In The Name Of God, Who Goes There?


Promises In The Name Of Names...

Libertarians and statists stand at opposite poles. Their presiding essence is this: the statist seeing the rich man and his fine homes says, "No man should have this much." The libertarian seeing the same thing say, "All men should have as much."

Huey P. Long, "Every man a king." Yet the Kingfisher was a hard-boiled Louisiana Democrat and a ruthless statist, and once a big hero of mine (in my early 20s, after reading the new T. Harry Williams biography of Long (1970), giving me the satisfaction of the ends justifying the means in some very special cases (better calculated from hindsight's axiomatic 20/20 vision). However 35 years later, I'm nearly heart-broken to say, I'm beginning to lose faith in all men who dare to shame us and themselves by speaking in the name of government OR religion..

Or rock music, or fashion, or anything but LAW & ORDER on the streets and in the skyboxes and in the tabernacles and in the shopping centers and in our homes to include EVERY FIRST & EVERY LAST ONE OF US, so that we might hear the tiny voices of humility and liberty, of honor and nobility, of perseverance and resourcefulness within us...ourselves and others.

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