Camille Paglia Weighs In On Palin


Camilla Paglia

Here, straight from the old gal's keyboard is an endorsement you can believe in...

I've always had a special place on my intellectual shelf for Camille Paglia, ever since she broke ranks with the man-hating feminists of her era, initiating what came to be known as second wave feminism. I immediately latched on sometime in the early 1980s right after discovering teh art of Judy Chicago while the few punk rocks kids coming out of college I was meeting in DC were still mouthing the ever photogenic and portable Gloria Steinem. The unread, were, well, unread. Meanwhile, today we can read how Paglia nails Obama to the wall even though he is her stated candidate, but she takes it a step farther by telling us how much she loves the ballsy strength of Sarah Palin.

This woman, Camille Paglia, just gets it, she really gets it.

Read it all at Salon.

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