Bang Bang, Now Quiet Down

QA'DAFFI IN BRISK FLOWING ROBES with Scandanavian joy nurses wrapped around his arm? Libya in ruins, or not? Pirates of the high seas with an "all gain no pain" boating lifestyle? Boom boom Pakistan's cesspool of a nation demanding more jizra? Another moonlight sonata serving us up another round of International madness, et cetera...

For my entire life, which began in 1945, the west has allowed itself to be bullied by the tin pots of the world. Every oil field we've developed has been nationalized. Every technology we've developed has been given away. Every intellectual property has been stolen. And now we even have the pathetic screenplay of savages, armed with pea shooters, pirating the unarmed vessels of the enfeebled civilized world. It's as if we've become victims on purpose, in a futile fantasy to have the barbarians like us. If Libya is a festering sore on the southern border of Europe, what then is Mexico on the southern border of the U.S.?

I think it's beyond time for us to body slam a few bullies. If we've learned nothing else in the last 65 years it should be that fighting to a stalemate is no different than tucking your tail. Both results leave your enemy standing. Both results teach your enemies, even the ones you haven't engaged, that you are simply not serious about defending yourself.

Well said!

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