A Race To Nowhere

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Big Brother Is Watching You AND Me

AS AN AFRICAN AMERICAN, I'm amazed at how Obama has hookedwinked so many whites. There is a wealth of factual data out there, from his books, speeches, associations and even his wife's comments including her Princeton paper, that this guy has a large disdain for white people. Notwithstanding the fact that his mother was white. Do whites feel so guilty about our history as a nation that they will overlook these obvious facts and vote this deviant into office. America may not be perfect but show me another nation that would not like to be like us or people who would not want to live here.

Credit to a writer from VA known as Clinging to My Gun.

Update 2012

As a caucasian American, here's how I read the Obama tea leaves. On Jan. 22, a young woman in a socially conservative corner of southwestern Ohio received a blast email from Stephanie Cutter, a deputy campaign manager for Barack Obama. Years earlier, the young woman had registered for updates on Obama’s website, completing a form that asked for her email address and ZIP code...

But Cutter’s note to this young woman was something different. Cutter boasted of a new administration rule that would require insurance plans to fully cover contraception as part of the president’s health care reform law, and encouraged her recipients to see the policy as reason to rally around Obama’s re-election. “Think about how different that is from what the candidates on the other side would do,” Cutter wrote. “Our opponents have been waging a war on women’s health—attempting to defund Planned Parenthood, overturn Roe v. Wade, and everything in between.”

It was a message that sat well with the young Ohioan who received it. She was single, liberal, sensitive to medical costs—but she had never told the campaign any of those things. The one piece of information she had provided, her ZIP code...

This year’s looming innovations in campaign mechanics will be imperceptible to the electorate, and the engineers at Obama’s Chicago headquarters racing to complete Narwhal in time for the fall election season may be at work at one of the most important. If successful, Narwhal would fuse the multiple identities of the engaged citizen—the online activist, the offline voter, the donor, the volunteer—into a single, unified political profile....

Full data integration would allow the campaign to target its online communication as sharply as it does its offline voter contact. When it comes to sensitive subjects like contraception, the campaign could rely on its extensive predictive models of individual attitudes and preferences to find friendly recipients...

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