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Muslims stage prayer protest as New York protests GZ Mosque...

MUSLIMS MUST RENOUNCE TERROR? How about, at the very least, more Muslims admit that their co-religionists were responsible in the first place.

A quick look on the Web shows the vast majority of Muslims, here and across the world are blaming the M15/CIA/Israel for the London car bomb. Predictable. Like they did with 9/11 and 7/7 they're citing their usual deranged conspiracy theories; Jews trying to discredit Muslims so that they may kill Palestinians with immunity, British trying to discredit Muslims so that they can legislate against them, Americans trying to discredit Muslims so they can 'steal' their oil.

We're not talking about some insignificant 'minority' here. Remember the recent Channel 4 poll? A quarter of British Muslims think the British government staged the 7/7 bombings! As the day progresses I anticipate the usual outlandish drivel being posted here by Muslims and their more irrational allies, those America-loathing leftist apologists.

As someone who was born a Muslim I am familiar with this approach, where taking offence, being outraged, blaming others and claiming victim-hood always take precedence to accepting responsibility. Anyone who has spent any time in an Islamic country will recognise this aspect of the Muslim psyche.

In Britain, we have a rapidly growing Muslim population where a small minority seems to support or even actively participate in such attacks on us while massive number blame the Jews/MI5/CIA. What hope do we have? I despair. We really are at a clash of civilisation. A clash of values, ideologies, attitudes and thinking. History is littered with great civilisations made extinct by Islam. Will British civilisation be next?

I fear for the future.


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