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Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch website, tracking the outrages of Islam that take place on a daily basis globally, has been growing daily for several years now. For anyone wishing to strike through the dense fog and thistle of the discredited notion of political correctness to discover the real war the West is fighting against Islam, Robert Spencer continues to press onward with a calm demeanor and clear rhetoric outlining the dangers of Qu'ran-inspired Islamic aggression, past and present.

And now, as he is beginning to make more personal appearances in the maintream media to voice his opinions in debate with representatives from so-called moderates such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), he has had his most recent book THE TRUTH ABOUT MUHAMMAD banned by the Pakistani government. That government has confiscated all copies and translations of the book because it contains "objectionable material" about the founder of Islam, said a notification.

I suppose Musharraf had no problem with this latest outrage since he is less an ally to the United States and more simply a Muslim opportunist trying to keep his life and his job as President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the number six best-selling book currently in Palestine is an Arabic translation of Hitler’s Mein Kampf according to the Telegraph in the UK. The book is also on sale in London's Edgware section, an area with a large Arab population.

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