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Tea Party Yearnings For Jinnah's Pakistan?

THE FOUNDING FATHERS OF PAKISTAN knew and realized that religion is a private matter. Most espoused that there was to be a separation between religion and government. Therefore all subsequent governments that were formed, subsequently making changes to the constitution, challenged and corrupted the principle of of the partition itself. With the celebration of Muhammed Ali Jinnah's birthday Pakistani are being hypocrites. All what he stood for has been washed away and only the name Jinnah remains. What a shame! Is this the legacy of the secular Jinnah? The whole history of Pakistan has been rewritten but to the serious researcher, that body of work demonstrating those critical democratic principles Jinnah stood for and propagated in his life is easily available. Go back and understand the MAN and his stalwart principles and then rebuild Pakistan in the name of Jinnah and Iqbal.

Islam To Conquer America

There is No Generic Islam

A REFUGEE FROM THE MUSLIM Middle East thinks he has discovered Islam's 20-point plan for conquering the United States by 2020—a plan revealed in the latest issue of Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

On the other side of the mountain, the cat is playing. Here's a snippet we found in the comment section of a Washington Post article suggesting that risk-tolerant China is investing heavily in Iraq as US companies stand pat. This, as the US is drained of its fortune in war while others swoop in to partnership the real business of nation building..

The Chinese are smarter than we Americans. While we are engaged in wars all over the world, some openly some not so openly, the Chinese seek to make friends and useful business connections. While the US supports useless sanctions against Iran, the Chinese are all over Iran making deals. Some Americans think the Chinese are Communists. They are communists in name only. First and foremost they are interested in business.

The US throws money away in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere on military spending or bribes to win influence and our national debt continues to grow. We get nothing from this type spending. The Chinese, using "soft power" are doing business and making money which they are spending to make China a better place for the Chinese. They are building highways, airports, rail lines, schools, factories, hospitals and rapidly improving life for their people. At the same time the US standard of living is dropping so fast that you can see it by driving through almost anywhere in America.

Can the American powers be this stupid? Perhaps not, as another quipster's hypothesis suggests. We've probably got a hush-hush deal with China; that in order to pay off US debt, we'll use our military to open up markets for them and call it even.

It's kind of like sometimes when you get in debt to the Mob, and they cut you a deal that you can work it off by helping them out with "collections" if you're a tough guy.

We shoot 'em, you loot 'em...

Electromagnetic Pulse Over America

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Bomb Threat
Dear Gabriel,

Yesterday an op-ed by ACT! for America president Brigitte Gabriel, about the recent Gaza Flotilla incident, appeared in The Washington Times (see below). While much of the world raged at Israel's legal right to enforce the blockade of Gaza, Iran continued its headlong march toward acquiring nuclear weapons. We believe one of Iran's goals is to use nuclear weapons to initiate an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack on the U.S. We discussed this in several emails about a year ago.

TONIGHT AT 6:00 EDT a program about the EMP threat, entitled "Electronic Armageddon," will air on the National Geographic channel.

WHILE WORLD MEDIA AND PUBLIC ATTENTION is focused on the Israel-"Freedom Flotilla" incident, Iranian mullahs in Tehran are celebrating their brilliant war strategy in advancing their nuclear program. As world-renowned masters of the game of chess, Iranian mullahs can add "strategic marketing, public relations and media planning" to their resume.

Iran, anticipating a damning report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) revealing Iran has more than 2 tons of enriched uranium (two warheads' worth), had been actively working with Israel's enemies to divert world attention away from the alarming findings. The IAEA report, released on May 31, the day of the raid, was virtually unreported by the media, as all eyes had turned to Israel and Gaza.

Iran is manipulating operations in the Middle East and building alliances with like-minded jihadists driven by the same goal. Iran's strategic operations surrounding Israel include setting up bases of operation and creating controlled and planned conflicts as part of a bigger strategy not only to suffocate Israel but also to distract the world community from its own nuclear development plans.

Iran began building its base in Lebanon in 1982 with the creation of Hezbollah. By combining nearly 10 Islamic terror groups that shared the same ideology as Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Iran created a proxy Iranian army on Israel's northern border. After the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, Iran seized the opportunity to extend a helping hand to Hamas, a Sunni group that shares the Iranian Shi'ite leadership's aspiration to wipe Israel off the map.

As evidenced by weapons and material recovered from the ship MV Francop in November 2009, Iran is not a stranger to using the high seas as a way to smuggle weapons to Hezbollah and Hamas.

Super solar storm On the solar front, the big fear is a solar super storm, a large, fast, coronal mass ejection with a magnetic field that lines up with an orientation perfectly opposite the Earth's own magnetic field, says solar physicist Bruce Tsurutani of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. Although the physics underlying the geomagnetic and nuclear pulses are fundamentally the same, they have different solutions. A geomagnetic storm essentially produces a long-building surge dangerous to power lines and large transformers. A nuclear blast produces three waves of pulses. Limiting the risk from the geomagnetic-storm-type threat involves stockpiling large transformers and installing dampers, essentially lightning rods, to dump surges into the ground from the grid. Even if such steps cost billions, the numbers come out looking reasonable compared with the $119 billion that a 2005 Electric Power Research Institute report estimated was the total nationwide cost of normal blackouts every year. "EMP is one of a small number of threats that can hold our society at risk of catastrophic consequences," Graham testified to a congressional committee last year, endorsing such mitigation steps.
—Dan Vergano, USA TODAY
Iran has been working with North Korea, Syria, China and Russia and is actively courting Turkey to create a counterbalance to American power in the Middle East. A Russian submarine flying an Iranian flag docked in Beirut last month, where what is believed to be chemical weapons were unloaded by people wearing "hazmat" or chemical warfare suits. Syria, working with Iran, has supplied Hezbollah with Scud missiles able to reach all of Israel. Iran's plans for Israel are as clear as the writing on the wall.

This summer could easily reprise the war of 2006, when Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon opened a two-front confrontation against Israel, sparked by Hamas' and Hezbollah's kidnapping of Israeli soldiers. The conflict dragged Israel into an all-out war with Lebanon, and Iran and Syria were content to pull the puppet strings.

As a result of the flotilla incident, a Syrian television show already has called for suicide bombers to attack Israel; the head of the Palestinian Islamic council on Lebanon is calling for the kidnapping of Israelis; the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is calling for withdrawal from the Arab Peace Initiative; and the Muslim Union of Islamic scholars is calling for the cancellation of all peace agreements with Israel.

And who is talking about the IAEA report of Iran having two nuclear warheads' worth of enriched uranium? Virtually nobody.

Score: Iran: 1, Israel/America/IAEA, 0.

You can hear the laughter all the way from Tehran.

The flotilla incident is nothing more than a spark in a larger web of explosives set and organized by Iran and is the first step toward accomplishing Iran's ultimate goals. First, create whatever distraction is necessary, preferably one that inflames world hatred of Israel, to buy time to finish the bomb. Second, attain the bomb and become the Islamic superpower of the world, with the ability to wipe Israel off the map. This will usher in a new era of hegemony in the Middle East.

The stakes are high, and time is running out. Western governments must stand together against Iran and the new axis of tyrannical power that is developing. While it is Israel that will soon face a nuclear-armed Iran, in the long term, it will be Europe and America facing an Iran capable of projecting its totalitarian ideology across the globe.

Brigitte Gabriel is author of "Because They Hate" and "They Must Be Stopped" (St. Martin's Press, 2006 and 2008). She is the president of

US Presidency As Accumulative Error

David Swanson, author of Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union has written a chilling piece of commentary on the state of the American presidency. In many ways it is the story of the US Presidency as accumulative error.

Below is an excerpt:

US Presidency As Accumulative Error...

SECOND, I LOOKED AT THE POWER OF WAR. Our Constitution wisely placed it in Congress. It is now in the White House and growing ever stronger. President Obama has demanded and received a larger military budget than Bush ever had, plus a larger war budget on top of that, not to mention the secret budget for some of the spy agencies that engage in war. President Obama continues to insist on funding the wars off the books with so-called emergency supplementals. He's put bases into more nations. He's put more troops in the field. He's expanded the use of mercenaries and contractors. He's dramatically expanded the illegal use of drones to bomb Pakistan and other nations, resulting—among other forms of blowback—a man trying to set off a bomb in Times Square, a man whose father's job used to be guarding nuclear weapons. Obama's Pentagon is pushing hard to use drones in U.S. skies as well. Meanwhile, Obama has—in another badder than Bush innovation—formally authorized secret military action in dozens of nations. He's formally done away with habeas corpus and established the power to imprison people at Bagram and other sites completely outside any legal process. He's kept our death camp at Guantanamo open. President Obama has continued to assert the power to torture, and torture has continued. He's also continued to assert the power to kidnap or "rendition" people and send them to nations that torture. But, most disturbingly, Obama has largely replaced torture with murder. People we would have sought to capture two years ago, we now seek to murder instead. And Obama has claimed the power to assassinate anyone, including American citizens. And, needless to say, the warrantless spying programs and other violations of civil liberties roll on unquestioned, and Miranda rights may be at risk now too. And one reason to think things may be even worse than we know is that Obama has prosecuted more whistleblowers than any of his predecessors.

Read it all at Corrente: Obama Was Created By Our Failure to Impeach Bush

Honor Among Thieves

Brigitte Gabriel

AL-ZAWAHIRI, THE SECOND in command at Al-Qaida, released a new video message to Pakistani people yesterday, which shows the desperation of Al-Qaida to keep on going in its supposedly strongest region. Al-Qaida is fighting to survive and has lost its fundamental strength in the last few years. The U.S. government has killed or captured over 60% of Al-Qaida's leadership. Whether you agree or disagree with the previous administration's War on Terror, it has been successful on all fronts:

  • We have done major damage to Al-Qaida's operation and leadership destroying 60% of its command structure. Al-Qaida today is even hurting for funds. But there is honor among thieves. Al-Zawahiri appealed to the Pakistanis in his video to support the organization with much-needed funding to carry on operations.
  • We have brought democracy to Iraq where today there are almost 100 different political groups practicing democracy and participating in the government system. Iraq today is the envy of its surrounding neighbors such as Iran, Syria, Egypt and many others—thanks to the U.S. and its allies.
  • We have eliminated the dictator Saddam Hussein who posed a major threat to the region and our interest.
  • We have protected the homeland form a major terrorist attacks since 2001.
  • Our immediate military involvement in Pakistan working with the secular military and applying pressure on the government has helped choke Al-Qaida in its stronghold.

All the above successes were achieved through strong, authoritative confrontation with terror. Despite all the criticism for the way we fought the War on Terror, the results speak for themselves.

Brigitte Gabriel, the New York Times bestselling author of "They Must Be Stopped" and president of Act! for America provides in-depth analysis and commentary on Al-Zawahiri.

The Taliban Reign Of Terror

From the haunts of Hell brought to us by those who believe in their religion more than they allow others to believe in theirs as if God does not frown upon all religions as abominations and perversions of the truth.

Muslim Rage. There's Nothing Else Like It On The Planet!

PESHAWAR—Girls’ education remained the prime victim in Swat where over 119,248 females in private and public sector schools have been affected while 122 schools for females and 65 others for boys destroyed since the ongoing violence erupted in the town, a study disclosed.

Two police stations, 12 police posts, 80 video centres, around 300 CD shops, 25 barbershops, 24 bridges, 15 basic health units, an electricity grid station and a main gas supply line were either destroyed or severely damaged by the militants during the past few months’ violence in once the tourist haven. Two cable networks were closed while another was blown up in the district during the recent past.

The study carried out by some non-government organizations reveals that 700 hotels were closed in the area that made 30,000 workers jobless....

Containing them and fighting them by proxy might be the most efficient way to win. To try to civilize Islam is perhaps a Sisyphean task. But simply contrive to turn Islam's own ugly fangs against itself, and maybe Muslims would finally learn, and learn more swiftly, than they could from democratization and education efforts. And that is how Christian-inspired authors (among others) often arrange to have the bad guy punished: at his own hands.

In some of the more interesting theologies, the divine doesn't punish. God doesn't create hell. God merely sets bounds to hell, so that hell won't spread over the whole world. And the boundaries are not impassible, provided one who is accustomed to hell can bear to leave and can then endure the more powerful experiences of heaven. (See The Great Divorce, a brilliant, witty, allegory by C.S. Lewis.)


Goodbye Washington Post

A little late to the story, but I was stunned to come across this article highlighting an astonishing point of view from my own local paper. How did I miss this one? The atrocity, the madness, the upside down worldview that parades around as journalism today, uh, leaves me speechless to my core. But in a splendid case of serendipity, if mem'ry serves, I believe that the WP article in question was published about the same time I finally picked up the telephone to cancel my subscription to the Post after 25 years of readership.

Good riddance. Here's the FrontPage complaint:

Wherever Obama Goes, There He Is
Wherever Obama Goes, There He Is

In another bout of journalistic malpractice, The Washington Post ran a story Tuesday declaring that officials had uncovered the true motivations of the Mumbai terrorists: 400 years of persecution by the West and the existence of Jews, especially in Israel. WaPo reported:

...Indian officials suspect that the group allegedly behind the attack, Pakistan-based Lashkar-i-Taiba, draws support from security and intelligence forces within that country and is fueled by a growing list of grievances that stretch from the 17th century to the subcontinent's partition in 1947, which created the independent nations of India and Pakistan.

The Post quotes one of the murderers who telephoned officials as simply asking that the destruction of mosques and "killings" be stopped—and that all imprisoned terrorists be set free to kill again.

In addition to presenting the terrorists as a justifiably aggrieved population, laboring under 400 years of "grievances," the Post notes Western provocations against Mohammedans did not end 60 years ago in the postwar world. "The grievances also include India's increasingly warm ties with the United States and Israel, counterterrorism experts say."

During the three-day siege that claimed the lives of more than 170 innocent people, one of the terrorists, Imran Babar, called an Indian television station to discuss his motives. After breaking into the city's only Jewish center, the Chabad House, and killing six people including its spiritual leader, Rabbi Gavriel Noach Holtzberg and his wife, Rivka, Babar used the slain rabbi's cell phone to call and complain about the Jewish state. Babar voiced outrage that Israeli Major General Avi Mizrahi visited Kashmir in September to discuss counterterrorism with Israel's democratic ally, India:

"You call their army staff to visit Kashmir. Who are they to come to J and K?" Imran told the anchor, referring to the disputed Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. "This is a matter between us and the Hindus, the Hindu government. Why does Israel come here?"

[And yet all of the Muslim world rises up in outrage over the Israeli-Arab conflict. Does the Post detect the double standard? Not on their life. Same tired rhetoric. End of story.]

Like Ariel Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount, a pretext was fitted to an act of premeditated violence. Nor is this the only incident of blatant provocation the Post could find.

India and Israel have had a defense alliance since 1992, when diplomatic relations between the countries were established. India has become a major purchaser of Israeli weapons, which has angered some of India's Muslims. The visit by the Israeli general was kept secret for days, news reports said, for fear of riots by Muslims in Kashmir, a predominantly Muslim area patrolled by more than 300,000 mostly Hindu Indian troops.

Once again, Jewish merchants and interlopers are setting off waves of Muslim violence around the globe by, being Jews. Inevitably, the very existence of Israel as a state was introduced near the end of the piece, as a summary of the Pakistani terrorists' case:

"Kashmir is a symbol, like Palestine, of a sense of injustice. It is a rallying cry for a much larger anger at India and the West," said Bruce Riedel, author of "The Search for al Qaeda."

Thus, the real problem in India is the existence of Israel. And Kashmir, Kosovo, Andalusian Spain, and any other province that strains against the pressures of Islamic irredentism.

In fairness, the Post story does mention the force of Islamofascism, though, needless to say, not by that term. Lashkar-i-Taiba radicalism is mentioned, though it is given less space than passages that present the terrorists as victims:

"Lashkar has a very specific pan-Islamic vision: the recovery of all Muslim lands once ruled by Muslims, including India, Central Asia and Spain. And they've gone after those countries that they believe were usurped from traditional Muslim rulers," said Ashley J. Tellis, a senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace who has been tracking Lashkar since 2001. "The goal is very apocalyptic and simple: attack these enemies and the symbols of those enemies," he said.

It is this apocalyptic vision that has led Lashkar to kill hundreds of Indians, at times dressed as Hindu holy men. Whatever the immediate goals of (LIT), the ultimate goal of Islam is worldwide submission to Shari'a law. "No babe is born but [as a Muslim]," said Mohammed. "It is his parents who make him a Jew, or a Christian, or a polytheist." This universal compulsion explains all expressions of Islamic jihad. The recounting of centuries of oppression, overlooking centuries of their oppression of others, explains the depth of self-pity and victimization in the Muslim mind. To place this self-pitying narrative alongside Jewish arms merchants and Indian self-defense is an abrogation of journalism at the highest level.