America's Limp Leadership

arab prince

Arab Prince

Does the average Joe Hammerhead seeking clues to what ails his country tis of thee really have a clean shot at figuring out why its limp leadership also appears to be deaf, dumb, and blind in ignoring those rather obvious factors poised to take us down, but I'll take a shot. In short, it appears there are several things hamstringing the United States government in responding to these Islamic thugs commingling in our midst:

1) Saudi money. The Saudis for decades have had a program where any retiring pol who says good things about Saudi Arabia gets nice big fat consulting contract.

2) The Saudis have over a half-trillion dollars invested in U.S. securities which in effect they use in blackmail against us. Imagine the chaos if the Saudis pulled that half-trillion out in one day, and the Saudi also hold billions in oil revenue dollars which they threaten to convert to Euros, which would further damage the dollar.

3) Other Muslim governments like UAE, Kuwait, et cetera, have a extensive number of lobbyists to help pursue what they want from Congress. Remember those trade deals to sell our ports to the Persian gulf state of Dubai a year or so ago? Or Bill Clinton's 10-year $100 million consulting contract with the kingdom of Dubai. Folks the Muslims are busy buying every crooked politician they can find.

4) Lastly, pols from both political parties as well as the media are simply undereducated, or miseducated, and thus ignorant of the threat that Islam poses to the West. Forget the talking heads. Their staffs seem equally ignorant, and unfortunately, rely on the criminalCAIR for information of these things!

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