In Our Own Words

HOW DID I MISS this McCain ad, entitled Remote Control? As Filler wrote, "Effective. I know the tired Democrat response: "Republican fear tactics". The thing is both sides appeal to fear: Democrats want you to be afraid of losing your job, of not having enough money for food or health care. Republicans want you to be a afraid of terrorists and tyrannical regimes. One fear is out of our individual control, the other fear can be faced individually. We don't need a president to face our individual fears, but we need one to face the larger, existential fear. I'll let you figure out which is which."

Actually, McCain is using the Democratic fear card. Each of the statements in this video are from prominent Democrats including Biden and Obama.

The only reason some (and they know who they are) will think this ad is a gross and low blow is because it is an effective ad. It uses other candidates' words against Obama. Then at the end, Obama's own words grab him by the throat. And for all you liberals who caterwaul about the ad containing scenes of war, surely you realize that this is indeed the dangerous and volatile world we inhabit. To deny what is going on in the world is all the more reason that you people have no business in positions of leadership of this country. The WHOLE ENCHILADA must be considered, lest we fall into some make-believe fantasy and a vulnerability where things can get real nasty really quick down the road.

Like most intelligent Americans, the Democrats in this video realize that experience is a necessity when choosing a president. And while we're taking a breather from all this critical thinking, let's ponder the uglier than thou liberal fear card...

1. Global Warming
3. Bush is a fascist!
4. McCain = Bush 3

Both fear cards are somewhat factual. Both fear cards are largely unprovable, since they exist solely as an existential hunch, based on a loose amalgamation of moving targets without regard to the fullness of time and the specificity of space. Frankly, politics as such, is a mendacious bore.

I'm pretty certain at the end of the day I will have preferred the mosh pit of my old punk rock days to all this political pudwhacking. Every soldier of the spirit who revels in the presumption of truth and banks solely on powers of persuasion and fact-laundrying sophistication when presenting one's visceral issues while I wither in the solitude of the keyboard, I say, more power to you, but I say it in jest, because frankly, in all generosity of spirit, I know I have other, perhaps better, perhaps not, but other things to do than to work that sort of con on myself, or you.

Life is fiercely complicated. I aim to persuade no one to my side of the equation beyond what I produce as a lone artist and occasional friend. Vote with your heart. Vote with your brain. Don't vote at all. But know this. Some of us aren't as stupid or as timid as we appear, and others are far more stupid and loathsome than they presume themselves to be. Life is a gamble, a mine-infested path, that way. Despite any promise of payoff in this gamble, I can only hope that God (whatever) will save us from the frenetic demons that live within us, one and all, politics be damned.

By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them

SHOT AT THE DNC in Denver this week. It looked like these 9/11 Conspiracy wolves were ready to tear Michelle Malkin from limb to limb. This whole episode reminded me of the 1960s civil rights confrontations, and as I sense it we will see more of this behavior writ large. You know, wolves will be wolves, and bullies will be bullies, no matter what the conflict...

I mean, what do people like this lead bully expect to accomplish? That Malkin would suddenly be addressed by a shaft of light, fall to her knees, tearfully repent of whatever opinions she may have held, and convert to this wolf's version of cocksure dogma? Makes for engaging TV, I suppose, is the fragile logic working here.

These sorts of bullies stalk their prey, unfortunately from both sides of the divide. As the song says, "This is not America."

An excerpt from my poem "Died In My Mouth" by an earlier me, circa 1980. I was then 25, a budding poet, and a fearless hunter standing among the breeze-swept reeds of Corpus Christi. My, how times have changed. I am no longer fearless.

And the saint thus
Spoke scantily to the prophet:
"He who demoralizes another
"Can claim no morality for himself."
To this the prophet said nothing, but
He knew in part the saint
For a shanty fool.

(And the unfed,
Left to perish among
The unwelcome, left to ravish
The beauty of beast, and the beast
Of beauty, established
Many fine logics.)

I fell blank at such a formula—
Asses built on caged numbers observed,
Deserved and dirty word reserved
For quaint molecules and family,
Where my occupation is a gift to anyone
Stroking along fishy fables,
Mentality tables, cradled
Images, daisies, nightsies,

I am the yellow sheep
I can’t earn my keep
Proving the fallibility of this text
World without maps
World without worldliness

My mind, an accurate page.
My head keeps to its own symbol,
There is no comfort.

I wonder what proof died in my mouth.

Of course, a well-fed fellow, whom I think makes his living on the micophone shocking fans and foes alike under the name and out of the mouth of Alex Jones, suddenly appears to protect the mousey but outspoken Ms. Malkin. The crowd begins to stir in a different direction, and everyone with a pair in that crowd seemed to sense, jerks on either side could quickly become the mob...

Nixing Those Troubling Facts

Each injured soldier will end up costing about $2M...

THE NOTION THAT THE US is imperialistic is absurd. Have we invaded Canada or Mexico (and don't even try that ridiculous Atzlan notion)? Did we annex West Germany after WWII? Every other superpower in world history has expanded their borders through invasion and conquest? The Romans did. The British did. We haven't. We stopped at California in the 1840's. We're the exception. We could invade Mexico and be in South America in a week. That's what imperialists do. Shows how clueless and/or dishonest liberals are. Don't let the facts get in the way.

"What a pathetic joke academia has become. I had a mix of liberal and conservative professors in the early 1980's at a small Catholic college outside of Boston. Where's the diversity on campus now?"

Quoted from a comments section on Front Page for its peculiar and rather quaint notion that America is getting a bad rap. Of course I agree with those sentiments, although I understand why the battleground is bloody. It's bloody because all the marbles are up for grabs. Its the syzygy of race, religion, and riches, the contemporary Three R's that cries out for a solution, a solution anyone with a POV seems prepared to shred in its fervor to create this NEW ONE in its own image.

But back to the purported imperialism of America. I might also add how utterly imperialistic it is that we give billions of dollars in foreign aid, and run up huge trade deficits with most of our major trading partners in an attempt to what? conquer them? I agree that America's cultural dinner table needs to be reined back to our own bunkhouses. But while we're on this topic, let's be damned sure that we insist that the Arabs and other misguided Islamists, Communists, and Assorted Gutter Fascists must do the same.

And now, let's parse the polarization that the American ideal has created with a few words from David Horowitz, yes, THAT David Horowitz:

"One of the best justice's in the country is black female Janice Rogers Brown. But she loves the Constitution and the Democrats would never, ever confirm her to the HIgh Court. How about Hispanic justice Miguel Estrada? President Bush nominated him for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. The Democrats filibustered his nomination to death. Estrada finally pulled his name from consideration. The democ-rats aren't for women or minorities, they're for leftists first and always. Ask these people. Ask Judge Robert Bork. Ask all the women Bill Clinton molested about how much support they got from the Democrats and the NOW organization."

Sad really. The grand experiment postulated by our venerable founders seems to be coming to a gutwrenching end, catching pernicious hell from both ends of the loaded barrel, and while many of us dare to transcend this latter day madness, we seem powerless if not ruthlessly apathetic to muster the courage and seize the moment to right ourselves.

Islamic Distortions Defy Credulity

The Ummah, The Caliphate

A HEIGHTENED SENSE of being deprived of food for a month encourages such demands and concessions of infidel populations. Ramadan is nothing but a "ram-it-down-your-throat" orgasm of Islamic triumphalism. Ramadan comes from an Arabic word for intense heat, scorched ground, and shortness of rations. Oh those poor misunderstood submitters—enter your local muslim-grievance-theatrics-group, interfaith re-education, one-way-bridge-to-Islam building sessions. If only the world would simply bend to their whim, there would be peace on earth. Yeah right. The proof is in their miserable death cult. Look at the map above. Are these people victims? No, what they have been, are, and will be, are ruthless deadly aggressors against peoples and cultures, and no amount of Leftist multicultural fantasy will change that fact. After all, they don't want to change. Every statement they make to the West is couched in distortion, double entendre and outlying lying, a doctrine known as taqiyya, right out of their own so-called sacred script for world domination.

The following program at YouTube, produced by Al Jazeera, unintentionally reveals, and actually confirms what we've read in the pages at JW/DW for years. Actually, Al Jiz provides quite a treasure trove for counter jihad fodder.

For example, a recent video explains the Islamic perception of immigration from an integration vs. assimilation point of view. Let's bite. Let's define these terms:

  • integrate:
  • to (cause to) mix freely with other groups in society etc Example: The immigrants are not finding it easy to integrate into the life of our cities.

  • assimilate:
  • to take in and incorporate as one's own; absorb: He assimilated many new experiences on his European trip to bring into conformity with the customs, attitudes, et cetera, of a group, nation, or the like; adapt or adjust: to assimilate the new immigrants.

Check out the Al Jazeera English video Crossroads Europe. In this program, Al Jazeera reporter Elizabeth Filippouli interviews Midhat Ibrahim, a Kosovo national who immigrated to Sweden in 1952, in the main mosque at Rosengard, Malmo's poorest immigrant-populated district. Fast forward video to marker 8:20 where Elizabeth asks Midhat the following:

Elizabeth: "Do you think that Islam limits Muslims to fully integrate themselves into a Western society like Sweden?

Midhat: "Yes. Yes, I think Muslims can integrate. Assimilation, no. Integration, yes. The problem is that Christians don't know much about Islam. Muslims know much more about Christianity and Judaism."

Elizabeth continues: "Before I left, he cautioned me about the growing gulf between young Muslims and native Swedes. Many people accuse Islam, and young Muslims have had enough. The conflict starts because young Muslims want to defend Islam. They want Swedes to know, they are not terrorists. It's ignorance about Islam that breeds conflict."

Integrate = invade = YES

Assimilate = become a Swede = NO (Swede can be replaced Euro national of choice)

Muslim immigrants demand Euro nationals assimilate to Islam via the slow jihad. Islam demands such assimilation around the globe—through interfaith meetings demanding the West tolerate a most intolerant pseudo religious doctrine.

In the video report, Madhat stated, "Swedish Christians don't know Islam."

Of course. Only Muslims has instant knowledge. To 'know' Islam is to accept the shahada and Islamic supremacy. When those refusing to submit i.e. "know" Islam on such terms, submitters perceive such rejection as an assault on Islam triggering violent jihad to defend Islam. Thanks for clearing that up Al Jiz.

As this relates to Ramadan and Eid...

Eid marks the end of Ramadan and was first celebrated in 624 after winning the Battle of Badr, a turning point in Muhammad's struggle with the unsubmitting Quraish in Mecca. When Muhammad entered Mecca, he celebrated a great festival with his companions and family members.

Eid = Celebration of ethnic cleansing. Think about that when the next submitter proposes another infidel concession. Technically, Muslims skip lunch during Ramadan.

Quote from Isabelle the Crusader, "I knew a family where the mother told me she had to get up at 4:30 AM during Ramadan so she could make the big meal for everyone so they could eat it before the sun came up. The process was repeated at dinnertime, after the sun went down. While it's not a cake walk to skip meals for twelve hours, the illusion that these folks are fasting for an entire month is just more taqiya. I would think this is more about sleep deprivation than food deprivation."

Thanks to Her Royal Whyness for many of the previous amalgamated comments.

Iranian President Dissed By Mullah

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

AN IRANIAN CLERIC ACCUSED Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of betraying the people and called on reformers to unite to defeat him in next year's presidential elections, according to an interview in a German newspaper quoted by Reuters, Wednesday.

"Ahmadinejad is not complying with the will of the people," The Financial Times Deutschland quoted Grand Ayatollah Bajat Sanjani as saying. "This is a major threat, a big danger," the cleric added in an unusually direct personal attack.

The newspaper also said Sanjani accused Ahmadinejad's government of breaking the law, seriously violating personal freedom and illegally empowering the Revolutionary Guard.

Despite this latest public setback, Ahmadinejad is expected to run for a second term in Iran's next presidential election, slated to take place early in 2009. His reformist rivals are expected to attack him especially on his economic policies.

Iran suffers from a rising consumer price index, high percentage of unemployment and an inflation of 26 percent.

But don't be fooled. This utterance is almost certain merely a delay tactic to give a false impression of opposition, in hoping the West and Israel will not attack!! We should all hope we don't have to attack them physically, and pray that we can successfully and covertly undermine their plans...

But! but! Chairman Obama says that Iran is NOT world threat! So who should we believe? A top Iranian cleric, or the self-appointed Messiah? Perhaps, neither.

The New Case Against Immigration

Illegal Alien
Why is only the West experiencing this?
THERE IS ALWAYS MORE from where this came. While the Left postures to bury America in some international assault on the integrity of nations and national borders, I wonder how long it would take for me to become a nuisance in their own well-tended backyards.

Let's get real, and stay real folks. The scruffy "march against globalism" folks feign outrage when it comes to international commodities (of this or that but not ev'ry decade) have no problem allowing the unmanaged influx of undocumented or unwanted strangers to scuttle into our broken system instead of staying home and making the best of it.

With The New Case Against Immigration, National Review's Mark Krikorian has written one of the year's bravest books. In a political atmosphere where proposing to crack down on even illegal immigration can get one labeled a "nativist" or "xenophobe" in polite circles#151;and a racist in others#151;Krikorian dares to question the level of legal immigration, a topic most fear to explore.

For openers. it boggles the mind that an axis of political, media and business elites favors illegal immigration. Nonetheless, stopping illegal immigration is popular among voters. It's so popular, in fact, that presumptive GOP presidential nominee John McCain forsook his mainstream media constituency and its citizen-of-the-world mentality to give lip service to what American citizens want#151;at least while the Republican primaries lasted.

If Krikorian's name were Mark Running Bear, he'd probably get less flack for questioning the practical effects of legal immigration. I'd bet a dollar that the author hears retorts that Krikorian sure sounds like an immigrant name, as he receives cheap shots about the Armenian Mob.

Everyone should have learned in grade school that one of the minimum standards for being considered a real life nation-state is having a definable border and the means to control it (though, no doubt, that's a controversial topic in many public schools today).

Krikorian's premise is that America has a right to decide who comes here—legally or not—and set a limit on newcomers. Period.

In fact, The New Case Against Immigration spends surprisingly little time on illegal immigration; instead, Krikorian focuses on the effects of mass immigration upon a modern welfare state infected by political correctness.

Unlike many who dare to broach this topic, Krikorian does not contend that today's immigrants refuse to assimilate with American culture or have little interest in it. Rather, he turns the argument on its head.

It's not that immigrants are much different than they were a hundred years ago—it's that America is different in several important ways:

  • The nation no longer is set up for mass assimilation. In recent decades, we have set up a racial spoils system that is supposed to make up for past American sins, but it applies to newcomers as well. The public schools—the main engine of assimilation in past generations#151;don't even try to make proud Americans out of Americans anymore.
  • Those who come to the United States from many countries often encounter a seismic shift in technology, traditions and mores. A century ago, the main differences an immigrant faced when coming to America were life under liberty and vastly improved opportunities.
  • America no longer is a frontier country looking to populate vast empty territories with a growing need to entice sturdy laborers to our shores.
  • Most importantly, the U.S. is now a welfare state—and minimum income, health care and schooling are guaranteed for anyone who crosses our border. This alone makes mass immigration impractical.

Read it all at Front Page...

Bamboozling The American Voter

The Big Beat

IVIDENCE OF A COVERT CAMPAIGN to undermine the presidential primaries is rife, so it's curious that many within both the Democratic and Republican parties have ignored the actual elephant in the room in 2008. That would be Karl Rove, the G.O.P.'s longtime political strategist and a man many politicos still refer to as "The Architect". Accused of rigging the two previous presidential elections, this master of deceit would have us believe he's gone off to write op-eds and armchair quarterback this year's coverage for Fox News Channel.

Not so. According to an article in Time magazine last November, Republicans were organized in several states to throw their weight behind Senator Barack Obama, one of several candidates competing against Senator Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. While Rove's name isn't mentioned in the story, several former fundraisers and strategists for President Bush are identified.

With the help of Wall Street investment firms, these gentlemen flush Obama's coffers with cash early on in the race, something conservative deep pockets had not done for any candidate in their own party. With receipts topping $100 million in 2007, the freshman senator achieved a remarkable feat, given that he only first appeared on the national scene in 2004. In fact, the vast majority of Americans did not even hear of him until 2006.

To expedite the Rove strategy, a website and discussion forum called Republicans for Obama formed in 2006. The executive director of New Hampshire's Republican Party, Stephen DeMaura, later established “Stop Hillary Clinton (One Million Strong AGAINST Hillary)” on Facebook. At the same time, the Obama camp launched its own initiative targeted at Republican primary voters called "Be a Democrat For a Day".

The campaign included a video that was circulated in Florida, Nevada, Vermont and elsewhere explaining the process of switching parties for the election. In addition, many states nowadays hold open primaries, allowing citizens to vote for any candidate, regardless of their party affiliation. In Nebraska, the mayor of Omaha publicly rallied Republicans and Independents to caucus for Obama on February 9th. In Pennsylvania, Time reported on March 19th that Obama was running radio ads in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia asking Republicans to register as Democrats and then vote for him in the state's April 22nd primary.

The tactic, called crossover voting, allowed Obama to open up an unsurmountable lead in pledged delegates, particularly in the 12 red-state caucues that he won. Republicans for Obama was certainly not bashful in making its case in an email appeal linked to its home page before the March 4th contests. "Since Texas has an open primary," the appeal read, "Republicans and Independents should sign in at their polling place and request a Democratic ballot. They should then vote for Barack Obama... Just think, no more Clintons in the White House."

Then there was Iowa, which held the nation's first caucus on January 3rd. Here G.O.P. winner Mike Huckabee received just half as many votes as Clinton, who finished third behind Obama and John Edwards. According to, 43,000 out of 52,500 party changes for the caucus were switches to the Democrats. "Pre-caucus polling had [Obama] in a head-to-head battle among Democratic voters with Sen. Hillary Clinton", the post read. The reporter said pundits were attributing Obama's victory margin to independents.

Of the 17 states holding open primaries, Obama won 13 of them. And an analysis of the caucus results to date shows that a disproportionate number of delegates were awarded to Obama. DNC Chair Howard Dean and superdelegate Donna Brazile have since been accused of manipulating the primary schedule and caucus voting to insure Obama would prevail ast the party's nominee. Although she maintains she's neutral in this year's primaries, Brazile served as the DNC whipping boy when it stripped nearly 350 delegates from two Clinton strongholds, Florida and Michigan, in the lead-up to the primary season. The sanctions were imposed after both state legislatures scheduled early contests.

In fact, Donna Brazile may have been Rove's inside connection to the DNC. The two befriended each other in 2003 and have been trading political favors ever since. When he resigned from the Bush Administration last summer, Rove even called Brazile from Air Force One to break the news. "Mr. Rove's resignation is not a retirement," Brazile wrote in her newsletter afterward. "It's just another opportunity for him to create that lasting Republican majority he envisioned years ago and to spend his waking days doing what he so enjoys—beating Democrats in the alleys and gutters. Just ask Sen. Hillary Clinton, Mr. Rove's target when he called in to speak to Rush Limbaugh. He couldn't help it. Mr. Rove just had to take one last shot before riding out of town. More to come, Team Clinton."

Read it all at Lynette Long's blog. It's enough to make once wish for candy canes and sugar cookies

I think the watchword "worry" applies to more than just swing states. This election was over the moment the liberal left wing of the Democratic Party decided to play king maker. The Republicans may be too far to the right for many of us Independents out here, but they know when and how to woo undecided voters. I agree with Carville, get tough or lose the election. But somehow, I don't see the DNC insiders skipping their own self love-fest to develop a strategy to win.