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Oi! Oi! Oi!

THERE IS A REASON we do not develop our own energy resources...they are being held as collateral for our massive debts held by foreign countries. When we default you will see Chinese oils workers, miners, and other energy related workers showing up in the USA. They will live in separate autonomous communities apart from us, just like they are doing in Africa.

We are destined to be a resource of the Chinese with our population being irrelevant. In order to create a new world order, the largest pool of free thinking people has to be destroyed.

If you think me insane, look to Iraq. The Chinese are drilling for oil there, the USA is not. We have given them the oil as long as they give us loans. The government, Republicans and Democrats alike, have sold us out. Look on line to find the transcript of the speech given by Chinese General Chi Haotian to see the future the Chinese envision for us.


That's an interesting take on things. But man, does it make me say ouch! I wonder how a President Palin, or a President Trump, God help us, might supercede this arrangement.

Why the Media Blackout On New Energy Breakthrough?

CHEAPER ELECTRICITY OUGHT TO BE a topic of interest, you might think. But because the media is pushing uneconomical "green" technologies, you probably haven't heard of the discoveries which promise to make electricity generated by natural gas cheaper.

Since 1992 the U.S. DOE has "invested" hundreds of millions of dollars into clean-burning, efficient "combined cycle" natural gas turbines made by GE and Westinghouse to power dynamos in central electricity generation stations.

GE? I saw these massive generators being built for South American installations in person at a General Electric Jacksonville, FL plant. A very clever highschool friend whom I was visiting at the time, built these awesome generators. I was impressed. Hamfisted and dreamy-eyed myself, I'd always considered Freddy Wilson a bona fide mechanical genius (after his dad), and now he was clearly proving how far he had come since taking apart every nut, bolt, spring, belt, and thingamajig rusted stubbornly into a 1960s AMC Rambler to then scrape, clean, drill, bore out, reshear, repaint, and finally reassemble a shiny spanking hot muscle rider whose poor white walls only lasted three, four weeks, month after month, until he would eagerly move on to another mechanical post-scholastic feat. He took a job at the Jax plant right out of highschool. Twenty years later he was still there, shop steward, I heard. With the woes and wranglings GE has experienced the last decade or so I would guess my friend has retired or has started a second career, tweaking some knuckle-skinning machine I'd wager.

But why is GE and Jeffrey Immelt now siding up to wind mills and disregarding this proven, more robust, and yes, clean technology?

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Anthropomorphic Climate Change: A Hoax By Any Other Name

Ukraine pollution, Ukraine industry
Ukraine Pollution
NAME THAT TREND. Catastrophic Climate Disruption. Anthropogenic Global Warming. Man-Caused Climate Change. The Hoax that couldn't shoot straight. Al Gore's Ticket To Ride. The worst part of all this mayhem is in the whole of geological history we know there really are climate CYCLES.

They are periodic and can be loosely predicted. There are cycles within cycles—so that within a 90 year major cooling cycle you will have a lesser 45 year warming cycle and a lesser 45 year warming cycle, but the overall trend is still one of cooling. I wish we had graphics here—picture two circles, touching so that they look like a plump figure 8 on its side. One represents 90 years of coolong, the other 90 years of warming. Within each is another figure 8 representing 45 year cycles. Within those are figure 8s of roughly 11 year cycles.

"I saw this diagram in a popular magazine back in 1985 0r '86—written by a scientist—I have been unable to find it again, but I sure remember it."

There is abundant data showing these cycles are tied to the sun's cyclic activity and sun spots. The sun is the planet's major source of energy.

Because 45 and 11 year cycles fall within normal human lifespans, many people notice temperature patterns when they stop to think about them—like the ten years in the late 60s-early 70s when Ann Arbor, MI had little or no snow (it sure ended when we moved there and had to buy a snowblower for our tractor.) Farmers and ranchers are particularly sensitive to these patterns as they have to plan ahead. Honest scientific research and data gathering has documented these cycles into prehistoric times.

We find it reprehensible that James Hansen at NASA turns a blind eye to this truth along with many other scientists. There is no way human activity caused past climate cycles and this can be extrapolated into the future. It is Anthropomorphic Climate Change that is the lie. The more honest truth is that human activity can and does cause messes in the form of regional pollution and combustible garbage, easily recognized, well-documented and fixable.

This Anthropomorphic Climate Change scam is keeping folks from buckling down in cleaning up our regional nests and preparing for some real weather challenges, which may or may not occur exactly as partisan experts predict. Scientists of this order have left their original calling in becoming the henchmen of government ideologues. Sadly, these environmental hijinx are happening in conjunction with the US and global economies being destroyed by greedy governments preparing to cash in on new industries they have incentivized.

Make No Mistake About It

THE UNITED STATES MUST CHECK ITS SENTIMENTALITY at the door, shake loose of the leftist solipsisms and get down to the mature and necessary business of clarifying our geo-political relationships across the globe. Again we must consider the Red China redux.

Militarily: Restore the military's inventories of weapons to sufficient levels, replace obsolete weapons (with F-35s, Virginia class subs, etc.), and equip the U.S. military to protect the U.S. and its allies against Communist China. This must include a national missile defense system capable of intercepting all Chinese missiles, cyber defenses, and modernized minesweepers. Congress should also refuse to reduce total defense spending. America's global military deployments should be reconsidered and realigned with the 21st-century threat environment.

Economically: Protect the American industry with strict product quality standards and export-import certificates to end America's large annual trade deficits. Also reform the tax code to prevent corporations from fleeing abroad (e.g., to China); abolish all bans on drilling for oil and natural gas to ensure plentiful, cheap energy for the U.S. economy; and reopen America's mines of rare-earth minerals.

Diplomatically: Strive for good relations with China's neighbors, recognize their territorial claims rather than China's, and establish an Asian NATO to bring America's Asian allies and partners together against China and North Korea. Sell weapons to China's foes.

Morally: Speak out for Chinese dissidents and label the criminal Chinese regime as such. Link Sino-American relations to China's human rights record. Ronald Reagan did so throughout the 1980s: he recognized the USSR as an evil empire, publicly called it such, and used the moral lever to win the struggle against the Soviet Union. Today's American officials should do the same vis-à-vis China, the new Evil Empire.

Solar Energy On My Mind

I SAW THIS SOLAR TECHNOLOGY ON TV, and my first thought was, ‘I want that for my bunker, but it's probably some flimsy worthless scam.’

So far, my online research hasn't churned up any dissenting opinions, but plenty of cookie cutter touts of this gadgetry. The My Solar Backup generator operates solely off the sun's thermal energy, and supposedly, can even charge while one is using it. Topping out at 1,800 watts of power which should be ample for most mid-sized homes, what are some of the reasons why one might balk at this green solution.

Well, despite the much hyped feel-good demand for green power, it is both and expensive and dirty business. Right now this company has a deal where they've dropped the price from $2,097 to $1,597, but that is definitely a lot considering you can buy a gas powered generator that generates 2,000 watts of power for about $200…

Having just moved to the Virginia Blue Ridge outback I have yet to be without power in an emergency situation but if one can afford the price tag and have a burning desire to install an eco-friendly source of back-up energy, this technology appears to be an excellent choice.

Electromagnetic Pulse Over America

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Bomb Threat
Dear Gabriel,

Yesterday an op-ed by ACT! for America president Brigitte Gabriel, about the recent Gaza Flotilla incident, appeared in The Washington Times (see below). While much of the world raged at Israel's legal right to enforce the blockade of Gaza, Iran continued its headlong march toward acquiring nuclear weapons. We believe one of Iran's goals is to use nuclear weapons to initiate an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack on the U.S. We discussed this in several emails about a year ago.

TONIGHT AT 6:00 EDT a program about the EMP threat, entitled "Electronic Armageddon," will air on the National Geographic channel.

WHILE WORLD MEDIA AND PUBLIC ATTENTION is focused on the Israel-"Freedom Flotilla" incident, Iranian mullahs in Tehran are celebrating their brilliant war strategy in advancing their nuclear program. As world-renowned masters of the game of chess, Iranian mullahs can add "strategic marketing, public relations and media planning" to their resume.

Iran, anticipating a damning report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) revealing Iran has more than 2 tons of enriched uranium (two warheads' worth), had been actively working with Israel's enemies to divert world attention away from the alarming findings. The IAEA report, released on May 31, the day of the raid, was virtually unreported by the media, as all eyes had turned to Israel and Gaza.

Iran is manipulating operations in the Middle East and building alliances with like-minded jihadists driven by the same goal. Iran's strategic operations surrounding Israel include setting up bases of operation and creating controlled and planned conflicts as part of a bigger strategy not only to suffocate Israel but also to distract the world community from its own nuclear development plans.

Iran began building its base in Lebanon in 1982 with the creation of Hezbollah. By combining nearly 10 Islamic terror groups that shared the same ideology as Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Iran created a proxy Iranian army on Israel's northern border. After the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, Iran seized the opportunity to extend a helping hand to Hamas, a Sunni group that shares the Iranian Shi'ite leadership's aspiration to wipe Israel off the map.

As evidenced by weapons and material recovered from the ship MV Francop in November 2009, Iran is not a stranger to using the high seas as a way to smuggle weapons to Hezbollah and Hamas.

Super solar storm On the solar front, the big fear is a solar super storm, a large, fast, coronal mass ejection with a magnetic field that lines up with an orientation perfectly opposite the Earth's own magnetic field, says solar physicist Bruce Tsurutani of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. Although the physics underlying the geomagnetic and nuclear pulses are fundamentally the same, they have different solutions. A geomagnetic storm essentially produces a long-building surge dangerous to power lines and large transformers. A nuclear blast produces three waves of pulses. Limiting the risk from the geomagnetic-storm-type threat involves stockpiling large transformers and installing dampers, essentially lightning rods, to dump surges into the ground from the grid. Even if such steps cost billions, the numbers come out looking reasonable compared with the $119 billion that a 2005 Electric Power Research Institute report estimated was the total nationwide cost of normal blackouts every year. "EMP is one of a small number of threats that can hold our society at risk of catastrophic consequences," Graham testified to a congressional committee last year, endorsing such mitigation steps.
—Dan Vergano, USA TODAY
Iran has been working with North Korea, Syria, China and Russia and is actively courting Turkey to create a counterbalance to American power in the Middle East. A Russian submarine flying an Iranian flag docked in Beirut last month, where what is believed to be chemical weapons were unloaded by people wearing "hazmat" or chemical warfare suits. Syria, working with Iran, has supplied Hezbollah with Scud missiles able to reach all of Israel. Iran's plans for Israel are as clear as the writing on the wall.

This summer could easily reprise the war of 2006, when Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon opened a two-front confrontation against Israel, sparked by Hamas' and Hezbollah's kidnapping of Israeli soldiers. The conflict dragged Israel into an all-out war with Lebanon, and Iran and Syria were content to pull the puppet strings.

As a result of the flotilla incident, a Syrian television show already has called for suicide bombers to attack Israel; the head of the Palestinian Islamic council on Lebanon is calling for the kidnapping of Israelis; the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is calling for withdrawal from the Arab Peace Initiative; and the Muslim Union of Islamic scholars is calling for the cancellation of all peace agreements with Israel.

And who is talking about the IAEA report of Iran having two nuclear warheads' worth of enriched uranium? Virtually nobody.

Score: Iran: 1, Israel/America/IAEA, 0.

You can hear the laughter all the way from Tehran.

The flotilla incident is nothing more than a spark in a larger web of explosives set and organized by Iran and is the first step toward accomplishing Iran's ultimate goals. First, create whatever distraction is necessary, preferably one that inflames world hatred of Israel, to buy time to finish the bomb. Second, attain the bomb and become the Islamic superpower of the world, with the ability to wipe Israel off the map. This will usher in a new era of hegemony in the Middle East.

The stakes are high, and time is running out. Western governments must stand together against Iran and the new axis of tyrannical power that is developing. While it is Israel that will soon face a nuclear-armed Iran, in the long term, it will be Europe and America facing an Iran capable of projecting its totalitarian ideology across the globe.

Brigitte Gabriel is author of "Because They Hate" and "They Must Be Stopped" (St. Martin's Press, 2006 and 2008). She is the president of

Blood For Oil Gone Awry

Iraqi Oil, American Blood
Isn't this the sorriest of outcomes with the loss of American blood and treasure in Iraq—to be scooped by the yen-manipulating Chinese and the increasingly belligerent Islamic Turks? Can someone tell us how much oil are we now getting from Iraq? Word is China has also bought into the Alberta Oil Sands, a major supply to the US, while the libs scream for a boycott of Canadian "dirty" oil..

Fred Kagan writes in No Blood For Oil:

One would have thought that leading Democratic senators who claim to be interested in finding other sources of funding to replace American dollars in Iraq, in helping Iraq spend its own money on its own people, and in lowering the price of gasoline for American citizens, would have been all for it. Instead, Senators Chuck Schumer, John Kerry, and Claire McCaskill wrote a letter to Secretary of State Condi Rice asking her "to persuade the GOI [Government of Iraq] to refrain from signing contracts with multinational oil companies until a hydrocarbon law is in effect in Iraq." The Bush administration wisely refused to do so, but the resulting media hooraw in Iraq led to the cancellation of the contracts, and helps to explain why Iraq is doing oil deals instead with China.

Go figure...

CNOOC Ltd., the Hong Kong-listed unit of China National Offshore Oil Corp. has partnered with the state-run Turkish Petroleum Corp. (TPAO) to win a contract with Iraq to develop the lucrative Missan oil-field in southern Iraq, marking CNOOC's first upstream access to Iraqi oil following its two major rivals, CNPC and Sinopec.

According to CNOOC, the 20-year contract includes an increase of Missan's production capacity to 450,000 barrels per day from the current 100,000 barrels a day within six years. CNOOC has agreed to price every additional barrel of oil produced after capacity rises by 10 percent at US$ 2.30.

CNOOC will be the operator and hold 63.75 percent of the interest. TPAO will have 11.25 percent interest while an Iraqi drilling company will hold the remaining 25 percent....

The other two major Chinese oil companies, CNPC and Sinopec, have also gained a foothold in the Iraqi oil industry. In November 2008, CNPC and China North Industries Corp. set up a joint venture and signed a 20-year development contract for Al-Ahdab Oilfield....