Bailout Bill Thrown Under The Bus


The Magical President

EARLIER TODAY the emergency Wall Street bailout bill was rejected by the House by a substantial margin. Both parties wavered. America the Beautiful lives another day more comfortably in capitalist pinstripes than socialist rags. We the People spoke loudly and spoke clearly. The message was no business as usual for the fat cats. If we are to suffer, so shall they. Now for the trillion dollar question, what's next? House leaders promise another vote. So let's review, especially since Barack Obama has publically said that John McCain should get no credit for the bill, inferring that all credit should go to him, while McCain also stated publically on the morning talk show circuit that he wanted no credit. Now that the bill has failed to pass, one wonders how the two campaigns will spin the facts on the ground.

Much of Obama’s hidden socialist agenda for the United States comes directly from George Soros, and in turn through his network of leftist funded organizations. This includes the influential funding of organizations that advocate abortion, open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, a cap and trade tax, to prevent man-made global warming, huge cuts in defense spending, increasing the minimum wage and the world poverty tax just to name a few.

Soros likes to be considered a “stateless" statesman. In fact, he is more accurately described as the Godfather of World Socialism.

Too bad Poppa Soros has not apparently read or understood the works of Friedrich Hayek, Karl Popper’s good friend and author of The Open Society and Its Enemies for which Soros’ Open Society Institute (OSI) is named.

The stock markets have reeled today, the Dow Jones Industrial falling nearly eight hundred points as word of the failed passage spread, but many of us in the radical centrism blogsosphere have voiced opinions that we may very well prefer a full blown depression and subsequent reorganization risking everything we own to a lightning round bailout of the guilded tycoons at this point. Others of us want simply a closer look at the details before deciding anything, especially prior to having this thing is shoved down our throats.

By the way; these two Democrats voted no:
1) Jesse Jackson, Jr. (huge Obama supporter)
2) Sheila Jackson Lee (huge Clinton supporter)

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