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The Poetry Of Dust To Dust, Osama Is Dead

Osama Bin Laden
Osama Bin Laden
THE CELEBRATION AND GENERAL REPORTAGE of Osama bin Laden is an American moment and an international swatch, because the bin Laden operatives murdered hundreds of Republicans, Democrats, Winsome Wingnuts, various Christians, Jews, Muslims and a conflagration of other travelers and players, all educated and dramatized for the Cause in different flavors and cultural contexts on that fateful date—September 11, 2001.

And it goes without saying that the Media Left's clownish bias is showing up once again with typical hubris and vitriol, while the Right, say WE THE PEOPLE, stays in their spirit-branded patriot's box, giving credit where credit is due—to the flesh and blood military, not the aloof, patently cold-blooded president, who typically fails not to deny himself a lion's share of the "strategery" which finally flushed out, then snuffed out the patriarch of al-Qaeda with a bullet in the head achieved over the body of a servile woman "the illustrious Islamic warrior" had grabbed in the heat of combat for protection.

But there are serious issues with the"official" version of this happy killing, subsequent burial, and speechmaker's spin that reek of typical Obama handling of American moments...

Yep, to have become one is to become one. Some say so many mysteries in the making, the faking, the forsaking of an (fill-in-the-blank) president...carnival barkers need not apply.

Bin Laden buried at sea? Junior needs to pony up with a few unarguable facts. Yes, I know that facts no longer exist, but let's be audacious here for a moment. Is the Donald now not off the front pages? Ah, the famous Clinton wag, it's the latest new dance craze (from the fink and folly think tanks of your nearest wink and wear all too weary political campus...

"My how big your teeth are!" exclaimed Little Red Riding Hood, now retro-fitted and color-matched to one of Henry Ford's shiny new Model-T, oops that's haraam, no crosses in Islam, to a burqa, one size fits all, while DEATH TO THE INFIDEL, belloweth the wolf in sheep's metal...

May we please insist upon the choice of congressman and retired Colonel Allen West for president, VP minimum? I see where the brains behind Obama is positioning General David "Don't Burn the Qu'ran, Somebody Might Get Hurt" Petraeus for successorship or at least floating him in torqued readiness to neutralize West, if something goes awry with the Obama campaign.

If accused, I'll just have to admit that despite the consequences of my acts, this is just the initial phase of those nasty thoughts I intuit behind all these latest White House maneuverers.

Hey Martha, where's that aluminum foil you saved from the lasagna last night. I need a greasy new metallic hat 'cos my last one was struck by lightening, leaving me these seven scabs I have now on my head, but I ain't done. Fact is, Martha dear, I'm just getting started.

Dust to dust, Osama is dead. End of poetic justice. Now, let's get down to the nuts and bolts of saving western civilization from dar al-Harb. We can start by abandoning the Middle East, and the Camp of Islam to fend for itself. Returning to America first, we must strengthen ourselves, right and left, right and wrong, hawks and doves for the real war which is churlishly creeping into our lands and our homes...

And I'm an optimist. Peace will follow. But I have a feeling the dark prince of butchery, mankind put into his proper place, once again, will not be neglected. We have all heard the false prophets of peace in the market who all promise—ALL IS FINE. Just move along, folks, all is fine.

Reminds me of a talking donkey.

Bang Bang, Now Quiet Down

QA'DAFFI IN BRISK FLOWING ROBES with Scandanavian joy nurses wrapped around his arm? Libya in ruins, or not? Pirates of the high seas with an "all gain no pain" boating lifestyle? Boom boom Pakistan's cesspool of a nation demanding more jizra? Another moonlight sonata serving us up another round of International madness, et cetera...

For my entire life, which began in 1945, the west has allowed itself to be bullied by the tin pots of the world. Every oil field we've developed has been nationalized. Every technology we've developed has been given away. Every intellectual property has been stolen. And now we even have the pathetic screenplay of savages, armed with pea shooters, pirating the unarmed vessels of the enfeebled civilized world. It's as if we've become victims on purpose, in a futile fantasy to have the barbarians like us. If Libya is a festering sore on the southern border of Europe, what then is Mexico on the southern border of the U.S.?

I think it's beyond time for us to body slam a few bullies. If we've learned nothing else in the last 65 years it should be that fighting to a stalemate is no different than tucking your tail. Both results leave your enemy standing. Both results teach your enemies, even the ones you haven't engaged, that you are simply not serious about defending yourself.

Well said!

Saving Our Republic

The Constitution of the United States of America

We take pause at the burning question of what type of government is best-suited to protect the rights of individuals, and to structure society and enforce norms so as to insure the benefits of liberty and justice to its citizens in times of crisis such as our own.

The most noble, most effective attempt to address this question in the history of the world was the Constitutional Convention of 1787. These men, drawn forth as dutiful representatives of their respective homelands recently bound together to form a conceived new nation, admitted that the US Constitution had flaws, but the flaws were the result of compromising opposing principles.

The US Constitution, more than anything else, is the bulwark Americans of each generation have to boast against totalitarianism and authoritarianism in any form. It is not perfect or especially efficient in times of sinister approach, but it has served us for well over two hundred years despite having enemies both domestic and abroad. Yet, it is simply the best set of reasonable principles we have to guide this great nation forward right now...

One of the major areas of argument brought out by the Federalist Papers was the power of a government to protect its own existence. The revolutionaries argued that a government ought to be subject to change occasionally. The framers argued that a government that cannot guarantee its own existence does not have the power to protect its citizens.

As has been often repeated, the US Constitution is not a suicide pact.

And so, the US government has the power to protect its own existence. This principle serves us as protection against the extra-legal authority of the UN, the World Court, some variant of the European Union, or any other opposing body. The US government simply does not have the power, nor the right, to make commitments which would impede its power to protect itself.

In the American republic its citizens are bestowed with rights and proper powers we need to protect ourselves against uncriticized and unchecked Islamic immigration, which represents a dire threat to our form of government. Enough already of the talk about moral equivalencies which is nothing but straw man establishments. Laws to fight our nation's enemies do not even need to be logically consistent with the laws of our daily inheritance. Why not? Is it not perfectly plain that no body of laws created by men to rule men has ever formed a perfect consistency? No. That is why we seek a more perfect union within this bounty of freedom and liberty with justice for all...

War is war. Or to put it another way, from the Mohammedan mouth, "War is deceit!" And while we might argue that Art is the creation of beauty and truth, originality and transcendence, much the same, we weep, is war.


Rage Against The Machines

Brigitte Gabriel warns unless U.S. starts profiling, nation is vulnerable.

brigitte gabriel
Brigitte Gabriel - Leading Expert on Global Terrorism

A TOP TERRORISM EXPERT SAYS the invasive screening procedures demanded by the Obama-run Transportation Security Administration would do almost nothing to stop a determined terrorist because they already are experimenting with inserting explosives in a body cavity or even surgically implanting the destructive charges.

The comments come from Brigitte Gabriel, who is the founder of Act! For America, a 150,000-strong group that works to warn Americans against the dangers of militant Islam and the Muslims who follow it. She also is a member of the board of advisers for the Intelligence Summit, and she lectures internationally on global terrorism. The issue has hit a flashpoint in the last few days as newly installed TSA procedures demand that airline passengers submit to a full-body scanning machine that generates an essentially nude image of the passenger for TSA workers to see, or a full-body pat-down that includes what critics have called "groping" of private parts of the body.

"These procedures are not effective at all with terrorists," Gabriel told WND in an interview today. "If a true terrorist wants to go blow up an airplane, these machines will not detect it." She said like drug dealers already have proven, substances hidden inside body cavities or even embedded surgically remain undetected by any or all of the TSA's procedures.

"If al-Qaida is planning against the U.S. multiple attacks in a day, in multiple airplanes, it could duplicate 9/11," she told WND. "Al-Qaida is testing inserting breast implants, stuffing breast implants with explosives. A woman then could go into an airplane restroom and use a syringe similar to those used by diabetic patients to trigger an explosion that would disintegrate a modern jet."

"This is what al-Qaida is resorting to, and they're exploring surgery for men," she warned. "They want to implant explosives inside the body.

"Terrorists are conditioned and trained to blow themselves up, to become suicide bombers," she said. "They are ready to die to go to heaven to meet Allah."

It was last February that the special intelligence report Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin documented the same circumstances Gabriel described. At that time, it was revealed in the special report that intelligence agents for Britain's MI5 service found that Muslim doctors trained at some of Britain's leading teaching hospitals had returned to their own countries to fit surgical implants filled with explosives. The report documented that women suicide bombers recruited by al-Qaida were known to have had the explosives inserted in their breasts under techniques similar to breast enhancing surgery. The lethal explosives—usually PETN (pentaerythritol Tetrabitrate)—are inserted during the operation inside the plastic shapes. The breast is then sewn up.

The report said similar surgery has been performed on male suicide bombers. In their cases, the explosives are inserted in the appendix area or in a buttock. Both are parts of the body that diabetics use to inject themselves with their prescribed drugs. The report at the time quoted Jonathan Evans, head of MI5, saying, "Properly inserted the implant would be virtually impossible to detect by the usual airport scanning machines. You would need to subject a suspect to a sophisticated X-ray. Given that the explosive would be inserted in a sealed plastic sachet, and would be a small amount, would make it all the more impossible to spot it with the usual body scanner."

Experts confirmed in the report that a sachet containing as little as five ounces of PETN when activated would blow "a considerable hole" in a jet airliner, guaranteeing a crash.

Gabriel, who has addressed former Australian Prime Minister John Howard, members of Congress, the Joint Forces Staff College, the U.S. Special Operations Command, the FBI and members of the British Parliament, said the only accurate way to spot terrorists is to use the profiling techniques used in Israel, which despite being a major target for terrorism, has a substantially safe airline industry.

"They know how to profile, ask the right questions. This is what it's going to take," she said. "We need to throw political correctness in the garbage where it belongs. This is the time for the public to rise up and demand public officials to come up with ways to identity the threats by name."

Gabriel, who is author of the New York Times best-seller "Because they hate: A survivor of Islamic terror warns America," and "They Must Be Stopped: Why we must defeat radical Islam and how we can do it," was a news anchor for "World News," the Arabic evening news broadcast for Middle East Television seen throughout Israel, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. She covered the Israeli withdrawal from Central Lebanon, the Israeli Security Zone and the Palestinian uprising in the West Bank and Gaza. Her work was international in scope, bringing her in contact with world figures such as Margaret Thatcher, George H. Bush Sr., Itshak Rabin, Shimon Perez and Ariel Sharon.

She moved to the U.S. in 1989 and founded a television production company that worked with "The Today Show," "Oprah," "Dr. Phil" and others. She told WND in Israel, terror experts are trained to watch for eye movements, breathing rates and other physical indicators that a "passenger" is more than just that. Even something as simple as a cologne or perfume can be an indicator, she said, because terrorists essentially are preparing themselves to enter heaven. Those factors can pinpoint a potential terrorist whether they are dark-skinned and named Mohammed or they are six-foot-tall, blue-eyed, blonde holders of American passports, she said.

The current TSA demands "insult our intelligence," she said. "It's nothing more than window dressing. The American public must come together and revolt against these procedures. The Obama administration has failed in identifying our problem. The administration is not paying attention to terrorism." She called out Obama even for his decisions to eradicate references such as "Islamic terrorist," "jihad" and "Islamic radicals" from the speech of the government.

"How on earth can we win against the jihadists if we are afraid to identify them by name," she said.

By Bob Unruh

A Muslim Victim Of 9/11

NYC Fireman on September 11
Dear Gabriel,

We know there are many Muslims in America who do not subscribe to the ideology of political Islam, the advance of jihad, and the imposition of imperialist sharia law.

This past Sunday, a courageous Muslim spoke out against the Ground Zero Mosque in a column in the Washington Post (see below).

The buzzing opposition to this repugnant Ground Zero Mosque continues to grow, with some polls show opposition now over 60%. Even mainstream media coverage continues to grow.

This has become, and rightly so, a high-profile national issue, which is why we continue to burn the eyelids on it. Islamists and their politically correct Leftist allies are desperately trying to smear anyone who opposes the Ground Zero Mosque. They know they are losing the national debate on this. And on Saturday, the New York City bus company is censoring a media campaign about the Ground Zero Mosque initiated by Pamela Geller.

The Ground Zero Mosque is not a done deal. We must keep the pressure on!


A Muslim victim of 9/11: 'Build your mosque somewhere else'

By Neda Bolourchi
Sunday, August 8, 2010

But a mosque near Ground Zero will not move this conversation forward. There were many mosques in the United States before Sept. 11; their mere existence did not bring cross-cultural understanding. The proposed center in New York may be heralded as a peace offering—may genuinely seek to focus on “promoting integration, tolerance of difference and community cohesion through arts and culture,” as its Web site declares—but I fear that over time, it will cultivate a fundamentalist version of the Muslim faith, embracing those who share such beliefs and hating those who do not.
I have no grave site to visit, no place to bring my mother her favorite yellow flowers, no spot where I can hold my weary heart close to her. All I have is Ground Zero.

On the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001, I watched as terrorists slammed United Flight 175 into the South Tower of the World Trade Center, 18 minutes after their accomplices on another hijacked plane hit the North Tower.

From the first memorial ceremonies I attended at Ground Zero, I have always been moved by the site; it means something to be close to where my mother may be buried, it brings some peace. That is why the prospect of a mosque near Ground Zero—or a church or a synagogue or any religious or nationalistic monument or symbol—troubles me.

I was born in pre-revolutionary Iran. My family led a largely secular existence—I did not attend a religious school, I never wore a headscarf—but for us, as for anyone there, Islam was part of our heritage, our culture, our entire lives. Though I have nothing but contempt for the fanaticism that propelled the terrorists to carry out their murderous attacks on Sept. 11, I still have great respect for the faith. Yet, I worry that the construction of the Cordoba House Islamic cultural center near the World Trade Center site would not promote tolerance or understanding; I fear it would become a symbol of victory for militant Muslims around the world.

When I am asked about the people who murdered my mother, I try to hold back my anger. I try to have a more spiritual perspective. I tell myself that perhaps what happened was meant to happen—that it was my mother's destiny to perish this way. I try to take solace in the notion that her death has forced a much-needed conversation and reevaluation of the role of religion in the Muslim community, of the duties and obligations that the faith imposes and of its impact on the non-Muslim world.

But a mosque near Ground Zero will not move this conversation forward. There were many mosques in the United States before Sept. 11; their mere existence did not bring cross-cultural understanding. The proposed center in New York may be heralded as a peace offering—may genuinely seek to focus on "promoting integration, tolerance of difference and community cohesion through arts and culture," as its Web site declares—but I fear that over time, it will cultivate a fundamentalist version of the Muslim faith, embracing those who share such beliefs and hating those who do not.

The Sept. 11 attacks were the product of a hateful ideology that the perpetrators were willing to die for. They believed that all non-Muslims are infidels and that the duty of Muslims is to renounce them. I am not a theologian, but I know that the men who killed my mother carried this message in their hearts and minds. Obedient and dutiful soldiers, they marched toward their promised rewards in heaven with utter disregard for the value of the human beings they killed.

I know Ground Zero is not mine alone; I must share this sanctuary with tourists, politicians, anyone who chooses to come, whatever their motivations or intentions. But a mosque nearby—even a proposed one—is already transforming the site from a sacred ground for reflection, so desperately needed by the families who lost loved ones, to a battleground for religious and political ideologies. So many people from different nationalities and religions were killed that day. This site should be a neutral place for all to come in peace and remember. I believe my mother would have thought so as well.

Islam Burka Slaves
Islam Burka Slaves
The Iranian revolution compelled my family to flee to America when I was 12 years old. Yet, just over two decades later, the militant version of our faith caught up with us on a September morning. I still identify as a Muslim. When you are born into a Muslim family, there is no way around it, no choices available: You are Muslim. I am not ashamed of my faith, but I am ashamed of what is done in its name.

On the day I left Ground Zero shortly after the tragedy, I felt that I was abandoning my mother. It was like being forced to leave the bedside of a loved one who is dying, knowing you will never see her again. But I felt the love and respect of all those around me there, and it reassured me that she was being left in good hands. Since I cannot visit New York as often as I would like, I at least want to know that my mother can rest in peace.

I do not like harboring resentment or anger, but I do not want the death of my mother—my best friend, my hero, my strength, my love—to become even more politicized than it already is. To the supporters of this new Islamic cultural center, I must ask: Build your ideological monument somewhere else, far from my mother's grave, and let her rest.

Neda Bolourchi lives in Los Angeles.

Parsing The Failed State Conundrum

      Democracy don’t rule the world,
      You’d better get that in your head.
      This world is ruled by violence
      But I guess that’s better left unsaid.

      Bob Dylan

      "Politics should be the part-time
      profession of every citizen who would
      protect the rights and privileges of free
      people and who would preserve what is
      good and fruitful in our national heritage."

      Lucille Ball

Another formidable essay by Hugh Fitzgerald at Jihad Watch...

The Late Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran
FOR SEVEN YEARS, SUCCESSIVE American administrations have squandered men, money, materiel, morale (both civilian and military) in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan-Pakistan, wars whose goals—something to do with keeping or making these places unified, prosperous, and above all, preventing them from becoming "failed states" (a strange new and fashionable phrase, that is never defined but simply employed as if its significance were obvious) because then, you see, it doth follow as the night the day that as "failed states" they will become putty in the hands of Al Qaeda, which will move in, lock stock and barrel, and the United States will be unable to do a thing about it, then or at any time in the future.

Meanwhile, Muslims attack and kill non-Muslims in the southern Philippines and southern Thailand; the ISI-backed terrorist groups, slightly quieter after the Mumbai murders, have not been disbanded or weakened in any way by the Pakistani military; the zamindars and generals still share power and still exhibit the same sly meretriciousness toward the Americans as they inveigle ever greater amounts of military equipment, and money, and keep on producing weapons-grade plutonium, that is essentially paid for by American taxpayers. Saudi Arabia continues to spend its tens of billions all over the world paying for mosques, madrasas, campaigns of Da'wa, and propaganda churned out, in part, by armies of Western hirelings, some directly and some indirectly employed on behalf of Saudi Arabia and Islam; in American universities Muslims hire and promote each other, or the occasional non-Muslim willing collaborator, in academic departments devoted to the Middle East or to Islam, and in some Ivy League schools, there have been disturbing reports as to how one or two Muslim faculty members can prevent any open discussion of Islam in its historical context, or subject it to scholarly (i.e., unworshipful) study, and they can do this, sometimes, by even threatening to call on local Muslims to enforce such a ban.

The peoples of Western Europe are now enduring, or suffering, the consequences not of undifferentiated "immigration" but. rather, of Muslim immigration—and the American press hardly begins to touch this topic, to sink beneath the surface of things, and everywhere, the indigenous Europeans regret bitterly the heedlessness of their own political and media elites in allowing in so many Musims over just a short time—the last 20-30 years—and the fact that, because of this large-scale Muslim presence, life for those indigenous non-Muslims who live in societies,and countries, created entirely by non-Muslims (and none of their artistic, literary, musical achievements or political and religious freedoms for one minute conceivable under Islam), has become far more unpleasant, unsettled, expensive, and physically dangerous than would be the case without that large-scale Muslim presence.

Those who did not read what Ayatollah Khomeini wrote, and who thus abandoned the Shah and accepted Khomoeini’s ascent to power— what worse group could one imagine being in control of American policy toward Iran than Gary Sick, William Miller (an early promoter of Khomeini), Zbigniew Brzezinski (that fake “realist” so ignorant of Islam and so determiinedly hostile to Israel), Jimmy Carter (ditto, but with an added holier-than-thou belief in the sheer goodness of a “fellow man of faith”—as he addressed Khomeini in a letter)—have not been sufficiently mocked, and their recent ideological heirs, the ones who believe in diplomatic maneuvering and cajoling long after it has run its course, will regret that they did not deal with the nuclear project of the Islamic Republic of Iran when they could.
The West does not have to squander trillions in these idiotic ventures to save Muslim states and societies from the consequences—political, economic, social, intellectual, and moral—of Islam itself. Indeed, it should not do so. And the fact that so many European countries are now unwilling to contribute to the American Building-the-Bridge-Over-the-River-Kwai project, one that is being conducted by the military who are given a task, but whose highest officers are apparently unwilling to question the efficacy and sense of that task, should give one pause. Why, for example, do those, such as Geert Wilders, who sense most keenly the danger of Islam infiltating and encroaching from within, are the least keen on sending soldiers to Afghanistan, to engage in what they rightly recognize as a snare, and a delusion?

Those countries that are part of the West, or part of the Rest—for the world-wide Jihad is a war of Islam against not the West but against All the Rest, and its ideological promptings are those contained in the Immutable and Uncreated Qur'an, as supplemented or glossed by the Hadith and the Sira, the sayings and deeds and biography of that Perfect Man, Muhammad—need to figure out what Islam, taken straight up and not on the rocks, not diluted by local custom or the ability of some Muslims not to take to heart what the texts teach (though at any point anyone still calling himself a Muslim may revert to that old-time religion, the faith straight up, with dangerous consequences for non-Muslims)—means, and intelligently construct a defense that relies mostly on allowing the pre-existing fissures—sectarian, ethnic, economic—within the Camp of Islam to widen, merely by doing nothing to prevent this.

And the other task—the one that is shown in the colossal failure, over many years, to deal effectively with the nuclear project of the Islamic Republic of Iran—is to make sure that no Muslim state, no Muslim group, no Muslim groupuscule, anywhere in the world, gets its hands, in posse or in esse, on weapons of mass destruction. It should by now be obvious that nothing except military force will stop the Islamic Republic of Iran in its determination to acquire nuclear weapons. Those who did not read what Ayatollah Khomeini wrote, and who thus abandoned the Shah and accepted Khomoeini's ascent to power— what worse group could one imagine being in control of American policy toward Iran than Gary Sick, William Miller (an early promoter of Khomeini), Zbigniew Brzezinski (that fake "realist" so ignorant of Islam and so determiinedly hostile to Israel), Jimmy Carter (ditto, but with an added holier-than-thou belief in the sheer goodness of a "fellow man of faith"—as he addressed Khomeini in a letter)—have not been sufficiently mocked, and their recent ideological heirs, the ones who believe in diplomatic maneuvering and cajoling long after it has run its course, will regret that they did not deal with the nuclear project of the Islamic Republic of Iran when they could.

And it is intolerable as well—flabbergastingly foolish—for the Obama administration to have done everything they possibly can to discourage and prevent Israel, willing—as it has been so many times in the past (bombing the Osirak reactor and then the Syrian nuclear installation, forcing Syrian tanks back from Jordan so as to rescue King Hussein of Jordan, warning Arab rulers of terrorist plots against them).

This Israeli flag is still not vanquished...
It should be the United States, and not little Israel, that as a world power and leader—if it saw itself correctly—of those resisting Jihad, should be dealing with the Iranian nuclear project. The claim that this would "only set back the Iranians by a year or two" is unproven, and in any case silly. The mere demonstration of American willingness to destroy major parts of such a program would not result in a renewed effort by a now at long last chasteneed Islamic Republic of Iran, for if the Americans showed themselves willing to attack once, it would be clear that they would be willing to attack again, and in all kinds of places—the port of Um Qasr, for example, or destroying the Iranian navy in the Gulf, or aiding Kurds in northwestern Iran and in another pocket in northeastern Iran, and Arabs in Khuzistan, and perhaps even suggest to the Azerbaijan government that the Americans wouldn't mind, as they did in 1946 with the Red Army, an expansion into northern Iran, to "re-unify" the Azeri people. All kinds of things are possible, but the very idea that an attack on Iran's nuclear project could only be a one-time thing, and that there would be no effect on the Islamic Republic of Iran—which, if it does acquire nuclear weapons, will never be dislodged by its domestic opponents, some of whom at long last realize this, though they cannot openly call for a Western attack on the nuclear project lest they be accused of treason.

It's madness and if, in a year Iran does acquire nuclear weapons, even the folly of the Bush Administration with its crazed and messianic sentimentalism—and the way in which so many policy-makers allowed themselves to be inveigled by Shi'a exiles such as Ahmad Chalabi, and failed to grasp the nature of Iraq and what would inevitably happen—will seem not quite so bad, for the Obama Administration, prompted by a different kind of naivete, but exhibiting the same willful ignorance about Islam, will have outdone even the Bush Administration. And its entire foreign policy will be seen to have been idiotic, and lie in ruins. For some, that will be a grim consolation. For others, more sensible, it will be no consolation at all.

[Parsing The Failed State Conundrum]

Obama's War On Pakistani Terrorists

A Kashmiri protester shouts pro-freedom and pro-Pakistan slogans during the joint funeral procession of Bilal Ahmed Dar and two rebels in the village of Narwara, some 40 Kilometers (25 miles) southwest of Srinagar, India, Tuesday, June 19, 2007. Thousands of people marched in Indian-controlled Kashmir Tuesday protesting the killing of 17-year-old Bilal Ahmed Dar by government forces, who locals claim had no ties to militant groups. The teen was killed along with two rebels Monday in a gun battle between police and suspected Kashmiri rebels in the village of Chewdara. (AP Photo/Rafiq Maqbool

THERE HAVE BEEN REPORTS that the continuing strategy of allowing Predator strikes in the proverbial “lawless, tribal areas” of Pakistan has been paying dividends. Aside from the objective good of eliminating enemy combatants, the regular attacks have apparently been making it more and more difficult for al-Qaeda types to find refuge.

Oddly enough, it seems to make the locals less eager to indulge in their much vaunted hospitality and to have these people stay overnight in their houses and villages when there’s a decent chance that missiles will come flying out of the clouds and blow the abodes to smithereens.

We presume this what the new Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, meant by “smart power”? But what if a civilian or two is killed? What then? Well, it’s the kind of smart power I can advocate without losing a moment to self-doubt. And with progress having been made, it was important to send an immediate signal to the region that President Barack Obama was not going to call a halt to these strikes. Hope is a motivator. To defeat an enemy, you must rob him of hope. That’s nothing new. Predator strikes alone won’t defeat this pernicious and relentless enemy, but it’s part of the solution until we finally wake up and realize that this is a protracted war whose name is Islam, but for the sake of unbelievers I have no problem calling it Obama's War On Pakistani Terrorists

Good move, Mr. President, and keep it up.

Ditto those words from Right Wing Bob.