string of picturesque dictators who claw and kill their way to the top of this wobbly regime. Even western-styled puppets cannot climb their way out of the Islam that creeps among the people they are supposed to rule like a poisonous salamander. As William Eaton in 1799 wrote upon seeing Tunis and Islam stated...

        "They are abject slaves to the despotism of their
        government, and they are humiliated by tyranny,
        the worst of all tyrannies, the despotism of
        priestcraft. They live in more solemn fear of the
        frowns of a bigot who has been dead and rotten
        above a thousand years, than of the living despot
        whose frown would cost them their lives."

So what that Saddam is gone. The true dictator lives on. He preaches in every mosque and in every home in Islamic lands. His book the Quran and his system of Islamic government lives on.

—Great Comet of 1577

The attitude that "I know this one guy" or "I met a really reliable Iraqi officer in Mosul" or, well, fill in the blank. There is the Gunga-Din problem, the sentimentalism of those who focus on the one or two, or even a dozen, genuinely trustworthy and loyal Iraqis they met in person, and do not focus on the millions who don't quite fit the same bill.

It is Islam that mandates a state of permanent war—though not always open warfare when Muslims are too weak or can obtain the same goals more effectively through other instruments—between Believers and Infidels. In such a war, as in all wars, one does not make policy based on the exceptions, rather than the rule. One did not soften the blows against Nazi Germany because there was the White Rose resistance of the Scholls, or because there was here and there an Oskar Schindler. One did not change policy toward the Soviet Union because within that Soviet Union there were such people as Andrey Sakharov and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, because the Soviet state, the Red Army, the Communist Party, was the culprit that required modification.

Islam is never a publicity stunt, but always from the script...

Captured Baathists Reveal Al-Qaeda Context

Let's see. how many moderates can you count here?
Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an infidel scum; Be he live, or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make my bread.

WASHINGTON—Al-Qaeda's big tent. It's been denied, downplayed, hushed, put on ice, overlooked, forgotten, disregarded and omitted from the public record. But a thorough review of open-source material demonstrates conclusive and widespread cooperation between former members of Saddam Hussein's Baathist regime and terrorists from the Iraqi al-Qaeda network. Dozens of former Saddam Hussein loyalists captured by US-led coalition forces in Iraq were found to be working with al-Qaeda or linked to their operations.

  • Muhammed Hila Hammad Ubaydi, aka Abu Ayman, was the former aide to the chief of staff of intelligence during the Saddam regime for 30 years. Ubaydi later led the Secret Islamic Army in the Northern Babil Province and was said to have had strong ties to the former terror leader Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi. He was captured April 6, 2006, in southern Baghdad.
  • Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri is "the former vice chairman of Saddam's Baathist Revolutionary Command Council who swore fealty to Zarqawi and provided funding for al-Qaeda and significant element of the Baathist/al-Qaeda converts and collaborators.
  • Abdel Faith Isa is a former Iraqi army officer who was later identified as an al-Qaeda emir. He was captured May 6, 2004.
  • Read it all.

    Warrant For Arrest Of Saddam's Daughter

    Raghad Hussein
    Raghad Hussein

    In a very sparsely word announcement, the BBC has reported that Interpol has circulated an arrest warrant for the oldest daughter of former Iraqi leader—Saddam Hussein. Raghad Saddam Hussein, who fled the US-invasion of Iraq in 2003, is accused of terrorism and other offenses. Escaping the fate of her brothers, she helped organize the legal defense of her father, who was hanged last December for crimes against humanity.

    Last year Iraq put Raghad and her mother, Sajida, on a list of its most wanted fugitives, alleging they supported the insurgency in Iraq. The Iraqi Interior Ministry told the BBC that Interpol had notified member countries on Friday.

    Before her father was executed last year, Raghad asked for his body to be buried temporarily in Yemen until, she said, such time as coalition forces were expelled from Iraq. The Jordanian authorities said last year that she was living in their country as an asylum seeker, but it is not clear where she is at present.