American Elitist Or Just Another Victim

THIS ELECTION IS NOT in the least bit funny, or in the bag for Obama or McCain, but I can guarantee you this election is a serious attack on what passes and fails the sniff test for common sense. Of course, the vote must go on, and to my distant friends and close enemies alike I admit that this lifelong registered Independent has decided to vote for common sense, even though my ambiguity is showing again. Ha! But I know who I am supporting in this election where party goons are not only in the pocket of big business and foul dictatorship dreamers, they speak the vocabulary of change as if tomorrow were just another yesterday. Still don't know who we are supporting?

Some things just can't be swept under the table...

Elitism or victimhood? Thugs by any other name. You make the call.

Meanwhile, here's a take on what's happening to the Obama-driven Democratic Party in terms of the colluding liberal MSM from one of the newly alienated Dems over at The Confluence:

BTW, guys, in the midst of the gross sexism going on, do not forget that there is a big element of classism going on as well. One of the reasons the press hated the Clintons so is that they were OUTSIDERS. They weren’t your usual Ivy League elites. They are hating Palin for the same reason (plus misogyny). She is not part of their little cocktail gossip circuit. Bill and Hill were white trash from podunk Arkansas in their eyes, and Palin is white trash from Alaska.

The press hates Bubbas with an astounding venom. And McCain just picked a female Bubba. Both Hillary and Palin are “double weenie threat” to the Georgetown Social Club. Not a fan of cocktail weenies, AND do not have weenies. So the press goes batshit, as do the loafered elites in the Dem party.

Not pretty, is it?

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