Beating To Different Drums

From a Jihad Watch poster named Jimmy the Dhimmi:


Western women are no longer easily offended...

The more the “Muslim world” acts like animals, the more they are treated like animals—which is exactly what they want. It is an exploitation of what Bruce Thorton calls “Third-worldism” that is prevalent amongst the western left. It is the perception that exotic, dark-skinned denizens of impoverished countries are like animals in a nature documentary. They are "Noble Savages;" don’t disturb them in their natural habitat or they might bite you. It is like that filmaker who was eaten by bears. No one blames the bears because they are mere beasts whos behavior is governed by instinct. In fact, the filmaker was to blame because of his deliberate agitation. So it is amongst elite, academically trained, liberals and their so called expertise in human sociology. The weaker socio-economic classes in society have been denied too much wealth and education to fully understand the nuances of moderation and self-discipline. Like starving dingos snatching babies, the oppressed proletariat will often lash out unreasonably at their masters in despiration. But of course the oppressor’s behavior is the "root cause."

To the Left, even “moderate muslims” are what Tim Blair refers to as “terrorist forming insects,” who can only react to stimuli and will metamorphasize into bloodthirsty terrorists because of some offense that we have done to them, like the war in Iraq, support for Israel, drawing cartoons, or knighting Salman Rushdie.

This childish vision of humanity is exactly what Muslim radicals want, because the solution propsed by liberal elites becomes that of more capitulation to their demands—creeping sharia law and the cessation of the persecution of jihadists, which will enable the eventual Muslim Hegemony they seek. It is like demanding the stoppage of suburban sprawl to protect the habitat of some endangered species—one that is higher than you on the food chain and will unrepentantly eat you at the first chance they get. Even womens rights activists avoid adressing issues like the burqa, wife beating, and female genital mutilation in the muslim world in fear of stimulating the wild beast of Islam with western ethnocentrism.

The problem is, of course, that Muslims as well as every other “third worlder,” are human beings. They have the same rights and responsibilities of everyone else, and therefore, their actions must be judged with the same universal standard that the left places on white people and Jews.

That the way we do it in this era where we celebrate not obliterate the banging of different drums...

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