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Must See Video From Horowitz

Savoring Their Religion  of Peace
Savoring Their Religion of Peace

What Really Happened: Israel has continued to be victimized by the Arabs and the world at large, despite the best intentions of the United Nations, Great Britiain, and her own people after World War II. Check out this video, a well-produced piece by Terrorism Awareness contradicting with detailed fact the foul propaganda of Jimmy Carter and the anti-Israel lobby. Not much news here for the truly informed, but the video is a powerful testament to the absurdity of the thinly veiled quasi-Palestinian argument.

Knowing Jihad: The threat is worldwide and coming to an explosion near you. Forget the mainstream media who raged against the CIA and FBI about missed connections of dots pre-911. Well, the MSM have a more than a few dots of their own they refuse to connect.

The Islamic Mein Kampf: Sure. It's again old news, but our hapless leadership bought and sold by Saudi petro-bribes and our far Left mainstream media watchdogs refuse to recognize that these connections are real, very real, very very dangerous, and very very much at war marching in goosestep or sneaking toward your door and mine. This news needs to be taken seriously. Watch this video. It's a bit weak in terms of not presenting all the wealth pf hard evidence I saw on a History Channel program about these Nazi-Islam connections, but it's a good start for those of you, who have no knowledge on the topic whatsoever.

All three of these videos are produced for the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

The Engine Of Arab Imperialism

Adapted from an amalgam of JW commentators...

Arab Imperialism
Arab Imperialism

Mohammad Khatami said on Saturday that failure of the socialist and nationalist movements have led world people to embrace Islam. So here you have it: The Islamic leadership's own words. Islam—it's not just a religion.

There is much deception and self-deception with Islam. Islam is an imperialist rationalization system which resulted in the Arab Empire, the Ottoman Empire and the colonialism that resulted in Islamic presence in Slavic regions of Europe, in India, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. When are they leaving Kosovo? When are they giving Constantinople back to the Greeks? The Arabs were and are at present extensively involved in the African Negro slave trade. So the question we must ask ourselves is this: when are Islamic Imperialists going to apologize for and cease their exploitation and destruction of the many indigenous cultures and peoples across this huge swath of the planet?

Practically every other group that has engaged in Imperialist-Empire activity have apologized for their Imperialist rationalization systems that permitted the subduing and exploitation of others. It's time for the Arabs (and Turks) to apologize for their Imperialist systems, and stop glossing over and rewriting history (as all imperialists do) to sanitize their Imperialism to show everyone its essential "tolerance".

The truth is that Islam is, at its core, the Engine of Arab Imperialism. Islam should be studied as an Imperialist rationalization system.

Early on the Muslim Brotherhood embraced Socialism as a "vehicle" for spreading Islam and a system of governance for Islamic rule. The SS General's students were of the founders of the popular modern movement which advocated against it and chose to turn to more pure Islam which is believed to be a perfect form of Religion and Government in and of itself. This is part of the reason why those among us should constantly write elected officials protesting them allowing a Foreign Govt [Saudi] to build mosques and support their STATE RELIGION which is also setting up centers for future Islamic Rule in America. The process is a clear violation of US Constitution and a direct subversive act against the Government of the United States. It is NOT a freedom of religion nor a freedom of speech issue. The mosques are being set up for future Islamic rule. Islam IS Government.

The principals of Hitlerian-Gobbles style propaganda, the "spiritual terror" tactics of "a barrage of lies and intimidation" against any critic while at the same time lauding moderate "weaklings" (as Hitler called them), also includes never admitting any wrong and constantly accusing others of the tactics one engages in in an overall "big lie" strategy (as per Gobbles) . The methods of "spiritual terror" (lies, slander, law suits, stunts) and physical terror (cartoon rage) are no accidents in the Islamic world. People like the psychotic in Iran, as well as other demented Muslims, are well acquainted with Mein Kampf and the theories of Goebbels. We should harbor no doubt of it.

The fact that Mein Kampf is as popular as the Quran in the Mideast is a good reason to take a close look at Hitler's book. It is also time to study the propaganda methods of Goebbels, especially Goebbels' ideas on the intimidation of opposition, and the manipulation of "the masses".

Europe In Bitter Conflict With Itself

Oriana Fallaci

The following piece, posted to Dhimmi Watch by a contributor named Wimbledon Womble, buttresses the sorry state of affairs Europe finds itself in the wake of two events. One concerns an anti-sharia rally set for September 11, being banned in Brussels by its Socialist mayor Freddy Thielemans. The other event talking place just a few miles away in the Netherlands offers another take on things as the Dutch populist MP Geert Wilders suggests that the Koran should be banned as a “fascist book” alongside Mein Kampf because it urges Muslims to kill non-believers. WW's analysis:

Europeans walk a fine line between defense of free speech and curtailing of free speech. Unlike the US, you see books banned, speech banned, etc. in many European countries. It's usually hateful things, like Mein Kampf, but lately it's been used to ban other things like some of the late Oriana Fallaci's books that do not advocate genocide. I think maybe they should just not try to ban anything at all, even hateful things, as it is in the US. Although, even in the US, we know that flushing Korans down the toilet is a hate crime, while putting a crucifix in urine is art.

Certainly, though, the internal contradictions are reaching a boiling point. On a day when one Dutch politician calls for banning the Koran, something that would never stand a chance in hell of being banned, an anti-sharia rally is banned. If anti-sharia rallies can be banned, and if Mein Kampf is banned, then why not the Koran? It's pretty selective application of anti-hate speech/writing laws. Either ban everything that can reasonably be construed as hate-filled by a large group of people or don't try to ban anything, and let all ideas out, so that people can make up their mind.

But Europe is paternalistic and hypocritical and pro-Islam in many ways, which is the kind of thing CAIR is trying to bring to the US as step one in sharia-fication of America. Europe doesn't need CAIR, though, to bring this about. The Eurocrats themselves are doing the same job in Europe that CAIR does in the US.

Books In The Marketplace

Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch website, tracking the outrages of Islam that take place on a daily basis globally, has been growing daily for several years now. For anyone wishing to strike through the dense fog and thistle of the discredited notion of political correctness to discover the real war the West is fighting against Islam, Robert Spencer continues to press onward with a calm demeanor and clear rhetoric outlining the dangers of Qu'ran-inspired Islamic aggression, past and present.

And now, as he is beginning to make more personal appearances in the maintream media to voice his opinions in debate with representatives from so-called moderates such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), he has had his most recent book THE TRUTH ABOUT MUHAMMAD banned by the Pakistani government. That government has confiscated all copies and translations of the book because it contains "objectionable material" about the founder of Islam, said a notification.

I suppose Musharraf had no problem with this latest outrage since he is less an ally to the United States and more simply a Muslim opportunist trying to keep his life and his job as President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the number six best-selling book currently in Palestine is an Arabic translation of Hitler’s Mein Kampf according to the Telegraph in the UK. The book is also on sale in London's Edgware section, an area with a large Arab population.