Camp Moderation

The simple unvarnished truth about "moderate" Muslims from someone who signs off on the JihadWatch website as Battle of Tours:


Somebody Painted Mohammed

Muslims have a strange twisted logic about this aggressive intent to convert us to their Sharia. In their simple minds, like children, they think it is perfectly fine to criticize us, or threaten, but think it is totally wrong for us to respond in kind. Notice how they cannot tolerate any criticism at all, but quickly fall back upon their "victimhood" mode.

This simple fact must be caught and brought to light over and over again, without mercy. This is their defense, that they can threaten but cannot be criticized. It is childish. So we must make every effort to criticize them all the time, in all the wrong things they do, even if they are crying like babies about our doing this.

It should not sway us one bit. When Australian mufti make the "raw meat" comment about women inviting rape, Australians responded exactly how they should, without let up. We all should do this at every opportunity we have, criticize them with reason, and do not succumb to their childish notion that they are somehow above criticism.

Do it with class, so none will accuse of you of "racism" etc. The bigotry is really from their side, but they refuse to be criticized over it. So criticize it, at every opportunity, without let up. Hold them to their bigotry, their contradictions, their lies, with their feet to the fire, until they are screaming camp moderation. Muster a good show! Watch them squirm.

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