African Nations Under Seige

African Islamic Beat

African Islamic Beat

OIL-RICH NIGERIA, population 140-million, now is very close to an all-out"Islamic takeover', warn two Dutch MPs. And this would have a massive impact: from Nigeria, Africa's islamisation would spread fast—resulting in hundreds of millions of refugees.

This would have a massive impact on the future of all of Africa and of the West, warn Dutch parliamentarians Geert Wilders and Martin Bosma of the Party for Freedom, writing in an editorial in the Dutch religious daily, the Reformatorisch Dagblad.

A similar situation of course, also exists in Sudan on the Eastern side of the north-African continent: in this rudderless northern African state, the Jihadist-north's warlords are carrying out an ethnic-cleansing campaign against all the southern tribes, who are mostly animist and/or Christian followers. Nigeria and Sudan also have another important feature in common: Nigeria is rich in oil, and Sudan is located very strategically, straddling the shipping lanes to all the Middle-Eastern oil export terminals.

They said in their joint Dutch-language editorial that the international news media 'often describes such warfare erroneously as isolated conflicts, without placing any importance on the wide-ranging effects these 'isolated local conflicts' will have on any other countries, but especially on the West.

"A conflict is far too often described as a 'civil war', and journalists will write of 'religious tensions' or 'sectarian violence' - thus also constantly creating the immediate impression that these are mere dog versus cat fights which would not affect Western countries in the least.

"However, when one examines such 'civil wars' closely however, these often are imperialistic wars of conquest—in which Islam is always the engine which drives their stated end purpose of Islamic world dominance'.

Nigeria situation is very serious

"A very important expansion of this aggressive islamic war of conquest is now taking place in Nigeria. The situation there now is very serious and will have a most devastating effect on Africa and on the entire Western World."

Nigeria, they point out, has Africa's largest population, namely 140-million people. It also has the second-strongest economy on the African continent because of its oil and other minerals.

Islamic Apartheid: Sharia law:

"Already, in twelve of the 36 states of Nigeria, Sharia has already become the law^#151;this is the Islamic Apartheid law which discriminates against all non-muslims and which treats women as inferior creatures'.

"And once the Jihadists have gained the majority in only seven more Nigerian states, the federal government of Nigeria will be forced into adapting the country's constitution to include Sharia law—which means that in effect, all of Nigeria will then become an Islamic country'.

This damnable but mighty spirit of delusion continues to spread across the blue planet. Wake up, my sleeping ones. This is Good versus Evil, no less today than yesterday. The whole world stacked against Islam. Islam stacked against the rest of the world. But wait, nearly the entire planet joins up with Islam, each group goes along for its own short-sighted reasons. It's the economy, stupid. No, it's our dear political idealism. No, it's the peculiar lure of strange gods who promise us supremacy. The will to power. The blind and the maimed leading the blind and the maimed.

Will Islam actually achieve this Big Takeover? Will no nation under the sun finally rise up against these blood lust barbarians to extinguish this blood whore forever?

We've seen this movie somewhere. The plot line seems familiar. But few can quite remember the details. Those who remember cannot believe. Whether the nations continue to cling to its old ways of grubbing for gold at the expense of all else once held sacred, or whether the nations refuse to cling to its old ways, preferring to practice multicultural peace, love, and understanding instead of taking up arms to defend what is natural, the barbarians continue to creep into every camp.

If you were to ask the average Westerner what "civil war" in Nigeria, the "restive South" in Thailand, the MILF rebels in the Philippines, the newly-formed state of Kosovo, the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the London tube bombings, and riots in Sweden had in common, how many people would have the slightest idea?

Woe to those of us who will never know the difference between zero and nothing.

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