Britain Fights Back!

Intelligence agencies are monitoring every Muslim who travels from Britain to Mecca on pilgrimage in a wider effort to piece together intelligence on suspected Al-Qaeda terrorist activity. A senior official has disclosed that the operation targeting trips to the holy city in Saudi Arabia by more than 100,000 British Muslims is part of a trawl by MI5 and MI6 for information about movements of suspected terrorists. It follows evidence that British Islamic terrorists have visited the city before carrying out attacks in Britain and abroad.

Great Britain

Great Britain

The importance of the intelligence operation was one of the reasons given by spy chiefs for maintaining ties with Saudi Arabia when the Saudi government was threatening to break off intelligence ties over a bribery investigation by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) into BAE, Britain’s prime defence contractor....

This weekend Muslim leaders voiced their unhappiness about the operation. Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, leader of the Muslim parliament, said: “It is absolutely wrong that people who are going to Mecca for entirely religious purposes should be monitored by the security services. It is a sad commentary on Britain’s relations with Saudi Arabia.”

Same old self-pitying chaff that ripples through the same crowds every time a Muslim is suspected of anything other than being the savior of the world. If these public passive-aggressive Muslim whiners can't figure it out for themselves, I'll tell you what is TRULY wrong:

It's wrong that people visiting or living in Saudi Arabia cannot carry bibles or hold bible studies in their homes or erect buildings to assemble together and worship the God of Jesus, who is a far better example to us as a life to be lived, despite what Nietzsche and other notables have said, than to mimic the Machiavellian tenets and personal example of Mohammed and Mohammedism.

Whether you, dear reader, are a believer or an unbeliever, you must admit that it's wrong that people can be murdered if they convert to Christianity in these Muslim lands, perfectly within the laws of those lands. It's wrong that people can be forced to convert to Islam at gunpoint, as has happened throughout Muslim history, even now. Note the recent incident of the Fox News journalists.

What does one do with a religion that commands its believers to slay the disbelievers, and promises a better afterlife for doing so? What does one do with a religion that says that the entire planet belongs to its followers and no other religion must exist? What does one do with a religion that says that its followers have a claim over everything that a disbeliever owns, including, but not limited to, his womenfolk and wealth?

What does one do with a religion whose sole prophet was a murderer, looter, rapist and a paedophile and who is described by his followers as "The Perfect Man to emulate"—yes, what does one do with this religion? And its followers?

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