Another Fraud By Media Provocateurs

Why does the left-wing Western media persist in this evil fraud of making its own citizenry out to be the wicked ones? Could it be because they desire to usher in the Next Great War, that war where murder is the every street, that war where capitalism collapses, that war where they, the miscreants and provocateurs, somehow manage to remain on top of the heap?


Modest Islam (Enslavement?)

THE HAGUE—Public broadcaster BNN deliberately misled viewers in a film clip about a woman in a burqa, the all-covering Muslim garment. In a mini-film on 101tv, BNN's digital youth channel, a woman is seen who is helped immediately when she drops her bag of oranges. The same woman in a burqa however gets no help when the same thing happens to her. The journalist said she felt discriminated against when wearing the burqa. But Amsterdam broadcaster AT5 discovered deception. AT5 cameras that recorded the BNN filming show that many passers-by wanted to help the woman in the burqa. When they did so, the makers called out to them to walk on.

Besides, isn't it forbidden for a Muslim woman to interact with dirty Kaffirs in the first place. This sounds like a perfect set-up for yet another honor killing.

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