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Open Letter to Congressman King

Forget Stopping Crime, The Left Loves It
We appreciate the dedication and value the work you are accomplishing with your House Committee on Homeland Security hearings regarding the recruitment and radicalization of Muslim immigrants, most lately your focus on al Shabaab.

But we also want to know when will the loving law-abiding patriotic citizen be urged to boldly speak out on de rigeur issues such as calling for nominalizing the steady flood of Islamic immigration pouring into our communities and our institutions without being made to feel that we are saber-rattling racists and hatemongers of the worst order?

When will we be urged to come clean, shaking off this mantle of dhimmitude, and finally being allowed to admit that we are at war with Islam, simply because they say they are at war with us, contrary to what Presidents Bush, Obama and other duplicitous leaders in the West and the Middle East have insisted?

Freedom and liberty are no excuse for bad behavior, but neither is the stifling of free speech or pride in the traditions of one's own nation. Our jobs have been shipped overseas, and now our culture is being stolen by usurpers who statistically care nothing about America but a third world life in a once prosperous state they wish to remake in their own image. As constitutional conservatives, who cherish what our forefathers fought and died bringing forth, this era of leadership has become a national disgrace. So, we just have one question.

Is there any hope that Homeland Security will wise up and stop the madness?

Party Of The First Part

We here at the Scenewash Project offered this article as a bread crumb...

...and were confronted by another attempt by a "universalist" friend to stall the game, transfer too much of the blame, and take a pass on the shame...

Music For Patriots
Poor petulant white brother, how might we comfort you?

Our response:

A black man wrote that piece, friend. So your response to his observation is your own world view in a word or two, comfort thyself white man, but beware, there are others who cannot no matter how much they try, so you must deny, defy, belie all fair chance and do it for them. Ah, the old white man's burden argument, all knotted up Gordian-style to keep tight the rope where one is one's one hangman...

You be the judge. But let's consider another false play by those who play tricks with the American value system, in this case Muslims who tend to identify themselves as Muslim Americans. Gloria Gilson writes:

We should only call Muslims as “Muslims who live in America,” NEVER EVER “Muslim Americans” or "American Muslims." No other faith believer so self-stylizes him/her|self in this manner. Methodist American, Christian American, Jewish American, Sikh American. None of that. Muslims do this as another avenue to push their political religion by co-opting the well-deserved decent-ness of America. In short, Muslims are stealing yet something else, this time our reputations.

Muslims are not Americans; they are not here for the opportunities and the freedoms that the concept of Americanism—limited government, personal responsibility—has given to so many. Rather, Muslims are here for colonization and conquest. They cannot be considered Americans because of their adoption of Islam. Sharia (total government) and American constitutional law (government contained/controlled by the people; hey, at least that's the theory) couldn’t be farther apart.

By their own admissions Muslims tell us repeatedly that their one and only allegiance is to Islam. On this score I believe them.

To be sure. It's no secret to thorough readers of our work that we prefer to call an American an American. But our particular generation of immigrant is in great numbers bringing with it a peculiar baggage we prefer to be left among the political reeds of one's origin when staking a claim on American soil and spirit. As Theodore Roosevelt wrote in 1919:

"In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the man's becoming in very fact an American, and nothing but an American...

"There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag, and this excludes the red flag, which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization, just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile...

"We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language...

"And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."

Let's All Play Blind Man's Bluff, Shall We?

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

OR PERHAPS, AN INTIMATE GAME OF PIN THE BIRTHER'S TALE ON THE DONKEY. So little miss Whoopi Goldberg is playing the race card (again, again)? Is that supposed to be teeth-rattling news? Shall we all play Blind Man's Bluff, instead? Is this the new nursery rhyme American life streaming gently across the rocks of realpolitik where only the government really knows your name?

Tentative GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump referring to Obama's penchant for playing basketball instead of working at his job is simply an empirical observation, a cold, inalienable fact, a personal distinction of the president's well-publicized behavior!

How many US Presidents have played basketball as much as Obama the Windjammer, hogged the spotlight, and then bragged about their prowess of the game. Which President in history has had to get medical attention while in office from basketball. Which President has spent more time studying his Final Four Brackets at the cost of his war plans against a nation, let's say, Libya.

Sorry but that's not racial stereotyping to point this stuff out. These are specific facts particular to Obama. Should the Donald have referred to golf instead, because the little white ball in the hole is a safe reference? Doesn't all this chatter subtly pointing to the size and color of one choice of ball references run much too close to the preposterous racist theories of Dr. Florence Cress-Welsing? The fact that Obama is black or half white is immaterial. These phony racist charges dribble in from a phony leftist ideology eaten up by the stereotypes they employ against others...

There's probably no hope for Whoopi's latest excellent adventure into political speech, but recently ascendant Juan Williams, with his uncharacteristic pile-on at Fox News, should be roundly ashamed of himself, given his recent firing at NPR. As another American Thinker wit put it ever so delightfully, "Juan Williams needs to spend some serious time in the presence of Congressman Allen West. He would be a better American for it."

Breaking Free Of The Stupid Undergrounds

Arguing Against Groupthink
Arguing Against Groupthink
THIS IS, NEEDLESS TO SAY, NOT how one should approach a discussion over what is sure to be a difficult sell to those who already feel they know everything they need to know on a difficult topic, and instead presume you are just an idiot, a racist, and probably both.

In this photo, let's suppose we have a husband and wife, or perhaps two old friends, each professionals, a college professor and a bank executive, and let's agree it's not germane which job is whose. Woman or man, based only on what you see in the photo and what you already ascertain about the general culture, who do you think is the person more knowledgeable, who is concerned about a serious topic worthy of analysis?

Here's our profile. Based on what we know about how certain evidence breaks in this PC society, we presume the man to be the calm but vigilant anti-jihadist who prefers evidential persuasion leaving the woman to be a hardcore politically correct leftist claiming the higher moral ground, tooth and nail, certain of her superiority. If the roles were reversed, and it was she who was frightened of jihad, Islam, and its strategies for conquering the world, she would win no argument with this sort of display, even if this cowardly friend of hers is a wimpish hollow man of the politically correct variety, stoned on his own ignorance.

So read on...

FOLLOWING 9/11, FOLLOWING MADRID, FOLLOWING the London bombing, following Bali, in fact following the whole panoply of Muslim violence at that point, I listened and listened to political and media reaction.

Tiny minority. Religion of Peace. Rich Diversity. Untold wealth brought by immigration. Vibrant communities.

On and on the cliched excuses fell from establishment mouths, their voices united in a wholesale pass for what the rest of us saw as a religion intent on getting its way and killing as many possible in the process. Something was grossly askew. Something was missing. Why was our collective intelligence being so badly insulted by politically correct morons, parroting the same old fables?

Then the thought occurred. These people, wallowing in dire ignorance are merely talking heads and spewers of easily demolished platitudes. They do it because they all do it. It's the easy route. However, apart from what my eyes and ears told me about the current situation I was quite unaware of the history and true doctrine of Islam.

So off to Amazon and a few clicks later up it popped. Robert Spencer's Politically Incorrect guide to Islam and the Crusades. The cover alone gave the aura that this would be no half assed apologist's polemic so I bought it.

That was about five years ago, and what refreshment? What revelation?

Thus armed, my argument with friends either riled them mildly or aroused such anger that I realised something was not quite right. These were educated people. Lecturers, photographers, TV people, a couple of (largely unsuccesful) actors, senior managers plus of course the remoras and hangers on. One thing did unite them and that was the left.

My epiphany started at that point. Buoyed by the great introduction Robert's insight's offered, I bought more. And more. And despite all of this well researched truth they still didn't believe me. I was a racist and that was that.

For me that was when their bubble burst. All that came out was hot air and dogma. In other words the lies of self preening liberals, basking in self proclaimed liberality. And nothing more

They were [TS] Elliot's Hollow Men devoid of any individuality of thought and addicted to the groupthink which infests their brand of society.

A few years down the line I jettisoned the dross. If the unvarnished truth could not persuade them, why bother? I'd say this experience is quite informative. It obviously changed me. What was that thing about truth setting you free?

And all because of Robert's book...


Who are we to improve upon this piece of brilliant writing? What better critique of the often undulating process of sorting out the real from the unreal can we offer to those who will not heed a word of it, but will resort to vile slanders, misinformation, hyperbole, and logical fallacies to thwart our insistence on using the fullest measure of our intelligence, not merely a caricatured obedience to some counterfeit ideal?

A Jihad Watch commentator transcribes a personal but oh so familiar path to intellectual sanity when trying to figure out why what we must process day in and day out on nearly every subject pertaining to Islam when filtered by the mainstream media just doesn't meet the smell, much less the taste test. Leftism is a cult of wishful thinking, and is no longer a ridiculous clique, but is now the deep-rooted establishment.

The courage and resolve so many of us must muster in breaking free of ANY of the stupid undergrounds described by Paul Mann is no different than breaking free of the groupthink of this so-called religious or political cult known as Islam and its new best friends, the radical Left of the West.

Reckoning By The Numbers

Posted by: blackelkspeaks
Dec 23, 07:00 AM

American Stupid
American Stupid

If the 200 year experiment in precious liberty, freedom, and constitutional republicanism collapses, it will be the fault of those who are known as white people. This has always been so, since before the creation of the country itself. White people of European origin settled this country, built its original states, and carried out its westward expansion. The construction of the greatest nation ever to appear on planet earth is due to white people. Yet today, we see that there are many self-loathing white people who align themselves with the destructive gaggle of America haters and enemies of freedom that gravitate toward the Jackass Party. Even in "red" areas where Republicans won, the numbers were not overwhelming. Usually, the Republican prevailed by a good deal less than 10% over the Jackass candidate. This does not bode well for the future of our country. In another generation or two the United States as we know it will cease to exist. The signs are already ubiquitous. And it will be the result of the voting patterns of white people, regardless of what the minority community does. If white people voted for Republicans the way that black people vote for Jackasses, then we would not now be in our current crisis. This is not a racial statement; it is just a fact.

Geller's Analysis of the Juan Williams NPR Affair

Juan Williams Fired From NPR

I AM GRATEFUL FOR THIS HIGH-PROFILE INCIDENT. Much like with the Ground Zero mosque affair, Americans have suddenly become aware of something quite terrible—a sea change, a paradigm shift, a profound transformation of a basic assumption, and a stunning reversal of their very basic unalienable rights. Their sensibilities are shaken. How could such a major seismic shift be kept hidden, kept so secret, until suddenly Juan Williams, a dyed-in-the-wool liberal, gets fired for telling the truth? Is it any wonder that recent polls show that the majority of Americans no longer trust the media? That is a good thing.

To Williams’ point, we have an entire government agency, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), dedicated to protecting us from terrorists who are largely Muslim. We have torturous security procedures at every stage of air travel. We bear unfathomable costs in taxpayer dollars, but worse, in the surrender of privacy and individual rights because of Islamic jihad: because of the 9/11 Muslim terrorists; and the British Muslims who planned to blow up seven planes and kill 4,000 Americans and/or British people in the name of Islam in 2006; and because of Richard Reid, the Muslim with the exploding shoes; and the Christmas day bomber, the Muslim with the exploding crotch.

And yet in watching the mainstream media coverage of Juan Williams affair, we witness the fact that the media still cannot face up to its own capitulation. It’s all over the airwaves, but no one will discuss what is actually happening—the loss of the freedom of speech to Islamic supremacism and domination. This is a deadly fight—Islam in the West and its suppression of free speech.

When the horror of jihad is discussed, it is always in the context of a “fringe” element among Muslims committing violent jihad. The “extremists” are slaughtering people every day across the world in the name of Islam. But aren’t those who are destroying our constitutional republic, shutting us down, attacking free speech and demonizing the good and the truth tellers the real extremists and radicals? Isn’t CAIR, as well as the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim Students Association, the Muslim American Society, the Islamic Circle of North America, and the North American Islamic Trust, the real extremists? The only difference between them and the military wing of Islam is their weapon of choice. Islamic supremacist groups in Western countries viciously attack our unalienable rights and chip away at our very legal and societal foundations.

CAIR et al slaughter human thought. They are destroyers, as ruinous and destructive as the organizations of their fellow Muslims: Al Qaeda, Hezb’Allah, Hamas, Al-Muhajiroun, MILF, Islamic jihad, Fatah, Jaish-e-Mohammed, Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen, Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, the Armed Islamic Group, Hezb-e-Islami Gulbuddin, Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, and all the rest of them.

This is war. And fighting that war has been Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN), the Muslim Brotherhood’s man in Congress, who called Juan Williams, a black American, a “bigot” and “un-American.” Considering the notorious Islamic history of Muslims keeping blacks as slaves (abid) —to this very day in North Africa—it is the height of black humor (no pun intended) that this Islamic supremacist would call an honorable African American a “bigot.” Ellison is twisting the very definition of “American” to some perverted idea of sharia. This is rich coming from a man who took money from a group that is the American wing of an organization whose stated aim is “eliminating and destroying Western Civilization from within.”

Read it all.

[Pamela Geller's Analysis of the Juan Williams NPR Affair]

By Their Fruits...

Recession Line
Toeing The Party Line

Free Speech Lesson #1

WITH REGARD TO THE female videographer from Human Events who was attacked several times by a belligerant black woman attending the One Country hatefest on October 2, who for some reason did not want to be on camera , we cannot even imagine anyone at a Tea Party rally behaving like this toward a reporter who was merely quietly videotaping the event. And of course if they had, they would have been immediately arrested.

But leftists have behaved this way since the 1960s, (and I have the scars to prove it). Leftists are sad, angry, raging fools; blinded by hatred toward the very country and institutions who have given them so much. But as Oscar Wilde wrote, "the best revenge is living well." We have strong, loving families—children and grandchildren—and they (mostly) do not.

That is another reason that they hate us, and the shape of our values. Did you see pictures of all the litter these liberals left on the grounds while the Glenn Beck crowd and the Tea Party crowds leave the grounds as spotless as they found them?

Interesting observation, non?

Free Speech Lesson #2

To note the sheer ineptitude, or is it just plain fear and dhimmitude that the Left exhibits in dealing with what used to be considered proper morality, let us ask again how imperiled is the freedom of speech?

Take this passage from Slate magazine: "In 2004, filmmaker Theo van Gogh was murdered after making anti-Muslim remarks, as was the anti-immigrant politician Pim Fortuyn in 2002. Why is there so much anti-Muslim rhetoric in the Netherlands?"

Christ spoke of peace - Muhammed spoke of war.
Christ said to love others - Muhammed said kill them.
Christ said turn the other cheek - Muhammed said to behead those that offend you.

And guess which one the "peace and love" liberals rally behind? Because, just like Islam, the liberals, including the state media, is not about "tolerance" and "peace." Not in a thousand years. It's about control and domination with no freedom for anyone who doesn't think like they do, in bowing to the party line convinced of their own righteousness.

What we are up against is not just opposing ideologies. It comes down to the basic battle of GOOD versus EVIL.