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Shit In A Bag

Get your shit in one bag."

Get Yer Shit In A Bag, and Let's Go!

Often a military term generally meaning, Stop foolin' around; get only the gear you need, put it in one bag, and let's go. If someone says your shit is in one bag but there is no bag around, you're being complimented. So if you really want to know HOW to get your shit in one bag, here's the expert. Someone asked the question concerning the ammunition strategy, "How many magazines is enough?" We thought it was an excellent question. Thanks to Doc for some solid advice.

I calculate the minimum number as 3x whatever my standard carry is for that particular firearm. For example, my daily carry gun is a G30. I (nominally) carry 3 magazines for it—one in the gun and two spares. So, my minimum for that gun is 9 magazines.

In reality, my wife has a G30 as well—so one would stock 18 magazines. And we often carry G21 mags (which fit) as the backup mags, so I have a minimum of 18 G30 mags, and 18 G21 mags.

As it happens, we have 4 G30' 36 G30 mags, and 36 G21 mags.

And we have 4 G21's...36 more G21 mags.

And as I said, those are minimum numbers. For my AR platforms, each one has at least 24 magazines. My M14's...21 each.

And so on.

We have a couple of FAL's...I bought 200 FAL magazines back when they were cheap (like a buck each). We also have a couple hundred G3 mags, for our PTR-91's, I got those at around $0.50 each. Since the mag is the most fragile part and crucial part of a weapon, it makes sense to stock up. Especially while we can.

It's clear some of us are serious weapons collectors.

The Instruction Of Tarbaby Iraq

"I summon my blue-eyed slaves anytime it pleases me. I command the Americans to send me their bravest soldiers to die for me. Anytime I clap my hands a stupid genie called the American ambassador appears to do my bidding. When the Americans die in my service their bodies are frozen in metal boxes by the US Embassy and American airplanes carry them away, as if they never existed. Truly, America is my favorite slave."

—King Fahd Bin Abdul-Aziz, Jeddeh 1993

BAGHDAD—Iraq's prime minister says U.S. troops will not be withdrawn from areas of the country that are not completely secure. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki tells The Associated Press in an interview that he has informed President Barack Obama and other top U.S. officials that the Iraqi government must agree to any withdrawals "and must be linked to the security situation."

Al-Maliki says that he does not want U.S. troops taken out of any area unless it is "considered 100 percent secure and under control." Otherwise, withdrawals will be postponed...

This vulgar exchange is utterly ridiculous and very sad, despite the best intentions or not of the Bush doctrine and the American soldier. Smacks of tarbaby sentimentality. The scene immediately draws my attention to the same situation portrayed in a particularly poignant film I once saw where both American soldiers and a highly acclaimed progressive social engineer of the day mandated late 19th century re-education policy while mostly failing to groom the native culture out of certain groups of survivors of the western tribes, making gentlemen and scholars of many when it would only succeed with the rare gifted one who was capable of maintaining his own culture in secret while succeeding in the new white man's world. Numerous films depicting other colonial empires attempting to train a native population evoke similar feelings of disgust with both sides of the cultural equation.

I realize I am having a sudden neo-liberal moment of doubt, a small crisis of conscience, with this observation, even as I also realize that life itself is far too often an unrelenting clash of civilizations and ideals, but the brute realities of this clash are quite endure. Better these would-be Iraqi policemen understand their dilemma and learn to sort things out, or better these American soldiers leave Iraq to its own pan-Islamic devices, and God help us prepare for the inevitable fallout.

Baghdad Walls Coming Down

American Soldiers

BAGHDAD—Market by market, square by square, the walls are beginning to come down. The miles of hulking blast walls, ugly but effective, were installed as a central feature of the surge of American troops to stop neighbors from killing one another. “They protected against car bombs and drive-by attacks,” said Adnan, 39, a vegetable seller in the once violent neighborhood of Dora, who argues that the walls now block the markets and the commerce that Baghdad needs to thrive. “Now it is safe.” The slow dismantling of the concrete walls is the most visible sign of a fundamental change here in the Iraqi capital. The American surge strategy, which increased the number of United States troops and contributed to stability here, is drawing to a close. And a transition is under way to the almost inevitable American drawdown in 2009.

There are now more than 148,000 United States troops in Iraq, down from the peak of around 170,000 a year ago, and President Bush has already accepted the military’s recommendation to remove 8,000 more by February.

How long will this peace last? And when will Barack Obama and his crew of Islamic appeasers (which includes most of the current Western leadership) accept a few facts? Not long and only when the jihadists pull back the mask, but that's not news either.

Read the entire New York Times piece HERE, if you like your global politics served up like fairy dust on ritz crackers. Can anyone notice Iran is still watching, waiting, and priming their pumps? But that's okay. This war will get much larger before it gets smaller. That much we know, we who do not suck wind in the Great Halls of Political Correctness...

Chalibi's Taqiyya Flummoxes State Department

Ahmed Chalabi
A MERICAN military and civilian officials have cut off ALL contact with controversial Iraqi politician and ripe liar, Ahmad Chalabi—the former favorite of Washington's once powerful cabal of neoconservatives.

The reason, sources say, is "unauthorized" contacts with Iran's government, an allegation Chalabi denies. Iran has been accused of arming and training rebel Shiite forces in Iraq. Chalabi had been making a remarkable comeback in Iraq, but that may now be in question, American officials tell NBC News on condition of anonymity.

Chalabi had gained notoriety after his group provided false information to journalists and intelligence organizations about Saddam Hussein before the U.S. invasion of Iraq. A former banker who was convicted of embezzlement in absentia in Jordan in 1992, Chalabi nevertheless was a key organizer of the Iraqi opposition and received substantial funding from the U.S. government in the 1990s and up till 2003, after the invasion. He had remarkable influence in Washington until several years ago.

After the U.S. invasion and the toppling of Saddam Hussein, Chalabi drifted in and out of favor with U.S. officials in Baghdad. In the 2005 Iraqi elections, he lost decisively, scoring less than 1 percent of the vote. Since the invasion, reports of Chalabi's ties to Iran and his contacts with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have at times been sore spots. The FBI once sought to interview him, sources say, about allegations that secret U.S. codes had been passed to Iran.

Read it all.

Of course neither NBC News nor the US Government will admit that the diabolical Islamic doctrine of taqiyya actually exists, let alone is in constant play with regards to informers and "official" spokesmen from the Camp of Islam in dealing with the kafir. From the looks of the well-tracked Chalabi arc, it seems that he, as a Shiite Muslim, was acting as an informal espionage agent of Iran from the beginning, in his hopes of breaking the Sunni-dominated secular grip on Iraq held by Saddam Hussein and his Ba'athist party, knowing the Bush administration would prove gullible.

So here's an example of what we mean. President George W. Bush opens up a can of worms today in a speech given to the Israeli parliament, rebuffing those who would negotiate with terrorists, suggesting that those who would are suffering a "foolish delusion." We believe that the Bush administration has some gall. We believe that the Bush administration has allied itself with terrorists and their accomplices in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iraq, CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, ISNA, ICNA, and numerous other Muslim groups who speak, shall we say it, in forked tongues, that is to say, under the Islamic spell of taqiyya.

When will the US wake up, and recognize the threat posed by Islamic infiltrators into State, the Pentagon, and elsewhere, as indicated by continued arrests and prosecutions making headlines in a way that never happened during World War II?

Soon, very soon, we hope.


MORE FROM TODAY'S Project archives...

Extermination of Iraqi Artists

One wonders if the website I found this morning in a search for Iraqi work has incriminated these artists who have posted there. The colorful work of these painters is certainly exquisite, if mildly derivative of past Western art movements, but then, the same can be said for most of the contemporary painting populating Western galleries. We however, must not neglect to record our disgust with these code-bound jihadists of every stripe who have crawled out of the rubble of American intervention to murder and oppress their own people, but this is what we are fighting, people, if not over there, then soon in a neighborhood near you. The only strategy left to even the most rigid of peacemakers is the strategy of total victory.

Because this is the jihadist strategy also.

Mohammed Jafaar, Demonstration, acrylic on canvas, 30" X 24", 2006

IRAQI SINGERS, ACTORS, AND ARTISTS are fleeing the country after dozens have been killed by Islamic radicals determined to eradicate all culture associated with the West. Cinemas, art galleries, theatres, and concert halls are being destroyed in grenade and mortar attacks in Basra and Baghdad.

According to the Iraqi Artists' Association, at least 115 singers and 65 actors have been killed since the US-led invasion, as well as 60 painters. But the terror campaign has escalated in recent months as both Shia and Sunni extremists grow ever bolder in enforcing religious restrictions on the citizens of Iraq....

In November Seif Yehia, 23, was beheaded for singing western songs at weddings, and painter Ibraheem Sadoon was shot dead as he drove through Baghdad. In February Sunni fighters killed Waleed Dahi, 27, a young actor, while he rehearsed for a play due to open at the Jordanian National Theatre this month.

Those remaining are in hiding as they make preparations to get themselves and their families to safety.

Haydar Labbeb, 35, a painter in Baghdad, said he had received five death threats and an attempt was made on his life as he drove his family home from a wedding. He is now trying to get to Amman in Jordan, where he hopes to continue painting.

'My art is seen by extremists as too modern and offensive to Islamic beliefs,' he said. 'For them, every painting has to be based on Islamic culture. But I am a modern artist.

Culture was encouraged during Saddam Hussein's regime, but no longer. Abu Nur, an Islamic Army spokesman, said: 'Acting, theatre and television encourage bad behaviour and irreligious attitudes. They promote customs that affect the morality of our traditional society.'

Read it all.

Captured Baathists Reveal Al-Qaeda Context

Let's see. how many moderates can you count here?
Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an infidel scum; Be he live, or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make my bread.

WASHINGTON—Al-Qaeda's big tent. It's been denied, downplayed, hushed, put on ice, overlooked, forgotten, disregarded and omitted from the public record. But a thorough review of open-source material demonstrates conclusive and widespread cooperation between former members of Saddam Hussein's Baathist regime and terrorists from the Iraqi al-Qaeda network. Dozens of former Saddam Hussein loyalists captured by US-led coalition forces in Iraq were found to be working with al-Qaeda or linked to their operations.

  • Muhammed Hila Hammad Ubaydi, aka Abu Ayman, was the former aide to the chief of staff of intelligence during the Saddam regime for 30 years. Ubaydi later led the Secret Islamic Army in the Northern Babil Province and was said to have had strong ties to the former terror leader Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi. He was captured April 6, 2006, in southern Baghdad.
  • Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri is "the former vice chairman of Saddam's Baathist Revolutionary Command Council who swore fealty to Zarqawi and provided funding for al-Qaeda and significant element of the Baathist/al-Qaeda converts and collaborators.
  • Abdel Faith Isa is a former Iraqi army officer who was later identified as an al-Qaeda emir. He was captured May 6, 2004.
  • Read it all.

    Quantum Infidel Has A Plan To Defeat Our Enemies

    Quantum Infidel Remembers His Grandfather's War

    Now is the time for all good men and fighting women also to phase out nation building and to indulge in some steamy quantum theory, a scientific notion perhaps best floated by baseball's Wee Willie Keeler-style, keeping a strong eye, hit 'em where they ain't. I'm speaking of recalibrating the military rules of engagement that guide but mostly constrain our American forces in Iraq, rules of engagement that are closer to the muscle memory that our grandfathers might have used to contain and defeat a heavily armed, despotically inspired mortal enemy:

    • 1) Either destroy ALL or take complete control of ALL state media until the end of occupation. Iraqi history channel, Iraqi Discovery and learning channels, cartoons, no holds barred debates on social issues - 24/7. International news blackout 24/7 - the people of Iraq need to focus on their homeland.
    • 2) Target and and immediately execute any and all Iraqi "leaders" fomenting further armed conflict with occupying American forces. Militant Imams—no such thing.
    • 3) Immediately execute all previous leaders of the Iraqi regime in order to make the point clear that THIS IS PENALTY FOR SHINING YOUR ASS AT THE U.S.
    • 4) Target and wipe out any and every group rising against US military occupation. Our soldiers demand either respect or fear.
    • 5) Total population disarmament. 20 years hard time in a prison of our choice for anyone in possession of automatic firearms. Immediate execution for possession of outlawed ingredients or completed explosives.
    • 6) Always return fire, withering firepower if possible, irrespective of its origin...that includes Mosques. If insurgents want to launch attacks from them, they can die in them.
    • 7) New government or not, that choice to assemble one is up to the people of Iraq, they need no hand holding and will get none.
    • 8) If a new government is formed. Islam insofar as it is a personal faith is to be left in peace to the ordinary people of the land but not one note of it will be in a constitution by and for the ordinary people of Iraq. Sorry but under U.S. occupation, it's a simple request and that's the way it's gonna be.
    • 9) Maybe our children's children will be friends one day but we will never be. Mind your own business, drill and sell your own oil and try to spread it's wealth back into rebuilding your own country. Bear in mind that we will wipe out the Iraqi nation if attacks on American soil originate from Iraq.
    • 10) The rest of the pacifist world can go to hell, have a nice day.

    Maybe, just maybe we would not even be in Iraq if some of these points were followed...whadayathink there Sen. Specter?

    Nhe previous article, or Ten Point Plan, was originally posted by a Jihad Watcher named Quantum Infidel. My response is simple.

    Man, that's one hellava war plan you've got there. Unfortunately, haven't you heard, America prefers to allow its sworn enemies to run around like crybabies (with bombs strapped to their asses), so our soldiers can hug, kiss, and heap phoney praises on the bugga boo boo, when they're not handing out lollipops, and building schools that last a whole week before they are blown up again by these same native insurgents now on the mend. After all, a kinder, gentler conservatism is so much more the will of God than some half-baked or straight out capitulation of the Left.