The Gall Of Simplicity

WE FOUND THIS SHORT ENTRY FULL OF amazing clarity and insight. Don't forget to check out the author's blog:

I saw one of these suboids interviewed in a recent Panorama or Frontline about the death of Bin Laden. As he was talking about killing it was obvious that his pleasure centers were lit up like the macy's fireworks and he went into some kind of romantic, blissed out state while fondling his kalishnikov. It wasn't just a show of what they ignorantly consider strength. He had genuine romantic feelings for that weapon and the death it could bring.

Ten thousand years of human civilization has passed that guy and the rest of the Taliban Neolithics by. While our ancestors were building the first cities his were sacking them. While ancient traders were spreading wealth and culture between east and west his were raiding their trade convoys.

Even the kalashnikov he loves so intenesly is testiment to what the civilized world can produce yet he consciously choses to fight for the return of the stone age. The dystopia he longs for would be incapable of creating even one part of his beloved weapon.

This really is a conflict between civilization and barbarism.

And yet we discover other unabashed harbingers of clarity voicing outrage against what seems to be an inspired caricature of an American presidency:

The short-form BC released in 2008 was supposed to be the original "one and only". Now the MSM gives this illegal alien muslim marxist bi-sexual abortion loving Israel hating Kenyan-born punk from Chicago a "do over" with this second different-looking long form BC which is now supposed to be the original "one and only". Anybody who actually refers to this fake phoney piece of garbage as president needs to have their head examined!! He has dual citizenship alright; citizen of England AND Indonesia!! This old school pot-head needs to be cuffed and perp-walked out of the WH straight into Gitmo with his mooselim bro's. The fact that this punk said America was not a Christian nation but could be considered one of the largest muslim nations is grounds enough for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to relieve him of command as Commander-in-Chief.

Party Of The First Part

We here at the Scenewash Project offered this article as a bread crumb...

...and were confronted by another attempt by a "universalist" friend to stall the game, transfer too much of the blame, and take a pass on the shame...

Music For Patriots
Poor petulant white brother, how might we comfort you?

Our response:

A black man wrote that piece, friend. So your response to his observation is your own world view in a word or two, comfort thyself white man, but beware, there are others who cannot no matter how much they try, so you must deny, defy, belie all fair chance and do it for them. Ah, the old white man's burden argument, all knotted up Gordian-style to keep tight the rope where one is one's one hangman...

You be the judge. But let's consider another false play by those who play tricks with the American value system, in this case Muslims who tend to identify themselves as Muslim Americans. Gloria Gilson writes:

We should only call Muslims as “Muslims who live in America,” NEVER EVER “Muslim Americans” or "American Muslims." No other faith believer so self-stylizes him/her|self in this manner. Methodist American, Christian American, Jewish American, Sikh American. None of that. Muslims do this as another avenue to push their political religion by co-opting the well-deserved decent-ness of America. In short, Muslims are stealing yet something else, this time our reputations.

Muslims are not Americans; they are not here for the opportunities and the freedoms that the concept of Americanism—limited government, personal responsibility—has given to so many. Rather, Muslims are here for colonization and conquest. They cannot be considered Americans because of their adoption of Islam. Sharia (total government) and American constitutional law (government contained/controlled by the people; hey, at least that's the theory) couldn’t be farther apart.

By their own admissions Muslims tell us repeatedly that their one and only allegiance is to Islam. On this score I believe them.

To be sure. It's no secret to thorough readers of our work that we prefer to call an American an American. But our particular generation of immigrant is in great numbers bringing with it a peculiar baggage we prefer to be left among the political reeds of one's origin when staking a claim on American soil and spirit. As Theodore Roosevelt wrote in 1919:

"In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the man's becoming in very fact an American, and nothing but an American...

"There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag, and this excludes the red flag, which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization, just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile...

"We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language...

"And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."

Turning Fishermen Into Garbagemen

When the fish are all gone...

WITH FLOATING HEAPS OF PLASTIC CHOKING the world's oceans and fishermen chaffing at new regulations meant to protect dwindling European fish stocks, a top EU official has proposed a clever idea that may help address both problems: Pay fishermen to catch plastic trash, rather than fish. EU fisheries chief Maria Damanaki has been under fire for the European Commission's plan to ban discards of edible fish. The practice is no small problem, The Guardian wrote this week:

Two-thirds of the fish caught in some areas is thrown back, usually dead, because fleets exceed their quota, unintentionally catch juveniles or species for which they lack a quota, or because they prioritize higher-value fish and throw away lesser species. About 1 million tons are thrown back each year in the North Sea alone.

Instead of caving in to the fishing-industry pressure on the issue, Damanaki has vowed to move forward with the discards ban—saying "time is running out" to make "radical reform"—while offering fishermen an alternative source of income. Under a trial project to start in the Mediterranean this month, fishermen will be equipped with special "nets to round up the plastic detritus that is threatening marine life, and send it for recycling," The Guardian wrote. The EU will initially subsidize the initiative, but the hope is that it could eventually become self-sustaining as fishermen make more money from the recycling itself.

Read it all.

It may be a step down in one's own personal psyche, to go from food supplier to garbage collector, but if it needs to be done, somebody's got to do it, and impoverished fisherman should step to the task, and get 'er done for decent wages, of course. Oops, that's government nee the people's money, but I've always said littering is one of the first signs of a dangerous personality though probably the most preventable of sins an individual can make.

The Poetry Of Dust To Dust, Osama Is Dead

Osama Bin Laden
Osama Bin Laden
THE CELEBRATION AND GENERAL REPORTAGE of Osama bin Laden is an American moment and an international swatch, because the bin Laden operatives murdered hundreds of Republicans, Democrats, Winsome Wingnuts, various Christians, Jews, Muslims and a conflagration of other travelers and players, all educated and dramatized for the Cause in different flavors and cultural contexts on that fateful date—September 11, 2001.

And it goes without saying that the Media Left's clownish bias is showing up once again with typical hubris and vitriol, while the Right, say WE THE PEOPLE, stays in their spirit-branded patriot's box, giving credit where credit is due—to the flesh and blood military, not the aloof, patently cold-blooded president, who typically fails not to deny himself a lion's share of the "strategery" which finally flushed out, then snuffed out the patriarch of al-Qaeda with a bullet in the head achieved over the body of a servile woman "the illustrious Islamic warrior" had grabbed in the heat of combat for protection.

But there are serious issues with the"official" version of this happy killing, subsequent burial, and speechmaker's spin that reek of typical Obama handling of American moments...

Yep, to have become one is to become one. Some say so many mysteries in the making, the faking, the forsaking of an (fill-in-the-blank) president...carnival barkers need not apply.

Bin Laden buried at sea? Junior needs to pony up with a few unarguable facts. Yes, I know that facts no longer exist, but let's be audacious here for a moment. Is the Donald now not off the front pages? Ah, the famous Clinton wag, it's the latest new dance craze (from the fink and folly think tanks of your nearest wink and wear all too weary political campus...

"My how big your teeth are!" exclaimed Little Red Riding Hood, now retro-fitted and color-matched to one of Henry Ford's shiny new Model-T, oops that's haraam, no crosses in Islam, to a burqa, one size fits all, while DEATH TO THE INFIDEL, belloweth the wolf in sheep's metal...

May we please insist upon the choice of congressman and retired Colonel Allen West for president, VP minimum? I see where the brains behind Obama is positioning General David "Don't Burn the Qu'ran, Somebody Might Get Hurt" Petraeus for successorship or at least floating him in torqued readiness to neutralize West, if something goes awry with the Obama campaign.

If accused, I'll just have to admit that despite the consequences of my acts, this is just the initial phase of those nasty thoughts I intuit behind all these latest White House maneuverers.

Hey Martha, where's that aluminum foil you saved from the lasagna last night. I need a greasy new metallic hat 'cos my last one was struck by lightening, leaving me these seven scabs I have now on my head, but I ain't done. Fact is, Martha dear, I'm just getting started.

Dust to dust, Osama is dead. End of poetic justice. Now, let's get down to the nuts and bolts of saving western civilization from dar al-Harb. We can start by abandoning the Middle East, and the Camp of Islam to fend for itself. Returning to America first, we must strengthen ourselves, right and left, right and wrong, hawks and doves for the real war which is churlishly creeping into our lands and our homes...

And I'm an optimist. Peace will follow. But I have a feeling the dark prince of butchery, mankind put into his proper place, once again, will not be neglected. We have all heard the false prophets of peace in the market who all promise—ALL IS FINE. Just move along, folks, all is fine.

Reminds me of a talking donkey.