A Tale of Two Prayers

Islamic Protest

Typical Islamic Protest

And now we turn our attention back to that lovely army of misogynists who are being invited as immigrants into this country by the hordes. Of course, as many on the Left would add, "Not that there is anything wrong with that. After all, these people just want to serve their god, convert, enslave, or annihilate everyone else on the planet in service to that god, and isn't that so cute in these troubled times."

So here is a rather courteous Muslim prayer offer by a frequent commenter on Jihad Watch—a premier Web site for ongoing information about the global jihad soldiering on right now under the noses of everyone else who are far too busy with other erstwhile famous and frivolous affairs, including those of us who reject Mohammed and his barbaric totalitarian system of religion-cloaked oppression, as well as those who remain completely clueless to the threat, those who refuse to connect the goddamned dots despite the deluge of news seeping out from all corners of the globe, which is frequently ignored by our bankrupt laeders and media who dance to the cha ching of petromasters and such.

Here is the prayer to infidels offered up by a poster named Yemenman:

To you, here’s my prayer. No, I’m not praying for your death or destruction or disease. I am praying for something more, something that’ll gnaw your inside little by little until your death. Here goes: May you, haters of Islam...

See your daughter
Your young, innocent, light-skinned, beautiful daughter
Get the light and come into Islaam
And marry among the ranks of the Believers

A Hispanic convert just out of prison
Or, a hairy Pakistani from the mountains
Or, a huge black man from the African continent
Or, a big, wealthy, jovial Arab Sheikh (as his third or fourth wife)

And may your daughter give her full love, obedience, and submission to her husband
And bear him many children
And treat you as you deserve to be treated
May all of these be true in your lifetime

Allah the Greatest!

But wait! The blessings of free speech haven't ended there. Here is one response to that "wonderful" Islamic prayer:

May Islamic women leave Islam and marry real caring and loving infidel men who do not subjugate or threaten them, and may they live in peace in the world. May they bear many children with Infidels who will join to crush the death cult Islam and may they help to bring about real lasting peace on earth. God bless America and and all Infidels.

And another in response to the Muslim poster:

And let me add, you are sick in the head. Your rotten, monstrous, belief system is the reason. Your "prayer" alone shows how in league with Satan (Allah) you are. You are to be pitied, but you also MUST BE STOPPED.

May you, disciples of Muhammad,
See your daughters master productive skills
And rather than wear a bag
Marry into the ranks of the Jews and Christians

To men who know the meaning of self-restraint
And possess the strength to resist
The temptations of strange women
Whose elbows and neck are exposed.

May your daughters give them full love and equal partnership,
Bear them many children and raise them
To submit to no one who pretends
To rule in the name of God

Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis

Yes, you lovely renegades, the conflict is real. This is just idiocy, and has nothing to do with the concerns we have here about Islam. Now which side are you on?

To quote another patriot who calls himself Revere Rides Again, I've been fretting for months about being too hawkish, but it's now impossible to dodge the fact that the longer this is delayed the worse it will be. I mean that literally. All it will take is for Iran to either attack or respond to an Israili attack by taking out the Saudi oil supply and the economic balloon goes up as well.

My main concern is Iran because of all the reasons touched on by MR in the preivous post—and because they are the most overtly irrational players in a cast of wild-eyed lunatics. Their motives are so extreme and bizarre that they defy proper analysis even by some who recognize the danger in other Islamists. And while Pakistan is still in the race at this point my money is on Iran to light the fuse.

If we take Yemenman and other Islamists at their own words, then Jihad can be compared to a force of nature impervious to reason. But it is neither a tsunami nor a volcano in which the only course of action is to get out of the way until it subsides, nor is it a blizzard or hurricane which can be predicted, prepared for, and endured. It is rather a conflagration, a firestorm that must be fought, stopped from advancing, and extinguished—or it will continue to spread until it engulfs the world.


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