Fear And Self-Loathing In Hollywood

AS SOMEONE WITH MORE than a passing interest in WW2, I immediately recognised the similarities between the Imperial Japanese and Islam, not just the obvious Kamikaze attacks and suicide bombers, but the overall mindset of the Japanese. Until the mid 19th century, Japan was in a state of medieval isolation and only became industrialized after been opened up by the West. Determined to compete with the West, Japan went through a rapid industrial revolution and produced a modern army that was sent on the rampage in China and south east Asia, but modernity was only a veneer around a still, medieval core.

The rampages by the Japanese army were purely medieval in their hysteria, fanaticism and sadistic use of samurai swords and bayonet and the ''Rape of Nanking'' was something out of the European Hundred Years War. The Japanese were irrational, hysterical and emotionally immature and very similar to the Muslims—it took General Curtis LeMay and the A bombs to put an end to their rape and pillage spree and give them an attitude ajustment that they'll never forget—they've been convinced democrats ever since and it will probably take something similar to make Muslims into lovers of democracy.

"We sent a clear message to the West regarding the red lines that should not be crossed."

THAT WAS THE ARROGANT DECLARATION of victory from the Organization of the Islamic Conference nearly two years ago, regarding the shrewdly orchestrated Muslim mayhem around the world protesting such infidel abominations as the Danish Muhammad cartoons and Geert Wilders' short film Fitna.

"Red lines" indeed—a phrase chillingly reminiscent of Samuel Huntington's famous observation that "Islam has bloody borders." Except that the red lines the OIC is referring to aren't geographical—they are the ever-tightening limits that Muslim fundamentalists are imposing to choke off our freedoms.

The influential OIC is the world's largest Muslim assembly, consisting of 57 member states (you know, the same number of U.S. states candidate Obama campaigned in). Its primary aim is "conducting a large-scale worldwide effort to confront Islamophobia." (As I've written here before, Islamophobia is a mythical beast that the OIC and collusive groups like CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, use to intimidate us into craven appeasement.)

well, the time has come for Hollywood to stop placating these murderous zealots in its usual way, with knee-jerk self-censorship, and to draw a line in the sand of our own, against religious totalitarianism. In the absence of any government acknowledgement that fundamentalist Islam is a serious threat to our way of life, the entertainment industry must rally behind Parker and Stone, and take the lead in a cultural counteroffensive against the jihadists.
Their goal is to abridge our free speech by making criticism of Islam an international crime; their strategy works because the West has been so emasculated by multiculturalism that we'd rather embrace cultural suicide than offend the tender sensibilities of such violent barbarians as the Danish cartoon rioters.

Everyone is aware by now that Comedy Central's South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone were targeted by a not-so-subtle threat from Zachary "Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee" Chesser, the leader of a small New York-based group of fanatics at RevolutionMuslim.com. Chesser found the fearless South Park satirists guilty of an insulting depiction of Islam's prophet Muhammad as someone who—wait for it—cannot be depicted without incurring death threats.

To drive his point home, Chesser posted a picture of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh lying on an Amsterdam sidewalk, shot several times in broad daylight by an unrepentant Islamic fundamentalist, his throat cut, a machete stuck in his chest and a note calling for holy war pinned to him with a second knife. The message was clear—van Gogh had been executed for insulting Islam with his short film Submission, and now Parker and Stone can expect the same fate.

The site RevolutionMuslim.com is now down, but at the related RevolutionMuslim.blogspot.com is an exhaustingly wide-ranging, unapologetic declaration with the catchy title, "Clarifying the South Park Response and Calling on Others to Join in the Defense of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)."

Far from backing off from the implied threat, the declaration's poster—presumably Chesser—launches into an anti-American rant and a scholarly justification for Islam's position that the punishment for blasphemy is death. He stresses that it is absolutely incumbent upon all Muslims to abide by sharia law, so any Muslim who "condones" South Park's behavior does not possess "even the weakest of faith."

So much for moderate Islam. But what about freedom of speech?

"As Muslims we do not define speech which has no place in a moral society as 'free speech.'" Indeed, free speech "is not a value that the Muslims share with America as a whole." The declaration closes with an ominous quote from Chesser's idol Osama bin Laden: "If there is no check in the freedom of your words, then let your hearts be open to the freedom of our actions." Well there it is, then. We can either curb our speech, or cross that red line and deal with the consequences from Muslims who are commanded, by Islamic law, to execute us.

In reporting on this controversy, the media have, as usual, resorted to their fallback narrative of describing Islamic fundamentalists as "loners" and "crazy people" who have hijacked what would otherwise be the Religion of Peace. The danger in these dismissive labels is that we mistakenly view the terrorists as isolated nut jobs, when in fact they are united by a common goal—the capitulation of the West and the establishment of sharia worldwide—and they are perfectly capable of articulating and ideologically justifying it. Whether the dozen or so members of Revolution Muslim and the 57-member states of the OIC are officially linked or not, they are working toward the same end.

Unless Americans stand shoulder-to-shoulder against such assaults on our hard-won Western values, Islamic fundamentalists will continue to be more effective at importing sharia law than we are at exporting democracy.
CAIR's ubiquitous spokesperson Ibrahim Hooper calls Revolution Muslim "an extreme fringe group" that is smearing Islam with its "outrageous, irresponsible" statements. But CAIR hasn't issued a formal statement about the affair, ostensibly because it doesn't want to give South Park any more attention. Too bad, because amid all this uproar, CAIR is throwing away a golden opportunity to explain exactly how these "crazies" have "hijacked" the religion. This would be the perfect time to discredit their "outrageous, irresponsible" distortions, wouldn't it? And to stand with the South Park creators in defense of free speech?

Instead, Hooper would rather move on because "people are pretty tired of this whole 'Let's insult the prophet Muhammad thing.'" They are? I wasn't aware that there even was a "whole 'Let's insult the prophet Muhammad thing.'" It's not like it was ever a wildly popular fad, since anyone deemed to have insulted Muhammad ordinarily ends up dead or living under 24-hour guard.

Actually Mr. Hooper, what people are pretty tired of is Islamic violence and open intimidation, attacks on our freedoms and rights, and false charges of racism and Islamophobia. What people are pretty tired of, in short, is the whole, "Let's behead those who insult Islam thing."

The Los Angeles Times claims that such threats present a dilemma for media companies, who are "struggling to balance free speech with safety concerns and religious sensitivities." This is giving them way too much credit. The media and the entertainment industry care absolutely nothing about religious sensitivities; if anything, they normally delight in mocking and sneering at faith, especially Christianity. But they treat Islam with kid gloves because, as Fox's Bill O'Reilly said, "these people are killers and they will kill you."

Nor do media companies care about free speech except when it suits them. They shut down politically inconvenient truths, such as Disney/ABC's shameful suppression of The Path to 9/11 miniseries, which I have written about here. And they fold (like a Bedouin tent, as Mark Steyn hilariously put it) at the first hint of Muslim disapproval. No amount of Christian offense would compel Comedy Central to rein in South Park's depiction of Jesus defecating on the American flag, but in the wake of the Revolution Muslim threat, Comedy Central decided to bleep over any subsequent reference to "Prophet Muhammad," and his visual portrayal was replaced with a black "Censored" bar. There's a reason Islam means "submission," and Comedy Central has exemplified it.

Fear is its own metaphor...
And as for media companies' "safety concerns": every time they cave in to Islamist threats of violence, the terrorists win, as the corny saying goes. It quite simply encourages our enemy to ramp up the threats, which then endangers even more innocents.

The OIC boasted about "red lines that should not be crossed" - well, the time has come for Hollywood to stop placating these murderous zealots in its usual way, with knee-jerk self-censorship, and to draw a line in the sand of our own, against religious totalitarianism. In the absence of any government acknowledgement that fundamentalist Islam is a serious threat to our way of life, the entertainment industry must rally behind Parker and Stone, and take the lead in a cultural counteroffensive against the jihadists.

Unless Americans stand shoulder-to-shoulder against such assaults on our hard-won Western values, Islamic fundamentalists will continue to be more effective at importing sharia law than we are at exporting democracy. We must stand for our principles and freedoms with an even greater degree of unwavering fervor and cultural pride than the jihadists possess. Or make no mistake, we will all be witness to the slow, humiliating death of Western civilization.

Authored by Mark Tapson

The West must come to an understanding and finally prepare into every strategy that theocratic Islam is itself the deadly culpit, the dark evil, the unabashed enemy that we must defeat in this fight for survival. Jamie Glasov has conducted a telling interview with Nicolai Sennels, a Danish psychologist who worked for several years with young criminal Muslims in a Copenhagen prison. He is the author of Among Criminal Muslims. A Psychologist’s Experience from the Copenhagen Municipality. This interview is a good start for those who still don't get it...

Holder And Obama Ignore Subpoena

Obama Gladhanding
Obama Gladhanding
"A group of politicians deciding to dump a President because his morals are bad is like the Mafia getting together to bump off the Godfather for not going to church on Sunday."
Russell Baker

THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION SAID TUESDAY it would provide more information to the Congress about the Fort Hood military post shootings but true to past form continued to defy a subpoena request for witness statements and other documents. No word on what Congressman Darrell Issa's oversight committee will do next. After reading the presentation on Islam that Major Nidal Hasan gave to his professional colleagues, one even mildly educated in the form can easily declare the assassin's appeal to the massacre was classic Islam; in other words, there was nothing remotely 'radical' about it.

His testament to Islam is clearly stated in the Qu'ran, with supporting Hadiths and Sira— Islam's core texts prescribing an Islam that has been has carried out for almost 1,400 years throughout most of Europe, north and central Africa, the Near and the Far East, and is now making its way into the Americas with unfortunate ease success, thanks to a hapless host strategically softened by a lack of political will maintained by the treachery of the multiculturalist's creed.

Make no bones about it, Islam is a violent, intolerant, seditious, degrading ideology because its founder was a warlord and mass murderer; therefore, the conduct of those committing Jihad is entirely in keeping with the 'inspiration' of Muhammed whom the Qu'ran calls "an excellent model of conduct" and "an exalted standard of character".

There are two compelling reasons why the Left does not want people to know the facts about Islam and Muhammed, in particular:

if most people knew the full facts of his life, and what he did and taught, the public everywhere would not only refuse to tolerate Islam, the public would also refuse to tolerate the craven, cowardly surrender of our freedoms to this cult, wholly rejecting our accommodation to Muslims demanding acquiescence to their Sharia law in our own lands. That crystalized moment of clarity would lead to demands that Islam be condemned and perhaps even lead to an indictment of all Muslims, easing the way to deportation, however ugly or painful the process.

Adherents to Islam belong to an ideology that mandates death for apostates, a status that denies the individual full freedom of speech and conscience. Islam also mandates for wife-beating (Qu'ran 4:34), polygamy, female genital mutilation and pedophilia. The Qu'ran allows for child brides by stipulating that a man can divorce a wife who is too young to have begun menstruating and, most damning of all, because Muhammed is recorded in at least 12 Hadiths as having married Aisha when she was 6 and consummated it when she was 9 and he was 54. Islam also mandates for death for homosexuals and adulterers. Most of these mandates are found within either the Qu'ran itself or the Hadiths of Bukhari.

None of this is acceptable to Americans or to any Westerners of good conscience, and so the Left helps to silence any discussion of Islam. The second reason is that the Left itself hates the West, despises Christianity with a vengeance and is exceedingly jealous of capitalism in its frothing pursuit of social justice as defined by its patron saints, Marx and Mao, and thus uses the alien, hostile ideological force of Islam as shock troops in its assault, especially since part of Islamic Jihad involves 'emigration' (hijra) which historically is a stepping stone to Jihad and along with its demographic swell, paves the way for demanding compliance with Sharia and eventually dominating non-Muslim areas.

Neither Republican or Democrat officials are fulfilling with honor the critically important job we have hired them to do.

It’s easy to see without looking too far
That not much is really sacred...

Therefore, it is our mandate as an informed citizenry to be more vigilant in the future when we select our leaders and representatives. This mandate informs is the Tea Party inertia. Americans must quit the finger-pointing and stand tough with the times we now find ourselves nearly in breach of destiny as we stumble among ourselves as orphans and widows of the constitutional framework our founding fathers so struggled to conceive, having lost both the spirit and perspiration that helped American sons and daughters defeat the Nazis and the Japanese aggressors just a few generations ago.

It's a sad state of affairs when President Barack Obama has plenty of time to launch an attack against a state government law and tamper with the US Army's prayer service and host Muslim entrepreneurship summits despite his repeated rebuffs of his own supposed faith, but is willing to DEFY a subpoena request to protect what? a killer? or some information he and his administration don't want to be outed? Doesn't it seem that somebody has all its chips invested in this "angry white men are the biggest terror threat to America" meme?

For the clear-thinking patriot, with each passing incident at high levels of this government, only one conclusion can be reached. We are being governed with heavy hand by a dangerous administration, who, along with the horde of pugnacious sycophants who still support it, will continue to press their destructive agenda forward. Are we calling for an impeachment process? No sir, that would be premature, but we can surely hear the tumbleweed rumblings just down the road, and I fear what wreckage we should meet should things turn even more sour than they are in our government corridors today. The bottom line is simple: we must every one of us, Tea Party or not, demand a far greater standard of leader...

The Ancient Roots Of Platonist Statism

"I see pieces of men marching, trying to take heaven by force;
I can see the unknown rider, I can see the pale white horse"

Bob Dylan

The fight in this country is not between left and right, but between liberty and tyranny. Big government Hamiltonian progressivism vs small-government Jeffersonian democratic-republicanism. It's nothing new. It's as old as the Nimrod vs Abrahamic styles of government.

Ron Jones, The Jones Family

Karl Popper

To review the poisonous roots of Plato and his ideological state, read Karl Popper's two books on The Open Society and Its Enemies. Popper of course, is generally regarded as one of the greatest philosophers of science of the 20th century, primarily for his rejection of the classical inductivist views on the scientific method, in favour of empirical falsification: A theory in the empirical sciences can never be proven, but it can be falsified, meaning that it can and should be scrutinized by decisive experiments. If the outcome of an experiment contradicts the theory, one should refrain from ad hoc manoeuvres that evade the contradiction merely by making it less falsifiable. However, he also made a great contribution to political discourse, just as well-recognized known for his vigorous defence of liberal democracy and the principles of social criticism that he came to believe made a flourishing "open society" possible, as he was for his scientific breakthrough.

I remember early fall 2000, sitting in a fast food joint eating my burger when I overheard two old men a table over chatting about the upcoming election. Neither were rock solid in their decision yet, although they seemed poised to split their vote between Bush and Gore. However, I heard one of them say that he didn't think he could vote for Bush because he didn't think that Americans should elect dynasties, pointing out the Kennedy family example with the presumption America would have been better off without that particular dynasty. "They begin to act like kings," he added.

I left amused and enlightened by their conversation but metaphorically pulled the lever for George Bush the younger that year, nevertheless. However, after doughnut holes, no child left behind, and nation-building of an inadequate kind, I'd absconded by the time the next presidential tally rolled around. Just don't go away thinking I voted for Kerry. That would have been stupid, and your part and mine. I did learn however that paying close attention to politics hardly earns one a better take on the candidates or the vitriolic process of governing than simply swinging for the fences from the plate of ideological reguritation, a hollow position re-enforced again upon me just seventeen months ago. Will political truth always remain so compromised I wonder...
Gabriel Thy

Valley Of Virtual Decision Making

"Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing?"

Valley Of Virtual Decision Making
Yea, though I walk through the lonesome valley of virtual decision making, I shall lead from on high, and I shall fear no embarrassment...

These things are only to be expected in the life cycle of an empire. The forces striving to bring about World Government are responsible for this. Empires expand and seek to incorporate differing peoples, tribes, states and nations within their growing boundaries. Private religion is no problem in a world with no borders. All empires must have an official policy or mechanism to provide stability.

There is a rush towards the "end of history". Any thought that endangers peace and stability must be removed by the controlling interests of power or the ruling elite, if you will. The transformational period that we are witnessing and living in will continue in earnest for probably another 15 years.

This time will be fraught with increasing crisis, chaos, conflict, and creative destruction. It is the desire of powerfull men and kings of the earth to bring their order out of the chaos of the old order. The only thing to be done is to remain true to the first and greatest commandment and the second which is like unto it. Your enemy wants to divide and cause hatred so he can step in to control. Be angry and sin not.

—Woodpecker, CO

As my engineering teacher said, engineering is a quiet profession. He told us that the styrofoam containers McDonalds used to put their quarter pounders in did less damage than the new cardboardy ones. He also said there were more single car accidents involving little cars, than big ones (comfort problem?). If earth was that fragile, it would not have been able to support life. I would suggest to anyone with about an hour to tune into Michael Crichton's complexity theory lecture on his website. He does an excellent job of walking through the failure of us humans to understand and accept the complexity of our busy, active planet. If nothing else, look at the USGS website on earthquake stats. Here is just one that will surpise a lot of people:

Alaska is the most earthquake-prone state and one of the most seismically active regions in the world. Alaska experiences a magnitude 7 earthquake almost every year, and a magnitude 8 or greater earthquake on average every 14 years. The number of hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, lighting strikes, etc. that happen on our planet mean it is continually changing and very active. We only hear about the ones that are huge, or effect our own lives.

—Beckett, DE

Crichton's complexity theory is a valuable read for anyone still confused by FA Hayek's defense of capitalism against statism.

Turning Back the Beast

"Now Jesus don't like killin'
No matter what the reason's for,
And your flag decal won't get you
Into Heaven any more."

John Prine

"Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth;
I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.

Yeshua the Nazarene

I have been made victorious by terror!"

Sharia Blood sport
Blood sport

A CIVILIAN EMPLOYEE at the Camp Lejeune Marine Base in North Carolina has won his battle to display anti-Islamic decals on his van while driving on the base.

Jesse Nieto, whose son was among 16 sailors killed in the 2000 terror attack against the USS Cole, had used the windows of his car as a place of tribute to his son. He displayed a gold star (a symbol of death in combat), a combat action ribbon, and the message: “Remember the Cole, 12 Oct. 2000.”

But Mr. Nieto also used his vehicle to express his opinion of those who killed his son. Decals proclaimed: “Islam = Terrorism,” “We Died, They Rejoiced,” and a picture of the US flag with the words: “Disgrace My Countries [sic] Flag And I Will [defecate] On Your Quran.”

He also displayed a decal picture of Calvin (from the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon) urinating on a cartoon illustration of the Prophet Mohammed. The Mohammed illustration was a re-creation of one of the cartoons that provoked Muslim protests against a Danish newspaper and sparked an assassination plot against the cartoonist.

After seven years with these messages on his car, someone on the base complained. Nieto was ordered to remove them. He removed the most offensive decals, but was later cited again for violating a base traffic regulation that prohibits the display of “extremist, indecent, sexist, or racist messages” on motor vehicles.

Nieto, a Marine combat veteran, decided to fight back. In a lawsuit filed in federal court in North Carolina he claimed a First Amendment free speech right to express his opinion of Islam and Islamic terrorists.

Government lawyers countered that a military base is not an open public forum like a town hall meeting or a public park. The base commander is entitled to enact and enforce reasonable restrictions on speech when open debate or protests might disrupt the military’s mission, they argued.

Nieto’s lawyer, Robert Muise of the Thomas More Law Center, countered that government restrictions of speech must be viewpoint neutral and not just aimed at silencing speech critical of Islam. He argued that the base regulation would not ban decals praising Islam, only those critical of Islam. Last week, Senior US District Judge Malcolm Howard ruled for Nieto. He said the base regulation was not being enforced in a neutral manner and was therefore unconstitutional as applied to Nieto.

“The fact that [Nieto’s] message may be extremely offensive to some is not a sufficient basis for banning [his] decals,” Judge Howard wrote.

“While the military may have greater leeway in restricting offensive material in furtherance of securing order and discipline among its troops,” he said, “it may not do so in a manner that allows one message while prohibiting the messages of those who can reasonably be expected to respond.”

To Nieto, the fight was about more than just protecting free speech, Muise said. “Here is a Marine dad who lost his son to terrorists,” the lawyer said. “It is not just the First Amendment, for him it is more. For him it is the way he is mourning the loss of his son.”

Muise said the case was a result of “political correctness run amok” on a military base. “What is refreshing, is that the judge saw through this political correctness nonsense and applied the law straight up,” he said.

Reprinted with relish from the April 7, 2010, online issue of the Christian Scientist Monitor. Author is Warren Richey.

And a special thanks to the continuing good work emanating from the Thomas Moore Center in its legal fight and push back for free speech against the CAIR-backed Islamicists who seek to destroy the West from within.

Judge Malcolm Howard is also to be commended for his perceptive decision in the Nieto case. Seems simple, but in this poisonous PC multiculturalist environment, even the simple is being turned on its head in order to weaken in the struggle against the advancing enemies of statism and Islam. We must turn back the beast.

US Army Surrenders To Enemy, Again

Well, first he's in the background, then he's in the front,
Both eyes are looking like they're on a rabbit hunt.
Nobody can see through him,
No, not even the Chief of Police.
You know that sometimes Satan comes as a man of peace.

Bob Dylan

We live in a political world
Where courage is a thing of the past

Bob Dylan

The Ummah, The Caliphate

WHILE THE PENTAGON DUMPS on Franklin Graham, here's a clarifying article from the Washington Times which shows us who's running the show nine years after the atrocities of September 11...

Since all of Guantanamo's inmates, mirabile dictu, happen to be members of the same famed band of Muslim extremists, the Army has seen fit to distribute Korans. So far, so good, I guess. But the Army doesn't just distribute its Korans like any other religious book. That is, the Bible may get passed around, rifled through, dropped, tossed and stuffed into hotel room drawers. But not the Koran. According to Army policy, the standard operating procedure is: "Handle the Koran as if it were a fragile piece of delicate art."

What's going on here? By official order, a whole lot of "respecting the dignity of the Koran." According to Section 6-5-c(3), should a Koran need to be removed from a detainee's cell—you know, carried somewhere—and the detainee is personally unable to move it (best option), and the Muslim chaplain, librarian and interpreter are also unable to move it (second-best option), then the U.S. Army guard, as a very last resort, may take action—but only "after approval by the DOC (who notes this in the DIMS)."

Then the insanity really begins. The guard is directed to don "clean gloves ... in full view of the detainees prior to handling." He must use "two hands ... at all times when handling the Koran in a manner signaling respect and reverence." Why "respect" alone isn't abundantly sufficient isn't mentioned. While signaling two-handed respect and reverence, however, the guard must be mindful that "care should be used so that the right hand is the primary one used to manipulate any part of the Koran due to the cultural association with the left hand."

It goes on. There's more "reverent manner," more instructions for conveying the book inside a "clean, dry detainee towel." The cockeyed picture is clear. But it doesn't explain what's going on.

At first glance, this scene may seem to exemplify a bizarre excess of good manners, an absurdly obsequious respect for a largely foreign faith. Since when does the United States specifically direct its soldiers to show two-handed "reverence" in the handling of any religious book? But it seems to me that there's more behind this charade. The "clean gloves" and "detainee" towels are the tip off. The fact is, under Islamic law, non-Muslims are deemed unfit to touch the Koran. That much is generally known. What is not usually considered is the reason: According to the Islamic law, we are unclean.

The term is "najis." On the multilingual Web site of the Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Husseini al-Sistani, the leading Iraqi Shi'ite cleric, there is a catalogue of Islamic laws (www.sistani.org). This includes a list of "najis things." There are 10, beginning with an assortment of excretions and body fluids—obvious stuff that really shouldn't need special mention. On the "najis" list with urine, feces, etc., are the pig, the dog and the "kafir." That means the Christian, the Jew, the unbeliever in Islam—and chances are, the Gitmo guard.

In effect, then, with its official policy of clean gloves and detainee towels, the military is promoting, enabling and accepting the Islamic concept of najis—the unclean infidel—a barbarous notion that has helped fuel the blood lust of jihad and the non-Muslim subjugation of dhimmitude. Our soldiers are many things: self-sacrificing, bold, loyal and true. They are not unclean.

Is this political correctness run amok? Not exactly. It's something else again, a new threat from within that needs vigilant redress. PC is about victimology, the elevation of perceived victim groups to the canonical pantheon. The Gitmo rules are more blatantly about surrender, a voluntary, self-extinguishment, a spreading condition of denial of what is right and worth standing for. Not what you expect from the United States Southern Command.

One doesn't have to be a Franklin Graham or even a Jesus Christ fanatic to recognize that this unfortunate move by the Pentagon only fuels the taqiyya-inspired oil-financed Islamic ascendancy increasingly marked by bolder and bolder encroachments into weakened kafir territories witnessed globally, territories crippled with jihad.

Mr. Graham is nobody's fool. We can applaud his unapologetic stance in choosing truth and love over submission to the duplicitous and wicked death cult as Islamic forces slither its power tentacles into every nook and cranny it seeks to paralyze, torture, and dominate with its sharia impulses...

What is the purpose of pretending that Christianity with all its faults is not diametrically opposed to Islam with all its faults. There's no reason to extrapolate here again what we can only interpret as pure evil, given the historical record, and as the History Channel puts it, history being made every day.

Muslims? Dunno. I'll take them as I find them, but with a strong dose of caution, not so much with a wink but with a scowl. Humans are the hardware. Ideology is the software. Evil generates its juice from many dark places. But in the case of the Religion of Peace, it's simply the ideology, stupid.

We don't have to return to the Inquisition days when bad acts were performed in the name of Christianity. The contrast between modern Christianity and Islam couldn't be more stark. Right now, this very day, tens of millions of Muslim women and young girls, and in some places, young boys, live in terror of the men of Islam.

Muslim females are subjected to unbelievable oppression while being treated as little more than chattel. Islam, as practiced every single day across the planet, sanctions female genital mutilation, honor killings, public flogging of women, and many more brutal, disgusting and degrading acts against women and children. All religiously and tribal sanctioned, without question for over 1400 years.

These terrifying acts against their own families and tribesmen are not anomalies. There is no freedom of choice, or protection by the law. This terror is the law, sharia law, the deeply ingrained by-product of a sick and perverted cult founded by a sick and perverted warlord from the seventh century.

The veracity of our time is the current struggle between Islam and the Western world where Judeo-Christian principles are dominant. All religions are not equal and are certainly not deserving of equal respect.

Our moral codes originated in religion. The Western world owes an immense debt of gratitude to the Judeo-Christian tenets which undergird our societies and way of life. Life is always a work in progress.

Look at how Muslim infiltration into Great Britain and France has divided those countries. Radical Islam must not be allowed to establish a beachhead in the United States. We should be comforted instead by the belief that most Americans would fight to the death to stop this madness disguised as the perfect religion called Islam. The election of Barack Obama and his shape shifting radical policies has placed our nation at the greatest peril we have faced to date as a free nation, bar none. May God be with us.

Pointed threats, they bluff with scorn
Suicide remarks are torn
From the fool’s gold mouthpiece the hollow horn
Plays wasted words, proves to warn
That he not busy being born is busy dying

As some warn victory, some downfall
Private reasons great or small
Can be seen in the eyes of those that call
To make all that should be killed to crawl
While others say don’t hate nothing at all
Except hatred

It’s easy to see without looking too far
That not much is really sacred...
Bob Dylan

You talk about day
I'm talking 'bout night time
When the monsters call out
The names of men
Bob Dylan knows
And I bet Alan Freed did
There are things in night
That are better not to behold
Marc Bolan

Alan Keyes Speaks To Dayton Tea Party

DR. ALAN KEYES IN ROUSING SPEECH taunts crowd to leave the comforts of yesterday and stand up against those who would seal their fates by trampling on the US Constitution...