When Is Class Warfare Just Plain Common Sense?

Philosopher Ayn Rand

CNBC POSTED A POLL on their "Squawk On The Street" module questioning whether one felt better about job security after hearing the President's SOTU speech last night. Here's one comment that struck a chord with me from a commenter called Youknowme:

I don't feel better about job security, but I do have more hope than I did a month ago. At least he's beginning the long road of reform that we need in compensation (because CEOs simply don't deserve 300 times more than they made 20-30 years ago). What are they, supermen? Last time I checked they need their middle managers and working class to run operations. Their so called "leadership" is incredibly inflated. I understand that having a competent CEO is important to the company's success but that doesn't mean that the CEOs now are 300 times better and smarter than the ones 20-30 years ago.

However, gimme a widdle time here..im finkin...im finkin..and it's urting my widdle bwain...

A valid point, one I have been making for nearly two decades now. As much as I admire our "objectivist" philosopher for her vigorous stand against the pernicious methods and goals of the Communists, Ayn Rand just doesn't account for the perils of excessive greed or pure evil and the snarling matrices of aggressive fascism possible in her worldview, and of course this is due to the same flaw as other grand illusions, the flaw generally known as human nature. Man is simply not always as moral as our idealists would prefer. A quick glance at their own flawed lives should be enough to put the question of perfect morality to rest.

We all know by now it was the banks with grins and government nudging who created this financial mess, yet the individual players are paying few if any reciprocating personal penalties for these mistakes. This disconnect from the cause and effect realities dominating our own lives tends to exacerbate the irrelevancy most of us are feeling with regards to this administration.

The economy is frozen tundra, so it appears that the American people have yet begun to fight.


John Malichky is a commenter over at Think Progress, and outnumber by piss ants, he nevertheless stands tall to make a few great points about about mostly great system, and other points which draw claw from a few buffoons, including myself. He starts out with smarts. "I bet you have never owned a business. Go out and try to run a business making 18 cents on a sandwich and see if you can afford to bump up your expenses. Burger King owners almost revolted last year because the corporate office was setting the prices too low and they were LOSING MONEY on each burger they were selling (even while having entirely minimum wage workers). We both know that the only reason people eat fast food is because it is cheap. Raise the cost of labor will raise the cost of the food and then no one will eat there when it isn't cheap anymore. McDonalds and Burger King are not run by CEOs. The CEO just sells products to the individually run stores. Minimum wage doesn't affect them at all except all the owners that they sell to (who generally only make $80K or $100K per store if they are lucky) will be out of business. Also, I don't watch Fox or any other news, but I do have an economics degree. I consider myself a Libertarian.

"James Reid, you should take a minute to google something at lease before you make a fool of yourself (again). Any quick google search will show you that the vast majority of fast food franchises are privately owned (thus no CEO like you so ignorantly suggested and no LOL billions in profits). I don't think there is even a fast food place in the world that makes $700,000 a year. Most make far far less. Here are all the hoops you have to jump through just to own a store that will probably earn you $100,000 a year if you are lucky.

"Then you have to learn or consider another term called OPPORTUNITY COST. If you are a baseball player with $5 million in the bank, do you put $1 million of that aside for a McDonald's franchise that used to earn $70k - $120k a year with the old minimum wages (will be much less with higher minimum wage) or do you take that $1 million and invest it in land, stocks, bonds, or a high end restaurant? Only a moron would think that the people who own these individual fast food places make millions. The McDonalds CEO doesn't pay minimum wage workers, he just collects franchise fees from the individual owners when they start and then he sells them all the buns, burgers, and fries. Raising the minimum wage will undoubtedly hurt him also in that far fewer people will want to own a franchise, thus hurting his sales of buns, burgers, and franchise fees. But you have the whole situation messed up in your mind. I'm glad I was able to set you straight on how businesses are actually run.

"CEOs of large companies generally get paid about $0.000001 per unit sold or less (i.e. NOTHING in compared to the billion dollar decisions they make). Doubling wages from $7 to $15 an hour would cost some large companies BILLIONS of dollars. Most CEOs make about $5-$10 million and work as slaves for 20-30 years and 12 hours a day making $80k a year to get to that level. If CEOs of large companies didn't take any pay and gave all that money to their employees in the form of higher wages, there wouldn't be a single company that would see workers make even $0.25 more per hour. Your sense of scale and costs is all screwed up.

"Ana Eugenia Martinez, CEOs don't own McDonalds franchises. Raising the minimum wage doesn't affect their pay at all. The franchise owners do not make millions. I've seen their tax returns. Many barely make a profit at all. The increased costs would have to be passed along to the consumer in terms of higher costs. Would you pay $4 for a Big Mac?

"They also appear on business/stock market investment shows, but the liberal media doesn't want to talk about that. They try to discredit what they are saying because they know liberals hate anything that has to do with Fox News. James Reid, the problem is that people like you confuse profit with greed. If a company doesn't make profit, it no longer exists. So profit is good. It means that people have jobs. Greed is just doing what is in your own best interest. That is what capitalism and democracy is all about. Otherwise, you have morons making decisions for you like the government telling 50 year-old women who have never smoked or touched a drug that they need to have pregnancy coverage and drug rehab coverage.

"How about all the minimum wage people actually pay attention in school, get good grades, get good grades in college instead of partying, and then pay another $50k for graduate business school, and then start off life $100,000 - $150,000 in debt. Only to get hired as a mid-level manager who works 60 hour weeks for 10-20 years as a slave (without overtime). Probably gets divorced because his wife never sees him. Probably has health problems from not eating right or exercising at all. All for only a 5% chance of becoming a CEO of a company by age 45 or 50. If you don't like making minimum wage, then go through the steps that the CEOs have. I chose not to have all that stress in my life, but this is America. Everyone has the same options. Just don't complain when you choose the path of partying, dropping out of school, or goofing around at work and never getting a promotion. I don't feel sorry for you. If you have mental problems and are unable to do any work besides flip burgers, then you probably need to cut costs by living at home.

"Corporate profits are not at an all time high. Corporations are BIGGER than ever before though. Profit margins are the lowest they have ever been. Competition across the globe has never been tighter. So would you rather see 300 companies with $1 billion in profit on $30 trillion is sales or 1 company with $300 billion in profit on $30 trillion in sales? THEY ARE EXACTLY THE SAME. But the media will report that $300 billion is record profit and someone who doesn't understand business will believe it.

"The real problem is that the US unskilled workers are competing for the first time in history with unskilled workers across the world. Wages are rising in China, India, and Mexico while decreasing here until they reach an equilibrium point. Anyone who thinks American unskilled workers are somehow special and worthy of more money than an unskilled worker in China who is trying to feed his family on $2/hr is selfish and ignorant.

"The stock market has only doubled because the Fed has pumped trillions into the economy to keep it from collapsing. As soon as the Fed pulls that money back out (and they will), the smoke and mirrors are going to cause the stock bubble to burst. But there is no easy answer. We aren't producing stuff anymore because it is much cheaper to produce it elsewhere. People without a specialization are going to continue to see their wages drop. Obama, Bush, a Democrat, a Republican, or a Libertarian can't change that. The power of supply and demand can't be redirected for long. It is too powerful.

"Yep, and it causes unemployment every time. And higher costs for you and me. Think of how many more middle manager positions would become available if we had new factories open in Detroit with Chinese workers being paid $3 an hour? We don't want those jobs though. Americans are too good to work for $3 an hour. Lots of other people around the world would kill for a chance to have work of any kind. We turn away work opportunities and would rather sit at home and let the working people pay for our food, cable, and smart phone.

"I assume you are talking about the greedy people who collect unemployment/welfare/fake disability rather than work for minimum wage? I worked for $4.25 an hour growing up. Milk was $3 back then. New cars were still $20,000. 2 litres of soda was still $1.29. Home prices in rural areas were still $50,000. How was I able to save up to buy a good used car for $4,000? Sickness is not having any marketable skill and assuming that you deserve a certain amount because of the amount you spend, not the amount of value that you bring. Sickness is people who didn't study in school criticizing people who worked their butts off for 20+ years and passed up countless opportunities to study in college and post college grad school at huge expense to themselves. Sickness is thinking that someone who makes billion dollar decisions every month doesn't deserve 1/10,000 of the money he/she saves or could save a company."

Robert Johnson pitches in, “If they did this minimum wage thing I’m telling you there’d be another 15 to 20 percent [of small businesses] that are going to go away. If people actually knew the crap they were eating at McD's, there would be another 50-75% drop in McD's business, regardless of minimum wage levels."

"Why aren't all the employees working at In-N-Out instead of McDonalds then? I live in CA and I always see help wanted signs at In-N-Out. If McDonalds raises their prices to In-N-Out levels, no one would eat at McDonalds. The people who say that raises wages won't cost jobs never answer me as to then why we don't make everyone's wages $200,000 a year. Why stop at $15/hr? Any economist understands that increased cost of labor equals decreased supply of demand for labor at that price. The question isn't "are jobs going to be lost?" the question is "HOW MANY jobs are going to be lost?""

Devalue The Dollar, Kickstart America

Strengthen The Dollar
The Melting Dollar
Dollar Devaluation To Fix The Great Recession
Frank Beck, Forbes Magazine, 12.09.08, 1:00 PM ET

What began as government social tinkering—with implied threats to banks and mortgage companies to extend home loans to even the most marginal of borrowers—led to a greed-blinded mortgage banking business and the meltdown we are experiencing today. Now we are asked by the same congressional leadership to go along with taxpayer-funded bailouts of the very banksters who, while making millions, created the mess..

Despite the trillions of dollars already expended recapitalizing banks, there is very little, if any, progress to show. Will a few trillion more do the trick? That seems to be the consensus among Congress and the banks. "They are simply too big to let fail," or are they really just too big to save? We can go back to "Plan A" and buy the toxic assets. If so, at what price? What if a few trillion does not remove enough toxic waste from the system or doesn't get credit flowing again and the economy bustling?

Some argue that it is time to help Main Street, not Wall Street. So, we should "forgive" some of the mortgages for those who are 90 days or more behind on their payments. Have you quit paying yet?

If we are to save bankers, shouldn't we at least distinguish between those who possess the intelligence to renegotiate their loans to workable terms? If we are to save homeowners, should not we first define the term "homeowner?" Perhaps it is not only someone who agreed to and signed a mortgage and is living in a house. Just perhaps, it should also include the stipulation that this individual paid some amount of a down payment: 20%, 5%, a dollar. I can tell you who is not a homeowner. It is not someone who paid zero down and ridiculously low payments for two years; that, my friend, is a renter.

The problem with all these ideas is the money is only directed at those who created or benefited from the problems. Why not attack the situation in a manner that will benefit most everyone, an approach that has been successful before and, when compared to the current course, has little downside?

Here it is. Stand back. World currencies should be devalued overnight.

It can be done on a country-by-country basis, but a coordinated devaluation would work best. A devaluation of 30% would raise the dollar value of all assets by 43%. A $200,000 home with a $230,000 mortgage would become a $286,000 home with the same mortgage. Presto! The homeowner who was $30,000 upside-down now has $56,000 equity and a good reason to make his payments. Both the homeowner and the bank are immediately better-off.

Banks would be paid with devalued dollars, but they made millions creating the mess. The current use of government stimulus through the creation of dollars will certainly lead to a similar or worse devaluation, so this is likely a net gain for the banks too.
It would even benefit those who purchased their homes responsibly, as the value of their homes would rise by the same 43%. The current course of throwing trillions of dollars at the culprits is without any benefit to those who acted responsibly.

Admittedly, this is not a solution without the price of inflation, but the inflation would be short-lived. The current course will ultimately cause massive inflation that cannot be accurately estimated, and it may not even solve the problem. Currency devaluation proved effective in ending the Great Depression. In 1930, Australia was the first to leave the gold standard, immediately devaluing the aussie by more than 40%, and the economy quickly recovered. New Zealand and Japan followed suit in 1931, each with the same result. By 1933, at least nine major economies had enacted a devaluation of their currency by removing it from the gold standard, all of whom emerged from depression.

In 1933, through a series of gold-related acts, culminating in the Gold Reserve Act of 1934, America realized a dollar devaluation of 41% when the price of gold was adjusted from $20.67 per ounce of gold to $35 per ounce. America, like the others before, had its economy bottom and recover as a result. Of the larger economies, only the French and Italians continued to adhere to the gold standard, and their economies remained depressed until finally, in 1936, they allowed their currencies to devalue, and their economies then recovered.

I see no reason to believe we would have any different result today. Only debt would remain the same. All other assets would immediately be worth more (in nominal terms), whether it be a home, a stock, an ounce of gold or a used car. Bank balance sheets would immediately improve, as many loans would be moved from non-performing to performing status. Banks would be paid with devalued dollars, but they made millions creating the mess. The current use of government stimulus through the creation of dollars will certainly lead to a similar or worse devaluation, so this is likely a net gain for the banks too.

Businesses would instantly become more profitable, and workers' pay would increase, allowing each to pay their debts more easily, even while sending more tax dollars to Washington, without raising tax rates. As assets are sold, the capital gains would send even more taxes to Washington. States and locales would receive more revenue via sales and property tax, improving the fiscal condition of school districts and local governments. The national debt would effectively be reduced by the same 25%, giving future generations a chance. Combine the move with a congressional pledge to only raise the budget by half the devaluation, and we could be on track for a balanced budget and paying down the debt.

As the old Saturday Night Live skit said, "Think of inflation as your friend. Wouldn't you like to wear $1,000 suits and smoke $100 cigars?" I know I would.

Frank Beck is Chief Investment Manager of Capital Financial Group and ProPlayer Investing in Austin, Texas, an affiliate of Partnervest Securities of Santa Barbara, Calif. Mr. Beck may be reached at Frank@FrankBeck.com.

Civilus Defendus

Citizens’ Declaration of Threat & Plea for Relief
18 Legislative Solutions to Creeping Sharia

We citizens of the United States of America, in order to preserve for posterity the foundation of liberty bestowed upon us by our founding fathers through our Constitution, do recognize the United States to be under grave threat of invasion, domestic violence and insurrection from elements within Islam. We respectfully declare the causes which lead to this belief and register our plea for relief.

Muslim Agitators
Muslim Agitators
We declare:

Islam is both theological and political in nature, as revealed in generally accepted renditions of the Quran, Sira, Hadith and Islamic law known as Sharia, whose expressed ambition is to bring the world into a state of submission to ‘Allah’ and divine (Sharia) law;

Core tenets of Islam are irreconcilably in conflict with the United States Constitution, identified in part as infringements upon freedom of religion and expression, lack of equality among people and between the sexes, and sanctioned deception in dealing with non-Muslims; these precepts constitute a breach of inalienable human rights;

Political Islam’s supremacism represents a duality of existence, placing Muslims superior to non-Muslims, and endorses behaviors that can debase, harm or kill non-Muslims;

History is replete with examples of the aggressive and violent expansion of Islam across Africa into Europe and across the Middle East into Europe and Asia, offering an invitation to Islam, subjugation under Islam with inferior class status, or jihad war;

Current events are filled with examples of the Islamic expansion and imperialism through violent and covert jihad, including Kosovo, India, Kashmir, Malaysia, Philippines, Sudan, Kenya, Israel, United Kingdom, France, Algeria, Morocco and others;

The attacks of September 11, 2001 upon the United States, its financial institutions, its people and traditions were claimed by people as jihad in defense of Islam, to spread Islam and to subjugate, obliterate, or otherwise defeat the United States;

Sharia finance has been shown to fund jihad against the United States and the West;

Many followers of Islam through words and deeds encourage insurrection and incite violence toward United States to subjugate it and replace the Constitution with Islamic rule; and

Many more silently endorse or use intimidation to support armed or covert jihad, thereby providing aid and comfort to our avowed enemies during these times of domestic and international strife.

Now Therefore We the People...

...appeal to the President, Congress, and Supreme Court for relief from these dangers and to defend the people of the United States, our traditions and legal underpinnings from threats posed by political Islam, its leaders, its followers, or any other aligned force. We state that any nation so threatened from within or without has the responsibility, obligation and right to defend itself and its people from aggressors. This declaration and plea are deemed legitimate demands upon our government; Article IV, Section 4, of the Constitution requires the United States to protect each state against threat of Invasion and domestic Violence. Continued accommodation, appeasement and hopeful assimilation constitute surrender to a totalitarian ideology. The duty rests upon this generation to defend this nation for ourselves and posterity. We cannot allow liberty borne of more than 2,000 years of civil development to be vanquished.

Plea for Relief:

1. That political Islam and Sharia law be officially recognized by the federal government as threats to the United States, the Constitution, and American culture and institutions.

2. That Title 18 USC “Chapter 115: Treason, Sedition and Subversive Activities,” including incarceration, deportation or execution, be fully utilized as duly appropriate for advancing Sharia law, advocating or acting to implement jihad or other acts detrimental to security.

3. That Department of State programs, policies, training and relationships be evaluated for their compatibility with national security, and amended accordingly.

4. That foreign aid to Islamic nations cease and aid to nations influenced by Islam be severely curtailed, except to resist jihad.

5. That participation in the United Nations be reassessed based on human rights, security and relevancy.

6. That the courts and law enforcement be trained to recognize Sharia law, Muslim Brotherhood activities and the manifestations of jihad; and that jihad crime statistics made available.

Read it all at Civilus Defendus.

And why not take a moment to ponder this bit of sorrow I found...

I recall reading about the experiences of a villager in Serbia when the Muslims came to town. At first they offered goats, food, friendship even money. They spoke a little of their religion and the wonders thereof. Soon, as they grew in number, they demanded changes in the way things were done, accommodations—:and finally conversion. Instead of inviting them to convert, they gave them ultimatums. Convert or die. Having one's head cut off was mentioned often. I recall specifically that the story teller said, "That's when we started killing them".

Peace on the playground is achieved through superior firepower. Violence and the threats of violence—the coin of Islam.

"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf" is a quote often incorrectly attributed to George Orwell. It's author is unknown, but the point is well taken by those who are willing to acknowledge that not all men, nor women for that matter, are made with the salvo of a Mary Poppins.

We should all stand ready. Violence may visit itself upon any one of us at any time from many various and sundry ne'er do wells We can be sure those who died at the hands of the well-trained murdering jihadists in Mumbai felt quite safe and secure until the bullets started to fly. It's a comfort to know that there were enough guns sold in the US in the last 3 months to equip the standing armies of both China and India.

Islam is a lie and Truth is killing it.

Shit In A Bag

Get your shit in one bag."

Get Yer Shit In A Bag, and Let's Go!

Often a military term generally meaning, Stop foolin' around; get only the gear you need, put it in one bag, and let's go. If someone says your shit is in one bag but there is no bag around, you're being complimented. So if you really want to know HOW to get your shit in one bag, here's the expert. Someone asked the question concerning the ammunition strategy, "How many magazines is enough?" We thought it was an excellent question. Thanks to Doc for some solid advice.

I calculate the minimum number as 3x whatever my standard carry is for that particular firearm. For example, my daily carry gun is a G30. I (nominally) carry 3 magazines for it—one in the gun and two spares. So, my minimum for that gun is 9 magazines.

In reality, my wife has a G30 as well—so one would stock 18 magazines. And we often carry G21 mags (which fit) as the backup mags, so I have a minimum of 18 G30 mags, and 18 G21 mags.

As it happens, we have 4 G30's...so 36 G30 mags, and 36 G21 mags.

And we have 4 G21's...36 more G21 mags.

And as I said, those are minimum numbers. For my AR platforms, each one has at least 24 magazines. My M14's...21 each.

And so on.

We have a couple of FAL's...I bought 200 FAL magazines back when they were cheap (like a buck each). We also have a couple hundred G3 mags, for our PTR-91's, I got those at around $0.50 each. Since the mag is the most fragile part and crucial part of a weapon, it makes sense to stock up. Especially while we can.

It's clear some of us are serious weapons collectors.

Islam's Frantic Search For Peace

In America we call this police brutality, but Muslims demand sharia law...

IT'S INTERESTING THAT those characters who summarily dismiss current affairs around the globe as nothing worth noting while simultaneously lining up to defend Islam against those who dare document the evidence or issue the clarion call of present or inevitable danger, tend to mumble on about the so-called Palestinian land grab. Many also express the need to know just who initiated this conflict between Islam and the West, just like the Islamists themselves. The emblematic Islamists and their Leftist friends in the West often cite the conflict in Israel as the main cause of current antagonisms, but animated with furious certainty Islamist spokesmen themselves often drag in other old wounds to lick publically as a show of their eternal victimhood, the emotionally-stunted calling card of Leftists everywhere. Shall we recall a few of them?

Let's play spin the bottle, the old kiss and make out game. When did this "war against violence" begin? Was it snapped into place on 9/11, was it during the Taliban uprising, or maybe the claws finally sharpened during Desert Storm, or was it USS Cole? Was it Qadaffi's grievance as Reagan began bombing Libya, killing a son, or was it bombing the US embassy in Lebanon? Was it the Iranian students and the Shah of Iran, or that string of various hijackings and bombings of commercial airliners?

Was it various wars against Israel, was it British and French colonialism, was it Lawrence of Arabia, was it Armenians and Turks, was it Tribal warfare, was it oil, was it the Crusades, was it the destruction and elimination of Buddism from their birthplace in India? How dis Pakistan become Muslim anyhow? Oops, let['s not forget the Barabary pirates, the Somalian pirates, Muslims all. Was it Fort Hood or Fort Dix?

Was it the establishment of the Mafia in Sicily in a 200 year fight to cast out the Moslems, Was it sacking the Vatican, Was it the Moorish conquest of much of Europe and Asia/ Was it Jesus and his disciples speading Christianity long before Mohammed and Islam was conceived? Was it the Romans, the Greeks, the Assyrians, the Pharoahs? Or did some caveman steal another caveman's food.

But let's not forget. Islam is the religion of peace, (submission, and domination).

Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell us please, who among us is truly the most peaceful of all...

The point is that men have always been at war and likely will continue to wage war against each other until the end of time. But right now, right here (everywhere), Islam is on the march seeking domination). That is a fact, no money-grubbing dhimmi-breath weak-spined Western politician or creative class hack can change, and it is a fact no red-blooded Koran-carrying virgin-hungry Islamist would deny.

And yes, it was Islam who started it, when the warlord Muhammed launched his global initiative inspired by the sword. History is very clear about what happened next, religious garb notwithstanding.

Left to those terms, it's a simple analysis. The life of Christ versus the life of Mohammed. Which de-apotheosized role model would a rational, hopeful person choose if secure from the peer pressures of one's herd? But that's not really the question, now is it? Not unless one side or the other makes it the only decision standing between one's mortal life and imminent death. Even then the shady procurements of afterlife intrude upon rationality. But that's all we have. The god of George Patton versus the god of Old Mo and Andy Choudry. Being a westerner myself, I'll stick with Charles Martel, thank you very much. There, unfortunately, is no third way with regards to the current Islamic assault on the world, an Islamic assault made bold by weak western policies and flush crude oil revenues.

Here is an example of what the mantra that silly surface-dusting appeasers insist on parroting despite the evidence:

You are such a hypocrite, complaining and complaining about Muslims.

Let's get this one fact straight, there are over 10 million Muslims in America; Islam is the fastest growing religion in America; Muslims will be the majority in France by 2020. There are over 1.2 billion Muslims in the world, which equates to them being 99.99% peaceful.


You forget that Christians have throughout history murdered 100ks of us Jews and yet you keep crying wolf with the FALSE THREAT. Muslims believe in the Old Testament, the prophets, like Abraham, Moses, David, etc.They are allowed to marry Jews and Christians.

We Jews need to understand that these dumb propoganda sites like this don't really get anywhere. They just cause more hatred for no reason. And let me remind you for every jihadwatch site out there there ARE 10000's of JEWWATCH(jewwatch.com) sites out there spewing the same JEWISH HATRED as you spew MUSLIM HATRED.

Wake up!

Uh, no they don't, and several of your numbers are suspect. You can find the true nature of Islam elsewhere in this blog, and many other places that are WIDE AWAKE, not merely praticing multiculturalism's political corruptedness, which we actually identify as taqiyya, an Arabic word meaning "it is okay to lie through one's teeth to further the cause of global Islam." But then again, the frequently boastful, the truth and an Islamic warrior often merge, as in this citation:

“One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”

—Houari Mohamed Boumedienne
President of Algeria, 1965–1978
in a 1974 speech at the UN

Islamic grievance is matched only by Islamic pride. Together they create a pernicious stew. History is an interesting thing. These naysayers might prefer a patchwork quilt to the full cloth of reality, but their choices don't mean winter doesn't exist.

Jihad In Little Rock Shooting

As plain as day. But still our military intelligence corps stumbles all over itself trying to downplay the obvious as if liberalism is teh cure for what ails us. Such immense self-loathing in the broad and toothy grin of an army of jihadists so cocksure of its own righteous endeavors, that every makeshift soldier we capture in vain usually sings chapter and verse like a canary before, during, and after an attack, giving up precisely the reason why they are attacking, and still we do not believe.

Or they invent one on the spot from the latest headlines, knowing how much we the enemy will grieve over our own successes, knowing gleefully by heart the Qu'ran gives them carte blanche to kill the infidels just as a matter of manifest destiny as the West remains deaf, dumb, and moronic in dealing with its adversaries, like a drunken but broken empire already on its knees...

This fellow apparently was a slow learner.


MEMPHIS—A Tennessee man accused of killing a US soldier outside a Little Rock, Arkansas military recruiting station last year has asked a judge to change his plea to guilty, claiming for the first time that he is affiliated with a Yemen-based affiliate of Al Qaeda.

In a letter to the judge presiding over his case, the accused killer, Abdulhakim Muhammad, calls himself a soldier in Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and calls the shooting “a Jihadi Attack” in retribution for the killing of Muslims by American troops.

“I wasn’t insane or post traumatic nor was I forced to do this Act,” Mr. Muhammad said in a two-page, hand-printed note in pencil. The attack, which he said did not go as planned, was “justified according to Islamic Laws and the Islamic Religion. Jihad—to fight those who wage war on Islam and Muslims.”

It remains unclear whether Mr. Muhammad really has ties to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which President Obama has said is behind the attempted Christmas Day bombing of an American plane by a Nigerian man. But if evidence emerges that his claim is true, it will give the June 1, 2009, shooting in Little Rock new significance at a time when Yemen is being more closely scrutinized as a source of terrorist plots against the United States.

Mr. Muhammad, 24, a Muslim convert from Memphis, spent about 16 months in Yemen starting in the fall of 2007, ostensibly teaching English and learning Arabic. During that time, he married a woman from south Yemen. But he was also imprisoned for several months because he overstayed his visa and was holding a fraudulent Somali passport, the Yemen government said.

Under pressure from the United States government, Yemen deported Mr. Muhammad in late January 2009. But just four months after his return, Mr. Muhammad used a semiautomatic rifle to gun down two soldiers—Pvt. William A. Long and Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula—while they were standing outside a military recruiting station in Little Rock, killing Private Long and wounding Private Ezeagwula.

Read it all.

Let Me Be Imperfectly Clear

Sad Saga Of Homeland Security
America In Shackles

JUST TO PUT a sharper and more proper point on the stick that drives home the point by highlighting a few rhetoricals...

Why is my utter disdain of and rugged resistance to this wildly constructed totalitarianism called Islam a "prejudice" whereas my dislike of, say, communism or nazism (which are quite similar in ideological make-up when we sort the lies from the subterfuge), would be a political opinion? Why am I expected to automatically approve of any belief system supposedly grounded in the supernatural? Why is my reliance on reason considered inferior to their "faith" even when that faith orders great numbers of them to hate and kill all "infidels" and all of them to various other methods of aggression against said infidel?

Clearly, there are too damn many frightened little children running around this world in grown-up clothes ready to throw a tantrum if someone spoils their favorite fairy tale. The Muslims are by far the most pernicious contenders in this category.

I am not "prejudiced" against Islam. I detest it as a matter of conviction.

Educate yourselves America before it's too late, and remember, there are a myriad of strategic reasons why multiculturalism and the politically corrupted will seek to smother the truth in sickly sweet-smelling lies at every turn. But the bottom line America is fiscally and morally bankrupt. Global players are wrestling for strategic domination, and our leadership dances with our enemies and pacifies our attackers by acting like puppets, especially the Left. But realize that the Right is complicit, as well. Just educate yourself. Be certain of your sources as the BIG LIE is in vogue, but the truth is out there, and it's probably already in your heart. Knowledge will keep it there.

But the hour is getting late, said the joker to the thief...

Confused? Well, begin here with the Geert Wilders free speech case now going on in the Netherlands. Let me be imperfectly clear: it is a farce, but is European sensibility. Let's not embrace this menace of political correctness favoring these Islamic invaders.